Flintshire to Oldham

The following information has been taken from news reports, information sent by local authorities and from library users.  It is the most comprehensive list of its kind in the UK but may contain inaccuracies.  Some authorities may not be included because there has been no media reporting from their area or such reporting has been missed. The information on this page is used for the aggregate figure of libraries under threat in the UK.  I have included in bold at the start of the entry for each authority for the current year the figure (if any) that I have used for the headline number of libraries under threat. Being this figure is used in national newspapers and by politicians, it is especially important these figures are accurate so please let me know of any errors or omissions. To make the list is factual as possible, please email ianlibrarian@live.co.uk if you have any further information or a correction.

Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.


List of changes by authority

The MLA was abolished in 2012,  with the Arts Council taking over its role for libraries with a budget of £3m rather than £13m that the previous quango possessed.  The Book Trust has also had its funding halved (from £13m 2010 to £6m in 2012). There are 151 authorities in England, 206 in the UK.

2013 – Consultation on libraries budget (10/1/13). Connah’s Quay “Flintshire Connects Centre” joint library/council/meeting rooms/exhibition/museum building planned.  Council decides on future plans mid July (7).
2012 –  1 library counted as closed (Halkyn) – Halkyn Library now open only 6 hours per week, aided by local parish councilLibraries “under threat” (8/10/12).
2011 –  3 closed (8.3.11, 2 libraries reprieved, although Halkyn will reduce to only one half-day per week2.2 fte professional librarians lost 2011/12 (some investment), Feasibility plan launched for new Saltney Library; £300k extra money for Buckley ) as closing one mobile confirmed (£40k cut)

2014: £400k cut: 13 full time equivalent jobs may be lost. 7 libraries under threat (Chopwell, Crawcrook, Dunston, Felling, Pelaw, Rowlands Gill and Wrekenton.  Mobile library service may also be lost.

2013: Five libraries passed to volunteers with a separate library card (7). £900k cut 2013/14.
2012: Four libraries under threat: Four (Sunderland Road, Low Fell, Winlaton, Lobley Hill) to be volunteer-run or closed.  Winlaton to move into Winlaton Children’s Centre and to be staffed largely by volunteers and so counted as under threat. Wrekenton and Chopwell to relocate to “alternative community locations” (not counted as under threat, pending decision on location), Felling Library moved into Children’s a Centre in November 2012 (not counted as under threat), Books on Wheels to be either managed by voluntary sector group or run by council but with volunteers. These changes would mean £748k cut from £3.49m budget (2013/4).  £100k cut in budget 2012/13 mainly from bookfund and voluntary redundancies. Budget 2011/12 had been cut from £4.3m (16/2/12). £305k cut, some staffing cuts, possibility of volunteers replacing staff in some branches (27/2/12).
2011: Staffing cutsSchool library service, music library and AIRS talking newspaper ended.

  • Glasgow

2014: 10 job losses and opening hour cuts: 12 hours cut at Gorbals, Bridgeton and Cardonald down 5 hours, other cuts in most other branches.  (1).

2013: Wifi and cafe recently installed in Mitchell Library (6) Knightswood £300k repairs and refurbishment. Woodside £40k repair/refurb (7). £3.4m refurbishment of Mitchell Library to include fire alarm system, lighting, new family history centre. (11).

2012: No closures, cuts to hours or cuts to bookfund.  Libraries thriving (24/1/12).

2011: Similarly positive.

2014: Bourton Library taken over by parish council, will move into new “community hub”. (7)

2012:  7 libraries and 3 mobiles under threat. – 3 mobiles closed (other three still under threat).  Lechlade, Berkeley, Bream, Brockworth and Mitcheldean to volunteers (4/11/12). Bream Library will be bought by parish council and then run by volunteers (18/8/12). Nailsworth will reduce from 35 hours per week to 12 hours per week (paid) and 10 hours per week (volunteer/town council) (26/7/12). Painswick Library reopens as volunteer-run after being closed since 2009 (20/6/12). Consultation (28/5/12).  Seven libraries under threat (“Community Offer Libraries”) plus 5 mobiles under threat (National tally does not include the Homelink mobile as this already counted last year.  Similarly, national tally also does not include one more mobile as new proposed library offsets this). The six mobiles under threat in 2011 arr undergoing a separate consulation: “Main libraries – nine libraries open six days a week,Local libraries – twelve libraries open five days a week – with options for flexibility to suit local need, Partnership Libraries- ten libraries run by the county in partnership with communities.  Offering between twelve and twenty-one hours of county library service. Building on the principle of sharing buildings with other groups to create a one stop shop for public services with the library remaining in county control. Community Offer Libraries(Berkeley, Brockworth, Bream, Minchinhampton, Lechlade, Mitcheldean and Newnham.) – seven libraries available to the community under an enhanced Big Community Offer”. Mobile libraries – Homelink and Share a Book specialist mobile library services to be axed and service provided by alternative means plus 3 traditional mobiles to go. “The council is considering the provision of a mobile public service vehicle which could provide a mobile library service alongside access to other services.” (16/1/12). Total budget will be cut by £3.5m 2008-12 (£1.7m cut 2008-10) (5/3/12). Bookfund cut from £1.2m (2007/8) to £351k (2011) (10/1/12). £800m cut on top of £1m cut in 2011 meaning cut of around 50% in two years.

2011: (1 mobile closed – Homelink mobile): Moreton Library to reopen in April 2012 incorporating volunteer services/registration/police/self-service.Legal challenge means libraries currently saved from closure but council working on new proposals. Before court case it had been confirmed that 10 branches and 6 mobiles to close or be run by volunteers. 8 libraries open 12 hours per week rather than previously proposed 3.5, £10k to community groups who take over a library, (revised proposals here). £20,000 to Hester’s Way Community Partnership for four years plus old library building in order to pay for a community-run library at Oasis Youth Centre.Minchinhampton to stay open for one further year at reduced hours.  100 library jobs to go say UNISON, 40 FTE to go says council, inc 36 managers cut to 9, 3.5 FTE librarian posts cut (to 10)]. Legal challenge – council summoned to DCMS to explain their actions.)(privatisation considered);  In addition to those under threat, council will cut bookfund from £1m (2009/10) to £500k (2011/12) and £400k (2012/13); all mobile libraries to be stopped. :

Campaign Groups: . Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries (Umbrella), Supporters of Hester’s Way Library, Tuffley Library Support GroupNewnham LibraryFriends of Matson Library,

2014: Claude Ramsay and Eltham libraries opening hours extended. (4).

2012: 1 (Ferrier) under threat. Staff 2007/8 101.2 2011/12 81.3 (7 prof, 74.3 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 0 (Cipfa).  Libraries are transferred to GLL.  Industrial action.  Ferrier Library closed, with no replacement planned (25/4/12). Transfer to Trust halted due to conflict of interest allegation (27/2/12) but resumed (21/3/12).  Decision to move libraries to Trust (run by GLL) was made on 14th February, with council unanimously approving move, strike action possible (15/2/12).  Ferrier Library not closed yet but still under threat.  (3/2/12).

2011: 1 Moving towards being run on a 15 year contract by GLL (Greenwich Leisure Ltd) on top of leisure centres etc. (Greenwich council has reserve of £133m – the second highest in the country)(could be turned into a Trust) (school library service closed)

  • Hackney

2012: Volunteer Support Officer vacancy specifically for training volunteers in libraries (26.1.12):  Dalston CLR James Library to open on 23/1/12 at £4.4m cost, double the size of the old library it is replacing. Staff 2007/8 123.5 2011/12 99.5 (18 prof, 81.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 38 2011/12 26 (Cipfa).

2011: One-quarter of library staff to lose their jobs (number down from 104 to 76). Events to reduce from 500 annually to 200, mainly run by volunteers. Most staff will be paid £2000-5000 less as jobs downgraded. Pledge to increase library opening hoursFront-line staff cut by £700k 2010-11, but more senior managers 2011; all libraries to be kept open; opening hours to change in all libraries; events to be solely at new library, Hackney Central and Stoke Newington; more volunteers (1 library already entirely staffed by volunteers) Campaign Group – Save Hackney Library Service.

  • Halton.

2014: Opening times, staffing, bookfund, mobile library, cafes may be cut (3). £400k or £500k cut inc. opening hour cuts of either 15 or 50%. Consultation from 14th July to 14th August. (6). £400k cut may include loss of mobile library. Total opening hours of libraries cut by 14% to 157 hours per week (£360k cut). (10)

2013: £2.42m budget for 2013/14. £375k cut over “last three or four years” (6).

2012: Library user survey

2013: Hammersmith Library £2m merging with Record Office, with “more books, new furniture and shelving, self-issue terminals and music listening posts.”

