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The following information has been taken from news reports, information sent by local authorities and from library users.  It is the most comprehensive list of its kind in the UK but may contain inaccuracies.  Some authorities may not be included because there has been no media reporting from their area or such reporting has been missed. The information on this page is used for the aggregate figure of libraries under threat in the UK.  I have included in bold at the start of the entry for each authority for the current year the figure (if any) that I have used for the headline number of libraries under threat. Being this figure is used in national newspapers and by politicians, it is especially important these figures are accurate so please let me know of any errors or omissions. To make the list is factual as possible, please email ianlibrarian@live.co.uk if you have any further information or a correction.

Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.


List of changes by authority

The MLA was abolished in 2012,  with the Arts Council taking over its role for libraries with a budget of £3m rather than £13m that the previous quango possessed.  The Book Trust has also had its funding halved (from £13m 2010 to £6m in 2012). There are 151 authorities in England, 206 in the UK.

  1. Oxfordshire
    1. 2014: £250k cut (2) Parish council funds Bampton Library with money from Downton Abbey filming (5) Parish councils pay one-third salary of Milton Under Wychwood Library, with volunteer support. (8) Number of mobile stops reduced to 200 from 463: stops will be longer (not a budget cut). (10)
    2. 2013: 12% cut (3).
    3. 2012: 1 (Headington) under threat£1m cut over 3 years (£313k from replacing paid staff with volunteers, £273k from reducing library managers, £256k from replacing paid staff with machines) (24/9/12) Post of volunteer co-ordinator still unfilled. £84k cut (more than 25%) to be cut from mobile library budget (£330k).  Two of the five mobile libraries are single-staffed (17/6/12). 8th May: no movement as yet over volunteers in libraries, 31 £6,787 self-service machines to be installed at a total cost of £210,397 with extra £19,528 p.a. paid for their maintenance. 19th March: £43k investment in ebooks, with ongoing cost of £35k p.a. 9th January: Headington Library is feared under threat (unconfirmed) due to removal of Oxford Council workers from the rest of the building.
    4. 2011: All libraries to be at least half-staffed by paid workers, previously proposals said 16 would be one-third staffed, with the rest being provided by volunteers.  22 will be fully staffed, 16 half-staffed, 5 two-thirds staffed.  Decision to be maded on 12/12/11Those half-staffed by volunteers will no longer be considered statutory. This followed fears of large-scale closures (List of those previously under threat here). Oxford Central hours extended to 7 days per week . Record Office cuts16% cut in back-room staffing (inc. managers). Police offices now in Deddington Library.
    5. Campaign groups – Friends of Benson LibraryFriends of Watlington LibraryFriends of Wychwood LibrarySave Our Library (Sonning Common)Save Oxfordshire’s Libraries (Facebook),  Blackbird Leys (Facebook), Save Headington LibraryOld Marston (Facebook), Friends of Summertown LibrarySave Bampton Library (Facebook), Save Deddington LibraryThis is Our Woodcote LibraryFriends of Kennington LibrarySave Botley Library  Friends of Goring Library. Friends of Neithrop Library formedSave Old Marston Library.
  2. Pembrokeshire
    1. 2013: Tenby Library may close and move into leisure centre (1/2/13) Tenby Library to move into new school site for dual-use public/school use (6). Haverfordwest Library refurbishment cancelled due to cost: library may move further into town centre instead (8). Up to three mobile libraries under threat £101k cut. (11).
    2. 2012: No losses of staff, £100k increase in budget 2012/13.
  3. Perth and Kinross. 2013: £281k, come libraries may close, up to 13 jobs could be lost. West Mill Street Library to close (11). 2012: E-lending to be provided in 2 year pilot paid for by Trust
  4. Peterborough
    1. 2014: Review of library services launched. (8) Dogsthorpe Library under threat. (9)
    2. 2013: £200k cut inc. £50k bookfund cut, £18k management cut, opening hours cut in three largest libraries (3). Werrington and Bretton Library will reduce by 8 hours per week, Orton by 13 hours and Central by 12.5 hours (3) Co-located leisure centre and library to replace Serpentine Green Library.  To be run by Vivacity. (5).
    3. 2012: Orton Library moving to new building adjacent to Academy on July 20th (27/6/12):  Volunteers used to extend opening hours as pilot project for three months (4/3/12). A further £100k cut proposed, fears of library closures (23/1/12).