2012: Staff 2007/8 90 2011/12 86 (5 prof, 81 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 0 (Cipfa).2 under threat (to be run by volunteers) and 1 mobile closed (record office to have £70k cut from £88k, volunteers, presumably no professional archivists, reduced hours) (£310k cut). Archives and Local Studies Centre closed, limited alternative provided by London Metropolitan Archives

2014: More volunteers expected, less paid staff. 2 mobile libraries (out of 5) under threat.  Stops could be cut from 350 to 250. (1) Move to volunteer libraries inc. Milford on Sea (1) 3 under threat (Kingsclere, Grayshott and Milford-On-Sea) 12% budget cut by 2015.  Volunteers looked for to replace paid staff (1). 27 full time equivalent posts to be lost. £1m cut inc. other measures. (4). Emsworth Library may move into community centre away from the town centre. (8) Grayshott Library confirmed closing in December (£25,700 p.a. cut): Decision on keeping Milford On Sea and Kingsclere library postponed until December. (9) Family Library Link mobile library and also at least one other mobile library to cease from January. (9) Further £300k cut announced: group looking at how to meet it inc. volunteers.(9)

2013: £166k refurb, inc self-service machines, at Hythe, increased opening hours (23/2/13). Further 2% cut to libraries so expected to cut 20% off budget in four years. (10/2/13). North Baddesley to be run by volunteers. £150k received from room hire 2012/13, aim is to increase this via day rates/”hot offices” etc (9).

2012: 2 libraries (Stanmore and North Baddesley) under threat. £4.7m cut – £446k means more self-service, may use volunteers17 fte jobs lost, 112 opening hours lost throughout county (20/1/12). Stanmore Library closed, books transferred to community centre (27/12/12).  Post Office may move into Gosport “Discovery Centre” Library (26/6/12). Stanmore Library may close, with serice moving into the Carroll Centre (30/5/12) Up to 40 mobile stops could be cut  from October 21st (10/7/12). New magazine loaning scheme introduced (10/10/12) bookfund cut.

2011: Consultation on library cuts until Dec 28th 2011£492 k cut (on top of £2.5m already cut since 2009) – Proposed 7.5% cut to opening hours.  2 libraries – Stanmore and North Baddesley under threat. Volunteers may be used to increase these hours or take over those branches under threat of closure.13 mobiles confirmed as cut (now 365 stops rather than 1200) (£600k cut, 58 FTE jobs to go).  Libraries merged with IT/property dept. Source of number of mobiles is UNISON Hampshire, cuts in spite of Hampshire having one of the highest levels of reserves(£131m) in the country. 9.10.11 20.5 FTE library worker posts cut.  Introducing children’s fines (5p per book per day up to 40p max) No extra overtime or weekend pay

2014: Review of library service / user survey. (1)

2013: Mobile Library Service to close (4). Schools Library Service, Mobile Library Service and Housebound Library Service may be closed in 2015/16 (16/2/13).

2012: Staff 2007/8 113.8 2011/12 79.9 (30.2 prof, 49.7 other) Volunteers 2007/8 8 2011/12 63 (Cipfa).  Hornsey, Marcus Garvey and Alexandra Park libraries to be closed on Sundays.

2014: Some libraries may be under threat. (9)

2013: Hatch End Library closing, with service moving into Harrow Arts Centre. 90 new machines to be installed.  Self-service machines to be introducedCivic Centre Library closing with improvements to “merged” Gayton Library inc. wifi/more space,  Libraries to be run by John Laing Integrated Services Ltd in partnership with the neighbouring borough of Ealing. 5 year contract (6). JLIS will cut library staff by 50% when take over contract (according to anonymous comment) (8). 10 full or part-time roles “at risk” when libraries transferred to Laing ownership (8)

2012: 1 library under threat (Gayton)Considering privatisation (23/7/12) One library under threat: Gayton/Civic Centre plan confirmed, Hatch End Library may move into Harrow Arts Centre (23.1.12): Plan to merge Gayton Library and Civic Centre Library at new site in town centre. £345k cut for libraries/museums.  Heath End Library may move into Harrow Arts Centre (not currently counted as a branch under threat) (18.1.12). Staff 2007/8 111 2011/12 78.5 (20 prof, 58.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 29 2011/12 35 (Cipfa).

2011: 34 full-time jobs cut as £1.1m saving expected from installation of self-service in all libraries

2014: Review. Cuts to open hours, co-locations looked at. Consultation from January.(10)

2012: Confirmation of West View Closure.

2011: West View Library closed 19/12/11 “saving” £39k p.a., mobile library offered as alternative. Foggy Furze Library closes on Saturday (£47,500 cut). Throston Grange Library to merge with Throston community centre.  Opening hour cuts in all surviving libraries.

  • Havering. 

2014: £1,138k cut announcedThis represents a cut of over a third of the budget. Six libraries to have opening hours reduced to three and a half days per week. (8) £4.5m new library opens in Rainham. (9)

2013: Rainham Library – New, colocation with flats and lifelong learning centre.  Expected to begin building early 2013 (4/2/13). New library in shopping centre at Harold Hill to replace old library  Refurbishment at Collier Row Library.  (11).

2012:Staff 2007/8 96 2011/12 104 (9 prof, 95 other) Volunteers 2007/8 96 2011/12 200 (Cipfa).

2014: Leintwardine Library now volunteer-run. Weobley Library volunteer-run. Colwall Library run by member of staff paid for by parish council (5). Belmont Library remains open due to parish council part funding and reduced rent from community association. (6)

2013: Council has amended decision to close all branches but Hereford due to public protest: Leominster, Ledbury, Bromyard, Ross-on-Wye and Kington will remain open but may be staffed by volunteers or outsourcing.  Belmont, Colwall, Weobley, Leitwardine will still be closed (5).  9 libraries under threat (changed from 10 as tenth library, Peterchurch, is already volunteer run and so will presumably not be affected). (5). Bromyard Library has 40% cut in hours (4). £1.4m cut from £3m Culture and Leisure budget over three years.  Aim to sustain services “with little or no” council funds / outsourcing / volunteers / cuts. (5) Possible 75% cut in libraries budget  (5). Ledbury Library to move into Master’s House after £2.9m restoration.  Cuts in opening hours will affect it and other libraries (5).  Decision to stop all interlending requests cancelled after consultation with Arts Council.  Service now under review.  Interlending cost estimate of £40 per request. (7). Opening hours cut throughout county (Ross on Wye by 17%). Temporary staff no longer taken on (7). Option 2 from Options for Customer Services and Libraries recommended for Council. (9) All libraries but Hereford Central may become volunteer-run or outsourced over three years or close [No change to figure under threat yet as only broad figures known]: £700k cut 2014/15,  £70k grant won Lottery to commemorate First World War in libraries.  (11) 

2012: 5/1/12 20 communities have “expressed an interest” in running their own library.  Garway has library books on deposit in its village halls.

2011: 2 mobiles closed, replaced by needs-tested home delivery service.. £200k cut to library service.  New Ledbury Library delayed.  £2m for joint library/wedding venue/council offices in Ledbury. Libraries may be run by a Trust or other external body.

Campaign group – Hereford Library User’s Group(HLUG) They Are Our Libraries (Facebook group)

2014: Royston Library refurbished. (3). “Inspiring Libraries” report published. £2.5million cut per year. More volunteers. Consultation from 29 September to 7 December. Three tiers of libraries, with middle being volunteer-assisted and lowest being fully volunteer with self-service machines17 out off 46  to be unstaffed (Adeyfield, Bovingdon, Brookmans Park, Buntingford, Chorleywood, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Kings Langley, Knebworth, Leverstock Green, London Colnet, Redbourn, Sawbridgeworth, Stevenage Old Town, Welwyn, Wheathampstead, Woodhall). (9) £700k Government funding for putting village libraries into part-time fire stations. Decision on which ones to be part of consultation. (10)

2013: Borehamwood Community Complex – To replace Elstree Way library. Combined library/museum/youth/community centre. Harpenden Library to move into former Argos building. Combined with youth centre. (4) Harpenden Library opens (7). Looking at reducing libraries to a smaller number of “hubs”.  Volunteer branches considered. (11). Borehamwood Library opens: co-location with museum, youth service and community centre. (11) £3m cut since 2011: 20% fewer visits in 2012 than 2011

2012: School Libraries Service closed.  Bovingdon Library open on Monday mornings (self-service only) due to partnership with local academy (20/6/12). Confirmed that Cassettes for Blind People service cancelled: service transferred to RNIB (14/5/12). Cassettes for Blind People service may be closed, with its funding transferring to the RNIB (1/5/12): Radlett library open self-service only Monday AM termtimes as Children’s Centre staff use library (6/3/12).  See also similar picture at Waltham Cross Library. School Libraries Service confirmed as closing (26/1/12): New Hertford Library building opened all on one level (previous building had fourteen), wifi and babychange (20/1/12). 

2011: 5 mobiles closed, Central Resources Library closed. Opening hours to be cut by one third, from 2236 hours down to 1575, records office hours cut. At least one library (Borehamwood) faces a 40% cut£580k cut in first year, £1.4m after, plus a further £275k from mobiles and £131k in records office/HQ library cuts mean total cut of over £1.8mSome mobile stops savedSchool Library Serviceto be closed Spring 2012 to save £41,000 p.a.. 12 staff will be made redundant.  Central Resources Library to move to WGC Library, some stock put in warehouse rather than in open shelves – 5/10/11 New Barnfield Library (central resources library) closure to go ahead but with documents moved to another location with reduced opening hours (source – Save New Barnfield Library newsletter). Borehamwood Library gains £12k town council grant to increase hours by 3 per week.  Cuts in opening hours came into effect on 1st July 2011.

Campaign groups – Save New Barnfield Library , Petition to save School Library Service and We Heart Libraries

2014: Broadford and Kyle libraries may move to “facilitated self service” (2). Cuts in council funding to High Life Highland Trust may lead to library closures. (11)

2013: £200k to upgrade public access computers. 

2012: 1 mobile closed1 mobile (housebound service, £27k cut) (Wick Library to close and merge with school library). Invergordon library may council information point moved into it (rather than previous suggestion of the other way around).  Two out of four mobile libraries could be replaced with second-hand vehicles.   (Libraries to be run by an ALO – “Arms Length Organisation” to avoid tax) (this report says no closures) (suggestion that professional staff are being lost – a source is needed).

  • Hillingdon

2014: Uxbridge refurbished, marking the completion of programme to upgrade all 17 libraries (3).

2012: Yeading closed until October for £750k refurbishment  South Ruislip and Hayes End also being refurbished and will reopen before 2013 (27/6/12). Staff 2007/8 125.5 2011/12 97.6 (10.6 prof, 87.1 other) Volunteers 2007/8 17 2011/12 24 (Cipfa).

2012: Consultation until September.  £540k p.a. cut met by £240k cut in bookfund, restructure and efficiency savings.  Co-location.  Staff 2007/8 94.3 2011/12 96.5 (10.5 prof, 86 other) Volunteers 2007/8 11 2011/12 14 (Cipfa).

2011: initial plan to close 8 cancelled after public consultation, Proposals are: Volunteers to replace some paid staff at Beavers Library (£52k cut), reduce skilled staff in some smaller branches (£77k cut), reduce opening hours (£171k cut).  Closures are possible£300k cut in bookfund, some libraries may still be at risk as cuts “postponed”. (Managed by private company Laing); Consultation on cuts soon

  • Hull

2014: Mobile library to be lost, opening hours to be cut (1). Leisure Trust expected in 2015/16 which will include libraries. £320k cut proposed 2015/16 includes 28% cut in opening hours in all branches except Central, Holderness Road Library may close, more volunteers for housebound service, .  £95k 2014/15 included cut in library staff and loss of mobile library. 2013/14 saw withdrawal of funding for Anlaby Park Library (may soon be taken over by volunteers) and KC Stadium Library. Consultation on library services starts. (8)

2012: Mobile library being refurbished (10/7/12) so assumed mobile library saved and this taken off tally of libraries under threat. Marfleet Library now moved to community health centre and Stadium library still existing so neither now counted as under threat.

2011: 2 libraries (Marfleet in East Hull and Stadium in the KC Stadium)  under threat as is 1 mobile library , professional librarians jobs also likely to be cut (source: private correspondence), compare with pro-library statement by Leader of Council

2013: Inverkip Library temporarily moving during refurbishment inc. wifi and coffee machine. (4) Ebooks and mobile app launched (4).

2012: South West Library reopened after £300k refurbishment (25/11/12).  Central Library moved to ex housing headquarters (cost of £1.5m) so old library can be used for health/social care staff

2011: Some seen as under threat.

  • Isle of Man

2013: Mobile library has had 15% more new members and 7% more issues since charity took over in 2012 (8)

2012: 2 libraries no longer run by local authority  (Family Library and Mobile Library) transferred to independent organisation (12/9/12).  E-gaming firm PokerStars will fund mobile and family library for three years(2/4/12). Previously, the Family and Mobile Libraries.  School Library Service were threatened but  massive protests so Mobile library and Family Library considered for parish council funding (19/3/12).

Campaign groups: Facebook Group.  Petition.

2012: FTE Staffing cut from 46.5 (2010/11) to 21.6 (2011/12) of which 4 are qualified librarians. Visits in council-run libraries reduced by 9% visits and 15% issues. Actual costs for library service reduced from £1,811,896 (2010/11) to £1,454,681 (2011/12) (Source of information: Freedom of Information request).

2011: 5 libraries transferred to volunteersBembridge, Brighstone, East Cowes, Niton and Shanklin will be run by volunteers from October. 5 (confirmed) (out of 11) (£100k offered as temporary extra) (four libraries will remain open at 21 hours per week rather than previously mentioned 10 hours) (full proposals here – 2/3/11) (Legal challenge)

  • Isles of Scilly –

2013: New Porthcressa Library opens (6).

2012: Porthcressa Library new (replacement) building nearly ready for opening (21/11/12).

2014: Considering merging library services with Camden (5). 5 libraries considered as under threat in leaked document (West, Mildmay, South, Lewis Carroll and John Barnes). (8_

2013: All libraries may close in 2014 if cuts continue (not counted on national tally figure at this time).

2012: John Barnes Library to be demolished and built anew as part of housing development (29/11/12) although, previously, only a £100k refurbishment was planned (15/11/12). 11% average cut to opening hours, with some branches cut by a quarter. £200k cut over two years (24/5/12). Staff 2007/8 124.4 2011/12 98.4 (26.7 prof, 71.7 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 0 (Cipfa).

2011: £565k investment Self-service to be installed in all branches to save £250k per year via losing staffRuled out turning into a trust.  £30k less bookfund, no CDs, increased fines/charges, may co-locate libraries with colleges/community centres, opening hours reduced to three days per week.  £650k (10%) cut, council denies there will be largescale redundancies, sold libraries or big bookfund cut.This goes against previous guarantee no libraries will close.  16 staff to go, opening hours cut, share housebound library service with Camden..

  • Kensington & Chelsea. 

North Kensington Library may be moved to new site to allow for land to be sold to private company/public school.  Staff 2007/8 111.5 2011/12 84.8 (18.5 prof, 66.3 other) Volunteers 2007/8 21 2011/12 40 (Cipfa).

2014: Considering moving libraries/registration/archives into £13m p.a. charitable trust (5) Formally planning move to charitable trust. (9)

2013: Sherwood Library to be run by borough council staff and volunteers (23/2/13). Sandgate Library may move to being managed/run by Sandgate parish council (23/1/13) Libraries to be “market tested” to see if they can be privatised (9) Folkestone Library to have Citizen’s Advice Bureau sharing its building (10).

2012: 10 branches may be run by volunteers.  Up to ten branches (un-named by council) may move to being run by volunteersto halve running costs: £500k cut in budget to £13.2m (10/9/12). 19 (from an original 71) staff lost in year 2011-2012 (20/7/12). Pembury Library may move to cheaper location (7/8/12). Survey of libraries intended for co-location/volunteers (6/3/12). Sturry Library temporarily closed due to arson attack (27/2/12); Kent has the most libraries of any council in the UK, with the need to cut its libraries budget by £4m by 2014.  Plans include withdrawing direct council control from many (un-named) branches.  Considering tendering out library service to external organisations (17/2/12).  New local history and library centre built (21/4/12).

2011: some feared under threat, with volunteers being  asked to run some. 83 FTE jobs to be cut as self-service comes.  Isle of Thanet is one of the areas hardest hit.  The School library service was closed.  £2.3m cuts in 2011 and before, with an extra £2m cuts to be made by 2014, inc the cuts above plus also merging libraries with town councils/shops.  (previously, plans had included closing up to 44 branches but councillors rejected it due to fears over impact on forthcoming election).  List of the branches that were originally up for closure is here.

2012: 1 under threat – Surbiton Library under threat (8/5/12)

2011: (50% adult bookfund cut). £38k more for Hook Library.  Spending freeze on “all but essential” items.

  • Kirklees

2014 – Review of library spending under way (4). Trust model being considered for Kirkburton and Shepley libraries. (5). All but two libraries may be closed or transferred to volunteers. 24 out of 26 under threat. Options include 56% cut in budget and 100 FTE job losses. Second option involved eight libraries still run by council and 60 job losses. (7)  Slaithwaite Library: Has recently moved into the village’s town hall. The former library listed for sale at auction Meltham Library: Library services will transfer to Carlile Institute to be run by community. Marsden Library: currently subject to an ongoing community asset transfer bid. Kirkburton and Shepley Libraries: A Community Trust is looking over. (7).