    4. 2011: £171k cut (rather than proposed £223k); 5 out of 10 (rather than proposed 8) cutting hours.(from £1.9m) Hampton, Orton, Woodston (closed Tuesday), Bretton, Werrington, Dogsthorpe (closed Mondays), Eye, Thorney and Stanground will have cuts in hours.  Audiobooks on MP3 to be available at two branches.
  5. Plymouth
    1. 2014: 2010/11 budget was £3.9 million: since then budget cut by quarter and bookfund halved. Volunteer co-ordinator appointed. Aim to co-locate more (3).
    2. 2013: “looking at long-term solutions and the possibility of involving partner organisations” (6/2/13). Non-digital local newspapers no longer provided (11). Libraries in total open for 11 hours longer, with more straightforward times. (11).
    3. 2012: 5 under threat (Stoke, Southway, Ernesettle, Eggbuckland and West Park)Consultation until July 27th, move towards having One Stop Shops in libraries (25/6/12).  New Plympton Library reopened after old building destroyed in fire in 2008 (6.2.12)
    4. 2011: Some under threat- £370k cut 2011 £480k 2012 £620k 2013 – 9 FTE (10%) cut to staffing, reduction to opening hour, increased computer charging, less security.  No closures 2011 but 5 claimed as under threat for future years – Stoke, Southway, Ernesettle, Eggbuckland and West Park. Schools Library Service under threat.  UNISON derecognised, library staff may lose up to 20% of pay.
  6. Poole.  2014: Mobile library may be withdrawn (£49k p.a.) as part of £100k cut 2014/15. (7). 2012: Wifi being installed into libraries. (17/9/12).
  7. Portsmouth
    1. 2014: Southsea Library to close on Sundays (£10k cut). 5 full time staff equivalent (library assistants – 183 working hours per week) – £95k cut to be lost. Late-night openings at Cosham, North End and Southsea libraries would also be removed one night a week (£6.5k cut).  Records Office to be moved to first floor of Southsea Library. Fines for the late returns of books will rise by 1p, from 16p to 17p per day, up to maximum of £8.50. The late return of CDs will go up to 30p per day from 25p and DVDs will go up to 60p per day from 50p. (3).
    2. 2013: School library bus may end as not enough funding to replace (3). 8% increase in children’s library usage last year (21/2/13). £100k for new mobile library.  (11). New Southsea Library.
    3. 2012: Every schoolchild to receive library card (first in UK) (18/7/12). Paulsgrove Library to move to better shopping centre position, new library to open at Drayton (but dependent on volunteers) (17/2/12). No late fees for children under 16 (18/7/12) Paulsgrove Library may be moved to new smaller building (18/7/12).
    4. 2011: £650k cut – proposal is for Central Library closed every Friday, whole service cutting 22 full-time equivalent posts.New library at Southsea to replace Elm Grove 
  8. Powys – 2014: 11 out of 17 under threat. £350k cut 2015/16. May look to volunteers and replacement by mobile libraries.  (4). Llandrindod Wells library to be re-located into council offices (£200k cost, aided by £180k cut by Welsh Government).  (4). 2013: 11.8% cut for department libraries is in, from £12.3m to £10.8m (6). Below average assessment, inc. bookstockUp to four mobile libraries under threat (7). £554k budget cut by end of 2015/16 from current budget of £1.9m. This on top of 2012/13 cut of £109k (4 FTE posts) (7))
  9. Redbridge. 2014: Woodford Green Library may co-locate with a gym (1) South Woodford Library to be co-located with gym and studio. Library to reduce from three floors to an expanded one floor. £600k Work expected to start in September (7) 2012: Central Library reopens after £1m refurbishment, increased council duties but same level of staffing. Overall library budget reduced from £5m to £3.5m (4/7/12). 15 librarians sacked just before Christmas 2011, volunteers may replace staff, hours may be cut (27/1/12).  None under threat but Low usage rates raise fear of closures (13/1/12). Staff 2007/8 114.5 2011/12 108 (22 prof, 86 other) Volunteers 2007/8 14 2011/12 55
    1. 2011: 5 out of 12 under threat but none closed. One may relocate (£2.3m cut). £500k to be spent on self-service in order to be able to cut staff at Ilford Central Library to help meet budget cut of £620k by 2014.  Goodmayes saved£82 charge introduced for RNIB talking books, previously free for visually impaired.  Libraries part of Vision Trust since May 2011. 9.12.11 £16,000 from Council (not Trust) for safety  improvements at Wanstead and Woodford Green.
  10. Redcar and Cleveland. 2013: Skelton Library to close :  Service to move into Civic Hall as part of co-located service. (7). 2012: Internet access to be free, in preparation for welfare reform changes (Dec).  Late charges for children 25p per day.