2013 – Batley Library may be sold off, with library moving into town hall (23/2/13).  No closures 2013/14.  May happen next year (12/2/13) Denby Dale to be passed to volunteers who will demolish building and build £250k library/community centre on site (9). Wins British Awards for Storytelling Excellence award for “Outstanding Library Service” (10). £20k cut in libraries budget “through mobile and service re-organisation” (10).

2012 – 7 libraries under threat (Slaithwaite, Golcar, Honley, Lepton, Kirkheaton, Denby Dale and Shepley) as Council appears to be planning got them to be run by volunteers or closed (4/9/12).  Previously had appeared to have been reprieved for three years (23/5/12),  . If libraries close, it will not be until March 2013.  Public consultation from February (13/1/12).   Chestnut Centre will have cinema outside of opening hours (18/3/12).

2011 – (November) Volunteers to run seven libraries (with some assistance inc self-service and library computer system ).

Campaign groups: Honley Book Group,  Friends of Denby Dale LibrarySave Slaithwaite LibrarySave Colne Valley Libraries.

  • Knowsley

2013: Two libraries under threat: Whiston and Page Moss libraries will either be run by volunteers or closed. (8).


2014: Streatham Library opened after £1.4m refurbishment (3). Carnegie Library Herne Hill to be run by volunteers. (8)

2013: Upper Norwood Joint Library transferred to Lambeth in its entirety.  Move towards library being run by a trust with funding from Lambeth (£170k p.a.) and Croydon (£75k p.a. for at least next two years (28/1/13).

2012: 2 mobiles lost. Staff 2007/8 109.8 2011/12 112 (9 prof, 103 other) Volunteers 2007/8 1 2011/12 2 (Cipfa).  £750k cut: “community hub” scheme at Tate, Carnegie, Minet, Nettlefold branches where volunteers expected to help run them with £450k seed funding [therefore counted as four under threat].  Nettlefold may have cinema/cafe as well in order to help fund new roof. Three largest branches will have hours increased. Hours cut in smaller branches. Upper Norwood Joint Library will continue to be funded, Waterloo Library may move from 40 year-old temporary building to new site, wi-fi for all branches (18/7/12) £6.5m New Clapham library building opensat no cost due to being part of private housing development (4/7/12) Upper Norwood Joint Library still under threat due to dispute with Croydon. Also, the two mobiles appear to have gone. £1.5m cut from budget of £6m. Durning, South Lambeth and Carnegie apparently safe.  West Norwood moved into Old Library (2/2/12) so none counted as under threat at present. £400k upgrading for Streatham (may move to Gracefield Gardens), wifi and self-service for all branches. (6/7/12).  Waterloo Library likely to be sold before 2013, to be moved elsewhere.  It’s budget will be cut this year from £150k to £123k in 2013/14.  Streatham Library likely to be change site (7/7/12). All professionally qualified staff dismissed.  West Norwood Library still closed due to roof being stripped and asbestos, fears of closure (17/1/12) – confirmed, merged instead (15/4/12).

2011: 5 branches were under threat: Durning, Waterloo, South Lambeth, Minet and Carnegie (out of 11) and 2 mobiles.  Setting up a trust “which will give you a chance to run libraries”.. £750k cut by 2014.  West Norwood Library and Nettlefold Hall Library closed due to theft of lead from roofs, increased charges, more self-service, considering all options including volunteers and Trusts. Events to be cut. West Norwood, Minet, Carnegie, Durning and South Lambeth under threat as future depends on volunteersWaterloo Library could be relocated, current site sold to developers.   Upper Norwood Library may have funding withdrawn by Croydon. (“@walkyouhome: EVERY librarian in Lambeth has been told they are having their post deleted. Only assistants and admin staff remain” on twitter 9.3.11 confirmed 13.3.11); Council has £93.7m cash reserves.; £750k 2011/14 cut; Commission to be set up to consider volunteers/closures/shared service with other authorities. Consultation until 16th September.

Campaign groups: Save Lambeth Libraries  #SaveLambthLibs, Vauxhall SocietyFriends of Durning LibraryFriends of Streatham Library.

2014: Consultation.  Cost-neutral changes in opening hours proposed e.g. less evening opening, more daylight opening (6) Eccleston Library moved into new premises in shopping centre. (6)

2013: Fulwood, Savick, Sharoe Green, Ingol, Ribbleton, and Preston’s 
Harris will open for total of 12 hours longer, along with nine others.  At no extra cost (27/2/13) 11 hours per week in total more opening hours at Pike Hill (3) Coal Clough (3) Colne (1) and Brierfield (4) Libraries at “virtually no extra cost” (4). £30k to make Darwen Library watertight. (4).

2012: Get it Loud in Libraries series of music gigs in libraries end due to lack of funding (25/11/12).  24 branches to be open from 9am rather than 9.30am (9/9/12). Next phase of upgrading will include Accrington, Harris (Preston), Bacup, St Annes and Earby (15/12). (10/7/12) £1m upgrading for Earby and Rosegrove libraries (9/5/12) Increases in charges, volunteers used to extend hours in some branches (19/4/12) £6.5m regeneration programme now halfway completed, inc. £500k refurbishment for Accrington Library(6/1/12) Brierfield Library £500k upgrade inc. more meeting rooms and Arts project.  Budget cut from £22m p.a. 2009/10 to £17.1m 2012/13 (20/4/12).

2011: 2 mobile libaries closed (now counted as closed on tally: 15/1/12), 16% staffing cut but £5m refurbishment for libraries.  Earby Library may be moved into New Road youth and community centre, with youth centre future itself uncertain. Longridge Library reopened 19/9/11 after £200k upgrade

2014: Opening hours cuts confirmed: 33 out of 36 to have reduced hours (total cut of 187 hours, or 12 per cent) representing a £300k cut, (10)

2013: Rawdon Library taken over by volunteers (11).

2012: 1 closed (Cow Close), 3 others (Shadwell, Rawdon and Drighlington) to volunteersDrighlington Library to be taken over by volunteers from 12th November (31/10/12).  Shadwell, Rawdon and Drighlington confirmed as transferring to volunteers.  Cow Close Library will close (12/4/12).  Otley Library now merged with One Stop Shop (3/4/12). Rawdon Library run by volunteers on Thursday, with aim of being completely run soon in order to avoid closure (17/2/12).  £70k spent on Hunslet Library to improve building (leaky roof, failing windows, “dreary” interior) partially so that the currently unused half of the building can be leased to another organisation (13.1.12).

2011: 13 closed. 17 to be withdrawn – 13 closed in 2011 (Allerton Bywater, Armley Heights, Belle Isle, Broad Lane, Holbeck, Ireland Wood, Kirkstall, Lofthouse, Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill, Swarcliffe, Swillington and Swinnow).  4 to close in 2012 –  Rawdon and Cow Close libraries will stay open until March 2012 to allow volunteers time to organise takeoverDrilington and Shadwell also threatened in 2012, £625k cut. Branches to be replaced by expanded mobile service. 25 other libraries to have extended hours.  All permanent staff to be retained.

Campaign groups:Friends of Rawdon Library (email: junelongley@hotmail.com.)

2014 – Buildings review means some libraries may become under threat.(4)

2013 – Library minibus for elderly stopped (£62k p.a.) to be replaced by volunteers delivering books paid travel expenses (£2k p.a.) (23/1/13).

2012 – 2 to close (Aylestone and St Matthew’s). Aylestone Library to be closed (books moved to nearby leisure centre), St Matthew’s to be closed (books moved to nearby community centre). Fosse library library will remain open.  All to have self-service machines with one paid library worker at each site.  £494k cut over 3 years (originally had aimed at £533k cut with no paid staff).  4% cut in council-wide bookfund. (30/4/12).  Transport for disabled to library scrapped, opening hours to be cut (3/2/12).

2011: £250k cut 2012 inc. reduced hours, transport, bookfund, three cheaper buildings.

2014: £800k cut from £5.8m budget 2012/13 (1) Council documents on the transfer of libraries to volunteers are: main council paper and appendices here, here and here (2). 36 out of 52 libraries to become volunteer or close (4). Harborough Library/Museum refurbished. (4) Ending of music service (£23k p.a. cut) inc. interlending and reservation of music items (5).

2013: £2m cut in library budget – options include volunteers, colocations and loss of at least 44 library staff.  (8).

2012: Market Harborough Library to be refurbished and expanded (25/10/12). £500k cut.  Series of options including changing to Trust/volunteers listed in consultation, hours cuts.  Closure of libraries not an option. (19/9/12) £1.3m works in Loughborough Library so adult learning / disability help can also be based in building (1/10/12).  Forest East Library now open in new location (20/8/12). Opening hour cuts at Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Broughton Astley, Fleckney, Kibworth and Great Glen.  Staffing cuts achieved through natural wastage (31/3/12).

2011: Online questionnaire consulting on cuts to libraries 11 April to 20 June.Council to close libraries at least busy times rather than closing some entirely.  38 libraries may reduce from 20 hours per week to 13 hours per week. Summary of proposals£443k cut inc. 384 hours per week cut in opening hours. 40% budget (£4m) cut over four years; opening hours cut (Wigston down from four days to two, Melton library has evening and Saturday openings cut, Wigston record office hours cut by one day per week; only seven full time professional posts left in entire system (according to anonymous comment on 12th April PLN post). £1 reservation charge for children and pensioners.  Volunteers to be recruited to staff libraries

2012: Deptford Lounge opened 4.1.12. Staff 2007/8 105.3 2011/12 152 (27 prof, 125 other) Volunteers 2007/8 3 2011/12 336 (Cipfa).

2011: 5 counted as withdrawn 2011/12: (out of 12) withdrawn from council control: Grove Park, Sydenham and Crofton Park Libraries will be divested to Eco Computer Systems. Age Exchange will take over BlackheathNew Cross Library has closed 28.5.11.  £995k cut from £4.6m – 21.6%;  (legal challenge – possibly unrelated to this, council summoned to DCMS to explain their actions.); New Cross People’s Library open until 21st September.

2014: Legal action being taken against council over library cuts (2) Alford Library volunteers step down from July due to withdrawal council support. (6) Second consultation starts due to first consultation being deemed unlawful via judicial review. (9)

2013: Alford Library increases opening hours with volunteers, after council threatened to cut them. (4) 300 books provided for bookswap collection in Bratoft village hall (5). 32 out of 45 libraries will close or be be passed to volunteers. Mobile libraries also to be cut (at least 1 out of 5 depending on how many libraries taken over by volunteers). £2m cut from £6m budget. Consultation from July 3 to September 30. 298 jobs (148 FTE) under threat, 128 jobs (87 FTE) to be created therefore net reduction of 170 posts (55 FTE). 177 less computers. (6) Full report of consultation (11) GLL and Biblioteca express an interest in taking over library service (11) 1.78m (A cut of £250k less than originally proposed from £6.086m budget) – Horncastle and Woodhall Spa would be retained by council; Wragby Library may be run by volunteers; Coningsby/Tattershall library to be replaced by a mobile. Council extends deadline for volunteers to express an interest in running libraries until end of January 2014. cut of c. 102 posts (35.5 full-time equivalent), (11), Approved: 30 libraries to be closed or passed to volunteers. 10 new libraries may be run by volunteers on top. £2m cut. (12). Redundancy costs combined with training volunteers and assistance will cost £3.62m meaning cuts will only start saving money 2017/18. (12).

2012: 2 under threat (Spilsby and Saxilby): Sutton Bridge Community Library having its funding cut with its most local mobile stops also ceasing (Dec 2012).  Spilsby Library may close, being transferred to Co-Op food store or Methodist Church [Being this looks to be such a major reduction in service, this library is now counted as “under threat” in Public Libraries News figures] (8/8/12). Long Sutton Library petition against moving into smaller building (1/10.12). Ingoldmells launches volunteer run branch (with 300 books) to replace withdrawn mobile library stop (18/9/12). Skegness Library confirmed as staying in current location, Winthorpe may get new dual-use library in partnership with local school (15/7/12). Library buildings  may be shared with pharmacies or supermarkets.  Campaign group: Friends of Lincolnshire Libraries. (1/7/12): Saxilby Library to be closed with stock to be moved into a community centre in Autumn (counted as under threat: 23/3/12). More volunteers required (17/1/12). Collection boxes for donations to be put in all libraries (4/1/12)

2011:  £2m cut (from £6.2m now to £4.1m in 2016: not linked to inflation): school library service stopped, mobile stops cut.  Changes (but not cut) to hours at Cherry Willingham Library..

Campaign groups; Campaign groups: Save Lincolnshire Libraries  (FacebookTwitter), Save Deepings Library (Petition).

2014: £500k cut per year for next three years: budget will be halved (2) but 25% cut in budget (of £2.5m from current budget of £10m). Consultation until 16 May. (4). Facebook campaign group. (4) 11 out of 19 under threat of closure/passing to volunteers/groups. (8).

2013: Ten libraries (out of 19) under threat (5/2/13).  £2m per year to be paid for new Central Library under PFI. Central Library and two others to be open seven days a week. Closures (possibly inc. volunteers) will save £1m per year. 3 Libraries (Edge Hill, Woolton, Great Homer Street) officially closed (checked 5/2/13).

2012: 3 libraries (Edge Hill, Woolton, Great Homer Street) and 1 mobile library to close.3 more libraries (Garston, Speke Parklands and Walton will be merged with One Stop Shops) and may be run by Liverpool Direct. 76 jobs to go.  Opening hours reduced to roughly 60% of previous levels (inc. 12 libraries to be only open four days per week).  Closed libraries will have stock moved into other council services.  £100k cut in bookfund (book budget was £1.3m in 2005, now it will be £650k.

2011: £460k cut 2011/12, £1.9m 2012/13 but new Central Liverpool Library willcost £42m with PFI meaning c. £5m p.a. chargesome of the cut may be closures / cuts in opening hours) (consultation document); Council has £121.7m cash reserves according to Conservatives (£16m according to council); 29% (£2m) cut in libraries budget

Campaign group: Save Woolton Library Campaign.

  • Luton

2013; Original proposal was for up to four libraries (three out of eight buildings plus the mobile library) to close and three more to move into smaller buildings.  Consultation until April 2013.  Full details: Cuts will mean either (a) Leagrave or Marsh Farm Library to close and Wigmore Library to move into a smaller space. Three other libraries to be housed within community centres (from list of five – Bushmead, Bury Park, Farley Hill, Futures House, Lewsey). Stopsley and Sundon Park will close with one of them moving into a community centre.  Up to four new book pick-up points (to collect reserved books only).  End of mobile library service or (b) Luton Central to close one day a week plus one other closing one day a week but mobile library to close (2). Wigmore, Sundon Park and the mobile library will close. Marsh Farm Library (currently a joint school/public use building at Lea Manor School, will be staffed by Luton Culture staff 2pm-6pm Monday to Friday, and Saturdays. To offset the closure of Wigmore, the opening hours at Stopsley library will be increase (7) £1.58m cut from council means 3 libraries will close (Wigmore, Sundon Park and mobile) by Spring 2014. to account for £300k. 10,000 signature petition for Wigmore library.

2012: More than one closure and one library to volunteers (counted as a total of three on tally) or to be closed. Cuts in opening hours. Consultation from January for 90 days.  (4/12/12).

2014: Refurbished Central Library to reopen on 22 March: will not be open on Sundays (1) Fallowfield Library renamed “The Place” and transferred to  Friends of Fallowfield Library and City South housing association. (8)

2013: 6 libraries to start closing from 29 June (Burnage, Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Miles Platting, New Moston and Northenden) under threat (previusly 5).  Volunteers and other groups to be encouraged to take over, with 7 hours paid staff time each.  £87k previously earmarked for extending hours at surviving branches now to be used to encourage non-council ones.  Levenshulme to move into building with leisure centre in 2015, Huhne to move into leisure centre Jan 2014, Crumpsall to leisure centre in 2013. (5). £473k from Wolfson Foundation to support Great Hall Reading Room and the Media Lounge in Central Library (21/2/13), 28% cut (3) Levenshulme Library to be taken over by school, to be used partly by public and partly by students (6) Burnage Library to reopen as volunteer-run Burnage Library Activity and Information Hub, with council staff present for 15 hours per week (10). Northenden to reopen as volunteer Community Library in Housing Group office. (11). 1.4m less visitors since 2008/9. (12).

2012: None currently under threat. High Blackley “Avenue” Library opened May 2012  (15/8/12).  Central Library will have considerably less stock when it reopens (17/3/12). Joint library/leisure centres suggested for Chorlton and Levenshulme.  Consultation until 24th June (23/5/12),  £1.6m grant from lottery for improved archives at Central Library (16/1/12). Budget passes that provides for no money for libraries expected to be closed, despite consultation until April 17th (9/3/13).

2011: 2 libraries closed (Clayton and Rack House entirely, East City reverts to being only for Manchester College Students) as part of £3m cut.  4 mobiles closedOpening hours cut in all libraries apart from City Library (and City Library at Number One First Street) from 5th September,  Barlow Library to be closed in July 2012, Huhne Library to relocate, end of children’s mobile library, end of sheltered housing service, increase in charges, more volunteers to support events“Take the Budget Challenge” consultation.  Hulme Library to move into Moss Side Leisure Centre. Barlow Moor Library may depend on volunteers to run it in 2012. (end of homework clubs) (council has reserve of £109mCouncil has £95.2m cash reserves

Campaign group:Save Fallowfield Library petitionSave Northenden Library.

  • Medway.

2012: Libraries and council customer contact staff to become joint teams in five town centre libraries (24/4/12).

2014: Libraries (and museums and leisure) may become part of non-profit trust. (6)

2013: 22.3% cut for department libraries is in, from £7.6m to £5.9m (6). Aberfan Community Library opened in community centre (9)

2014: West Barnes Library to be redeveloped. (9)

2013: Wimbledon Library could be sold off to developers, with new library built elsewhere.  Campaign Group: Save Wimbledon Library. (7). Wimbledon library withdrawn from possible sell-off, possibly due to public protest. (8) Extended opening hours at Donald Hope Library and West Barnes Library, with assistance from volunteers.  (10).

2012: Named most efficient library service in UK by Local Government Chronicle: 40% cut in funding over last five years.  Over 450 volunteers.  Opening hours increased.  Self-service technology introduced. (18/3/12). Colliers Wood Library could close and merge with rebuilt community centre; West Barnes, Mitcham and Wimbledon Libraries could be upgraded by selling off some land for housing (20/1/12). Staff 2007/8 61.5 2011/12 47 (4 prof, 43 other)
Volunteers 2007/8 31 2011/12 539 (Cipfa).

2011: (£81k cut) – “Library usage has risen by over 15% and stock issues by over 200,000 in three years”.  350 volunteers due to partnering with local Volunteer Centre.  Donald Hope Library reported as under threat according to petition.  In another article, reported that Donald Hope Library (Colliers Wood) will close on Fridays, West Barnes Library will be staffed by volunteers on Mondays from July.

  • MidLothian 

2013: One mobile library to go, service cut in half (£30k cut) (27/1/13) Newtongrange Library to move to High School grounds in 2016 – petition (16/2/13). 3 libraries under threat (Gorebridge to close, Mayfield to close, Newtongrange to move to community centre two miles away) (4) Lasswade Centre school/public library replaces Bonnyrigg Library (7).

  • Middlesbrough

2014: £474k cut: merging community hubs and libraries, more self-service (1)

2012: Hemlington Library under threat (9/12/12)  Grove Hill moved to community centre and Thorntree Library sill open as of check (Dec 2012) but previously under threat (Grove Hill and Thorntree) and1 Mobile library to closed 30/3/12  representing a £50k cut.  £20k of this to move into housebound service (9/3/12).

2011: 4 branches and 1 mobile under threat – Grove Hill, Easterside, Marton and Thorntree. £50k bookfund cut, close the mobile £50k, 1.5 less managers (£36k)Box-office DVD rentals and e-books to be introduced

2014: £82k Arts Council England grant for artisits and digital media projects. (1)

2013: Stony Strafford Library transfers to town council, will become more learning-based. Paid staff will continue to be in post (3). Kingston Library to be moved into new building, with shell completed October 2013. (4).

2012: Libraries being offered for community transfer (20/7/12). Council advertising for volunteer shelvers at Milton Keynes Central Library (3/5/12). £500k cuts (1/3/12). Woburn Sands Institute Library (in association with town council) opened on 4th February, replacing Hardwick Road Library.

2011: No closures, some cuts. Stony Stratford Library slated for closure 2011 but reinstated due to public protest.

  • Monmouthshire

2014:  Gilwern Community Council may take over responsibility for Gilwern Library. (4) 509,440 physical visits 2013-14 with 82,000 virtual visits.  Usk Library will move to be co-located with Community Education and Youth Services. (8)

2013: £180k cut proposed.  Usk and Gilwern Libraries under threat.

2012: A new Schools Literacy and Resource Centre has opened to serve Monmouthshire and Torfaen (16/3/12) Chepstow Library reopens after £120k refurbishment inc.  new shelving/meeting areas, wifi, laptops, teenage area, local studies collection (21/1/12).

2013: 7 (out of 15) libraries may close with more cuts to come.  Libraries may move into Leisure Trust.  (13/2/13). Council confirms closure of 7 out of 15 branches in £357k cut – threatened libraries are Burghead, Cullen, Dufftown, Findochty, Hopeman, Portknockie and Rothes. (9). £72k would need to be returned to EU if closures go ahead (11). Four libraries to close (previously seven):  Hopeman, Findochty, Portknockie and Rothes – change due to threat of legal challenge on basis of equality impact. (11). Campaign: Save Our Libraries.:  Save Burgheard Library ;

2012: Previously marked as no public libraries closing but council has appealed for volunteer groups to run them, may move to being in a Trust, another article here. Campaign groups: Campaign group: Love Moray Libraries (+ Facebook).

  • Neath Port Talbot

2014: Cwmllynfell, Gwaun-cae-Gurwen, Ystalyfera, Seven Sisters (cost paid for by community council) and Blaengwynfi libraries now run by volunteers (with book an staffing support from council).  Briton Ferry, Resolven, Cymmer Afan and Taibach to be run by volunteers shortly (aim is May 1st). Taibach may be run by volunteers shortly. (3). Resolven Library now run by volunteers for 8 hours per week.(5)

2013:  9 out of 17 libraries under threat: Cwmllynfell, Gwaun-cae-Gurwen, Seven Sisters, Ystalyfera, Blaengwynfi, Briton Ferry, Taibach, Cymmer and Resolven  under threat  with up to £238k cut. Mobile library to move from a two week to a three week cycle (9)

2012: £114k grant from Welsh Government for improving Baglan inc. children’s, events, wifi (25/3/12).

2011: £202k bookfund slightly more than in 2010 (£47k less than Welsh standard).

2014 : Fenham Library reopens (in partnership with Your Homes Newcastle). High Heaton, Denton Burn, Cruddas Park which shortly be reopening (in partnership with Newcastle College). Blakelaw, Fawdon and Newbiggin Hall due to close in 2015. (3).  High Heaton library reopens (volunteer and college run).  (10)

2013: 10 libraries will close by 2016, with five of those possibily to be saved if taken over by volunteers.  2013/14: Cruddas Park, Denton Burn, Dinnington, Fenham, High Heaton, Jesmond and Moorside. 2015: Blakelaw, Fawdon and Newbiggin Hall will close (7/3/13).  Previously, Fenham and Cruddas Park had been removed from the under threat list (16/2/13) Business and intellectual property centre launched (5). Moorside Library will close, nine other libraries (Cruddas Park, Denton Burn, Dinnington, Fenham, High Heaton, Jesmond, Blakelaw, Fawdon and Newbiggin Hall.) to be taken over by volunteers (6) Jesmond Library reopens as volunteer-run (9)

2012: £7m (40%) cut from libraries budget over three years. 10 out of 18 libraries under threat of closure or passing onto volunteers., including High Heaton (recently upgraded at cost of £1m).  Those branches with customer service centres safest. (11/11/12). Newbiggin Hill Library to be demolished, with stock moved into nearby community centre but with a complete refurbishment of the (comparatively smaller) library area and with staffing by library staff.  Plan to move smaller branches into co-location with other services (5/1/12).  “Library Express” plans dropped: “Partnership” ideas planned instead with either other services co-located in libraries or libraries co-located in other buildings.

2011: Opening hours cut in 12 libraries with cuts of around 6% (after consultation.  Cuts mainly in the evenings) , WRVS volunteers to be used for delivery of books to housebound, increased booksale, (12 jobs lost, £245k cut). “Library Express” branches (where some libraries would not be staffed all the time) considered but change of party in local elections meant plan was dropped.   Newcastle charges introduced for book reservations, rise in fees.

  • Newham.

2014: New library opened at East Ham. £14.3m joint use building includes 30,000 books, language lab, customer service centre. (2).

2012: Canning Town Library to incorporate Council one stop shopForeign language newspapers removed from all librariesPetition against the removal of foreign language papers.  £2.2m refurbishment of Stratford library: but children’s area will be smaller, lost self-contained area.  Protest group: Library E15.  Save our language papers Staff 2007/8 127 2011/12 103.4 (2 prof, 103.4 other) Volunteers 2007/8 20 2011/12 181 (Cipfa).

2014: Council considering moving libraries into a Trust (3). 490,228 visitors to the 12 libraries in Newport in 2013-14 compared with 589,172 in 2012-13. Stow Hill Library closed (March 2013), Brynglas House Library closed (July 2013). “Visitor figures for Central lending show a decrease in users from 206, 642 in 2012-13 to 143, 494 in 2013-14. Rogerstone library increased its visitors from 18,050 to 37,201 in 2013-14. Tredegar House library visitors fell 66,476 to 18,715 in 2013-14. “Stow Hill Library will become volunteer run and a “micro arts centre”. (8)

2013: Three libraries under threat (St Julian’s and Stow Hill to be unstaffed within co-located building. Stow Hill may be closed)  Bibliographical Services Unit to be shut (books to be delivered directly to branches).  Caerleon library may be closed and be co-located with town hall.  Decided that Maindee Library will not be closed. (Maindee and Stow Hill) under threatto save £58k per year.  Ten libraries may have reduced hours (15/1/13). 13.3% cut for department libraries is in, from £14.5m to £12.6m (6). Increased room hire, Bibliographic Services Librarian and part-time administrator post to be lost 2014/15, a further post to be lost in 2015/16.  Central Library to be closed one day per week. Some libraries under threat (14.5 FTE). Schools Library Service to end. Newport already in lowest quartile of staffing in Wales. (12).

2012: 1 staff lost this year

2011: .5 fte lost . As part of an ongoing review of those libraries counted as under threat, the tally will no longer include seven libraries that were mentioned as being involved in plans for closure in 2010 but with no further mention.  Ringland, Bettws and Caerleon libraries may be upgraded depending on Cymal grant (29.1.12). Seven libraries were included in long-term plans for closure (16.11.10) but more recent reports including  this on suggest no closure plans (25.2.11).

2014: £350k cut in bookfund (2) Further Possible £140k cut to bookfund (5) £1.2m cut 2014 cf 2013 (down from £11.4m). Donation boxes put in main library.(10)

2013: £400k cut inc. mobile libraries and staffing (9) £500k cut 2013/14 may be met by merging Libraries and Adult Education departments. (9).

2011: £1.2m cut.  10% cut in opening hours, mobile library visits reduced to every 4 weeks from current 3, self-service machines replace staff. (and, bookfund cut)

  • North Ayrshire

2012: Some under threat with civil servants/councillors deciding the fate of each one.  £50k consultants report ignored.  Previously described as safe for 2011. Service may move to being run by a Trust.

  • Northamptonshire

2014: Libraryplus” charity formed to raise money for libraries  600 volunteers, all libraries open on Sundays (4). Libraries to become “default” venue for non-specialist children’s services such as registration and advice. Will also provide children’s activities and recruitment of volunteers for children’s centres. (6) Towcester Library to move into co-located new building (with council offices, council chamber, a cafe, an adult learning facility and the county registrar’s office) at the Forum. (6)

2013: Kettering library £265k refurbishment to entrance (5). 123.4 hours unscheduled closures spread over 17 libraries due to vacancies (6). Wifi installed in all branches.  (9). March visitor figures fall from 266,795 (2011) to 204,500 (2013).  (9). LibraryPlus service to expand services for under fives and families to incorporate information and advice, registration services, activities for children and recruitment of volunteers for children’s centre services. (10)

2012: 2 mobiles closed. Confirmed Wootton Fields will move out of current expensive school site and into temporary unit in October (7/8/12):  Wootton Fields Library will move from school to save £75k per year which costs £150k per year plus 7% annual increase (23/7/12). 34 libraries will open from 1pm to 4pm every Sunday and the Central Library in Northampton open from 11am to 4pm.  Cuts in hours elsewhere in week to compensate, although overall number of hours increases by eight (12/4/12). £165k to spent on signage (18/4/12). £1.2m out of £4.8m budget to be cut by April 2015: £250k saving by sharing premises, 1200 more volunteers, £590k by consultancy work income to other authorities, £300k staff cuts over 2 years, £60k from donations from Friends etc (19/1/12). Daventry and Towcester libraries to move into new buildings shared with other services (15/2/12). 2 mobiles closed2 mobile libraries (out of 4) to goLarge increase in volunteers, charging for library use [illegal under 1964 Act] considered. 8 libraries will be “community led” (that is, apparently, run by volunteers). £287k less professional librarians, £297k less managers/backroom. 17.5 librarians left at end of this years’ cuts, down from 45 in 2008. Up to 17 jobs to go.  Closures could occur in 2013 if enough cuts not made or if volunteers fail to step forward.  Libraries given a temporary reprieve from closures earlier in 2011. 50% cut over 4 years with closures if other funding or volunteers not found.  Closures in 2013 if search not successfulAll six qualified librarians at school library service made redundant. May move to a trust model.  Free use of computers on Fridays, in conjunction with Job Clubs.

Groups: Save St James LibraryFriends of Irchester Library.

2014: Seahouses Library closing due to being unsafe: limited library service to move to community centre. (10)

2013: Reservation charges scrapped in 2011 meant increase from 27k to 40k. New computers. Book ordering done locally. Co-location in Seaton Delaval, Prudhoe, Amble, Cramlington and Morpeth. More visitors and more membersAmble Library refurbished, including co-locaton with Registrars, Social Care, meeting rooms (4).

2012: National award for Wooler Library/TIC co-location which increased usage and hours

2011: 1 mobile stoppedMobile Library review completed – some route changing, re-establishment of Saturday service.  However, will reduce mobile libraries from four to three. (5% cut to £3.9m, “expects more volunteer involvement”).

2013: Cleland Library to be upgraded £150k to improve facilities for older people. (9).

2012: Education Resource Centre (School Library Service) under threat (25/9/12). Book borrowing  “has more than halved in the last two years from 91,342 to 45,582″ (12/4/12)

2010: 1 closed March 2010.  Opening hours were increased in 2010 (12/4/12)

2014: Opening hours to be extended at Crowle, Epworth and Haxey after consultation. (9)

2013: Bottesford Library to transfer from shop unit to section of Cambridge house (2/1/13).

2012: 1 library (Goxhill) to volunteersVolunteer-run Broughton Library opened in village hall to replace mobile library stop (not counted in tally as was not a library before – 19.19/12). Haxey library no longer under threat, Goxhill Library run by volunteers since April 2011 (email 3/7/12):  New library opens at Brigg (17/6/12). £16k cut by cutting Scunthorpe Central Library by 4.5 hours, Ashby Library will be open 5.5 hours less.  Barton Library will be open longer but on an unstaffed basis. (22/3/12).

2011: 1 (Haxey Library staffed entirely by volunteers) (£15k opening hour cut, £30k Bookfund cut). Brigg library to move to shared “The Angel” building (£300k investment).

2013: Winscombe library reopens after refurbishment (extension, more computers, wifi, seating, self-service) (7) Free wifi in all libraries from August 2013 (7)  Weston Super Mare Library moved into Town Hall: wifi, self-service (8)

2012: 2 libraries (Banwell and Backwell) to close 2012Banwell Library to close 31st August, to be replaced by mobile.  Winscombe Library to be refurbished. (15/8/12).  10 full-time equivalent staff to lose their jobs (17/3/12). Backwell Leisure Centre “Library Access Point” to close in April, replaced by mobile.£347k cut to service.Overall opening hours cut by just one hour for whole authority due to increase in self-service, volunteers (29/3/12) Reductions in opening hours lessened due to consultation.  Budget reduced instead by cutting staff while installing self-service.  Winscombe and Yatton branches may use volunteers and parish council assistance.  Opening hours will increase at Locking Castle and Weston as will open with self-service machines with non-library staff present (28/3/12). 1 library (Banwell) to close. 16/1/12: Banwell Library to close.  Weston Library will “soon” move to Town Hall. 10/1/12:  Two libraries in Weston will be open for longer.  11fte out of 115 jobs to be cut. Call for more volunteers.  Self-service to be introduced. No new recruitment, staff will have hours cut or be offered voluntary redundancy 9/1/12: £347k cut 2012/5 inc. cuts in open hours, less staff.

2011: Library to move into renovated council HQNew library opened in Portishead

  • North Tyneside

2013: New library to be built in Wallsend as part of shared services building. (4) North Shields Central Library to reopen after £2.6m refurbishment (closed since Dec 2011 due to heating problems). (5).  Undertaking not to close libraries (11).

2012: 1 library closed (Coast Road Library)Monkseaton Library saved after 4400 signed petition to keep it open.  Plan for future means “there will be four main libraries – in Killingworth, North Shields, Whitley Bay and Wallsend – and a network of smaller community libraries in Shiremoor, Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Wideopen, Forest Hall, Dudley, Longbenton, Battle Hill and Howdon. A mobile Library Express will visit care homes and sheltered housing sites, as well as working with schools.” (20/1/12) North Shields Central Library still closed as of check (18.1.12) Internet charges introduced (free for first 30 minutes then £1 per hour) (9/10/12) “Extra card” discount scheme introduced for those who pay subscription (25/10/12).

2011: North Shields Central Library closed due to delayed decision on spending for repairs, temporary library set up while service awaits go ahead for £2.7m refurbishment.  £650k cut

2014: Library review including possibility of some closures or more volunteer-run branches (1) 23 libraries to be volunteer or close (would mean 30 volunteer and 12 “hub” libraries”) (3). School library service to close  (3). Book lending (volunteer-staffed) at  Deansfield Court Extra Care Housing Scheme (Norton) in conjunction with Yorkshire Housing (4).

2013: Thirsk Library to be relocated into new joint library/housing development (6/2/13). Malton and Norton libraries to merge counted as 1 library under threat (6) Library staff (paid and volunteer) issued with uniforms at cost of £12k per year (10). £100k Arts Council grant for 24 artists to go into libraries and work with users/community members. (12).

2012: 2 libraries closed (Hunmanby, Masham) and 5 passed to volunteers (Ayton, Barlby, Bilton, Embsay, Gargrave)Ingleton Library part staffed by county council and part staffed by parish council.  Bentham Library opening on Monday 4.30 to 7 and Wednesday 1 to 4 staffed by volunteers (30/9/12). Ayton Library reopens as volunteer-run Derwent Valley Bridge (14/2/12):  Malton Library hours will increase as being merged with tourist information centre.  Similarly, Leyburn hours will increase as being merged with community office (18/1/12).  Hunmanby due to close at end of MarchMasham Library now closed (to be run by volunteers), five libraries (Barlby, Bilton, Embsay, Gargrave and Great Ayton) will either be closed or run by volunteers from April (29/2/12) . “From April all libraries will see a reduction in their opening hours, with libraries in Northallerton and Catterick Garrison each losing more than 10 hours of staffing time, while Richmond will lose six hours, Stokesley eight hours and Bedale five hours.”. Opening hours cuts consultation.(15/1/12)

2011: 10 mobiles were stoppedHunmanby library to close due to failure to gain enough volunteers/retain funding: library services likely to be moved into community centre or be served by a mobile library. Great Ayton to lose all staffing – will be expected to be volunteer-run by April 2012. 36 out of 177 full time equivalent posts to be lost10 out of 11 mobiles have been stoppedall 8 under threat will be run by volunteers, with books and training supplied by council.  Cuts in opening hours unless volunteers step in.  Small town libraries will see cuts in hours of up to 30%.  .  £1.7m cut.  £300k off bookfund as part of bid to keep more libraries open. £592k cut to mobile libraries.

Campaign groups: Save Great Ayton Library and Gargrave Library Support Group. Volunteer group: Boroughbridge Area Community Library Association.

2014: £300-500k cut expected 2014/15. All possibilities considered.  Public survey. (1). £300k refurbishment of Grimsby Top Town Library. (1). Libraries will move into Lincs Inspire Trust after review carried out. (5) £500k cut from existing £3m budget.  Six out of ten libraries (Grant Thorold, Willows, Nunsthorpe, Scartho, Humberston, Laceby) may close or be passed to volunteers.  Other options include opening hours cut. (7) Confirmed that five libraries (Grant Thorold, Willows, Nunsthorpe, Humberston and Laceby) will be closed or passed to volunteers. Scartho Library’s fate still to be decided. (7)

2013: School Library Service to close.  (3). Grimsby Library needs £300k repair work, requiring closure of some floors while work takes place – decision by council soon.  (7).  Grimsby closed for two months for building work. Top floor will close permanently (9).  £500k cut by 2014/15. Consultation in progress (12).

2012: Grimsby Central Library closed for £750k refurbishment.  Cafe in library will end as not making money (15/8/12) Libraries to move into being run by a Trust.

2014: £1.4m (4.4% budget) cut. Over 21 casual agency staff to be lost. (9) Opening hours to be cut. (9) £489k cut in bookfund. (10)

2013: Five-year contract with Fujitsu to replace IT and install wifi. (4). New Draperstown Library opened (twice the size of old one) (5) New Draperstown Library opened,, double the size of the old one, at cost of £155k (9). £34.5m budget 2014/15 to run 98 libraries and 37 mobiles/home call vehicles. £28m extra to replace computer system. 2 new libraries to be built at Lisnaskea and Kilkeel. £1m extra for maintenance (9). Seven under threat libraries (Carnlough, Draperstown, Fintona, Kells and Connor, Richill, Killyleagh and Greystone) to remain open,  Killyleagh and Greystone to be reviewed next year. (10).

2012: 1 library (Moy) closedMoy Library closed on 31st March 2012 : Mobile library services to be cut. £2.4m less in cuts means Some libraries will lose hours (eg. Fintona, Newtownstewart) but others will gain (e.g. Lurgan) (19/1/12). Projected cut in opening hours reduced from 1200 less hours to 600 less due to extra money found by Culture Minister (16/1/12).

2011: 1 closed (Moneymore), 1 under threat (Moy) but 8 out of 10 libraries threatened reprieved. Moneymore and Moy will close.  Five others will need to get new buildings or close. Whitehead Library had £300,000 upgrading in 2010 but is about to have hours cut,  Randalstown could be halved, reduced from 34.5 hours to 18 hours.  Public consultation on cuts to Northern Ireland libraries until November 14th – over 24 branches will have hours cut by ten hours or more30 FTE jobs to go, £10.3m cut over four years.

Campaign group – Save Killyleagh Library.

2014: £1.9m refurbishment of combined library and community centre planned in Strelley. (1) Bakersfield Library to be run by volunteers with support by paid staff (5).

2013: Mobile library to be closed(6/3/13) Aspley library to be recarpeted and redecorated, with more computers (6) Bakersfield Library under threat (12).

2012: (24/4/12) St Ann’s Centre (joint library/doctor/health/housing)building open (8/4/12) St Ann’s Library closed, moved to St Ann’s Valley Centre. (13/1/12) Consultation ends on libraries future plan.

2011: 13 libraries to have reduced hours; Bulwell and St. Ann’s Library to move into “Joint Service Centres” in 2012 ; Council has £50.7m cash reservescomputer use to be charged ; 25% cut in bookfund;

2010: Wilford Library closed.

2014: £800k refurbished Stapleford library reopens with 36% more book issues, 50% more computer use, 250% more new members (1) CDs to be completely withdrawn due to decline in use. (2) Hyson Green Library to close, with service moving into co-location with Mary Potter Centre (4). Many libraries to move to being outsourced to community groups, volunteer run, with extra funding sought from parish councils.  Library to be opened in co-located Acacia Centre (run by Ashley Community Radio and Media Training).  (5)

2013: Stapleford Library to be closed for building work for seven months (3/13) West Bridgford Library open again after upgrade inc. recording studio and performance area (3). £1m cut.  May move to Trust status. Volunteer “partnerships” considered for all branches, especially smallest ones.  (11). Burton Joyce Library had eight to ten volunteers along paid staff: was cut from 31 hours per week to 15.5 in April 2011, partially restored to 24 hours a week due to volunteers (11). 28 libraries under threat (Annesley Woodhouse, Balmoral, Bilsthorpe, Blidworth, Burton Joyce, Carlton Hill, Carlton-in-Lindrick, Clipstone, Collingham, Edgewood, Farnsfield, Gedling, Gotham, Huthwaite, Inham-Nook, Jacksdale, Ladybrook, Langold, Lowdham, Misterton, Rainworth, Selston, Skegby, Sutton Bonington, Sutton-on-Trent, Toton, Tuxford and Woodthorpe.) (11)

2012: £20m investment in libraries 2012/2022 inc.  £3.7m small scale refurbishments, £2.1m for archives (25/4/12). Commitment to keep all 60 branches openMansfield Library: new building officially opened on Tuesday 3.1.12 after £3.4m refurbishment inc. wi-fi, local studies expansion etc. Full £5.3m rebuild of West Bridgford Library has begun.

2011: 4 mobiles closed. £1 charge for each e-bookOpening hours halved from 601 hours per week to 31122 out of 28 libraries to have their opening hours cut but some hours regained in libraries whos opening had been cut in half earlier in 2011. Bookfund cut. 4 mobiles out of 7 to be cut (these apparently cut as mobiles page showing only three routes, March 2012). 80 FTE jobs to go; Has cut bookfund by 36% over two years (£1.3m 2009/10 down to £863k 2011/12)£8m spent on Worksop Library in 2011One-week loan for “top ten” booksnewspaper provision reduced;Misterton Library reduced to less than nine hours per week

2011: £1m cut – moving libraries into other council buildings, cutting hours, less paid staff.

  • #1 written by Anne Laws
    about 3 weeks ago

    Nycc Library Consultation -Update on the consultation

    On 7 July 2015 the council’s executive committee agreed to the recommendations in the library report. They agreed that from Spring 2017 there would be seven core libraries, i.e. one in each district council area, which would have 60 per cent of their current staffing levels; five hybrid libraries which would have 40 per cent of their current staffing levels; and 21 community managed libraries.

    You can read the report and associated documents from this meeting here.see Nycc website

    The executive also agreed to provide an element of staffing (between five and 15 hours) to assist each community library to become established, and to subsidise the rent and utility costs where these costs exceed income.

    An update report on the progress made in different communities will be going to policy and partnerships overview and scrutiny committee on 16 November (report and associated documents available Nycc website) and then to the executive on 8 December (report and associated documents available Nycc

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