  11. Renfrewshire. 2014: Considering moving libraries, culture and leisure to non-profit trust. £360k tax saving expected from move (source: 26th June 2014 council paper seen by PLN). 2012:  Johnstone Library to move into new all-purpose council building in 2015 (8/12/12). 2011: Lochwinnoch Library saved from closure (1 library to move into smaller sites in community centres) (RNIB subscription withdrawn)
  12. Rhondda Cynon Taff
    1. 2014: 14 libraries (Treherbert, Ton Pentre, Penygraig, Maerdy, Ynyshir, Cwmbach, Penrhiwceiber, Ynysybwl, Cilfynydd, Beddau, Tonyrefail and Nantgarw) will close. Porth and Pontyclun libraries, which were both earmarked for closure, will remain open and Tylorstown and Rhydyfelin will close in their place. Rhydyfelin Library saved from closure after legal challenge. (6). Beddau and Tynant Library to become volunteer run, Maerdy Library to be changed into a “learning and prosperity hub”, Ynyshir Library to be changed into Art Gallery. (6).
    2. 2013: 14 out of 26 libraries threatened (Treherbet, Ton Pentre, Penygraig, Ynyshir, Maerdy, Cwmbach, Penrhiwceiber, Ynysybwl, Cilfynydd, Tonyrefail, Nantgarw, Beddau and Pontyclun) to meet £800k cut,
    3. 2012:  One back office position not replaced
  13. Richmond
    1. 2012: 3 under threat: Ham, Hampton Wick, Kew (Feb). Increased opening hours: Whitton, East Sheen, Teddington and Twickenham libraries will open on Mondays, and Castelnau Library will operate for an additional 20 hours per week. Staff 2007/8 110 2011/12 89.5 (15 prof, 74.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 156 2011/12 100 (Cipfa).
    2. 2011: No libraries to close, Whitton library enhanced (as Heathfield closed earlier this year).  Ham and Kew libraries may be co-located with other council services. Self-service in all libraries. Bookfund protected. More online services. (£351k cut) (service may be privatisedHeathfield closed in March.
  14. Rochdale. 2013: Consultation until 1st May 2013.  Cuts will happen as “staying as we are is not an option.”.  Volunteers, less hours, etc are all options 3.5 FTE cut due to self-service and 1 FTE book-processing cut and 1.57 FTE cut to Volunteer Support Co-ordinatorsBookfund cut from £100,000 to £138,370 for one yearPermanent £38k cut to bookfund.  CDs and DVDs no longer to be purchased. 2010/11 £200k cut in bookfund. (7/2/13). Central Library reopens in council offices (3). 2011: 1 under threat (some library managers to to go in first phase of cuts, bookfund cut by two-thirds); “Libraries under consideration to join Link4Life cultural trust. New central library still planned as part of municipal offices.  Part of GM FLP.  Link4Life cost pressures reported as disproportionately affecting heritage and arts services.” (MLA report, Dec 2010)
  15. Rotherham
    1. 2013: Swinton and Wath Libraries to become One Stop Shops (2/2/13). One mobile library ends – Mobile library cuts: service to be merged with housebound service – 69 stops reduced to 17 stops. (3) Kimberworth Library reopened after £36k refurbishment inc. new shelves and IT (8).
    2. 2012: Kimberworth Park Library confirmed to close by April 2013, Kimberworth Library reprieved.  £500k cut (23/11/12). 2 libraries originally  under threat : Kimberworth and Kimberworth Park libraries may close.  8 libraries (Brinsworth, Dinnington, Thurcroft, Greasbrough, Kiveton Park, Maltby, Swinton and Wickersley) will have reduced hours, 5 libraries (Riverside House, Aston, Mowbray Gardens, Wath and Rawmarsh) will have increased hours.  £500k cut
    3. 2011: Central Library to be demolished, libraries to move to new Civic Building, co-locating with customer services.
  16. Rutland
    1. 2012: Appeal for volunteers means nineteen have come forward to do roles inc. shelving books (24/1/12).
    2. 2011: 6 libraries to have reduced hours, staff cut; Evening and weekend opening hours cut at  Uppingham, Oakham, Ryhall and Ketton. Budget will be cut £100k cut over 2 years, volunteers being used to make up staff losses.Opening hours cut at Oakham, Uppingham and Ryall. Ketton hours expanded due to parish council support. Council interested in community groups running libraries.
  17. Salford – 2013: Visitors up from 800k 2008/9 to 1.39m 2012/13.  Budget cut £511k 2008 to 2012. (12) 2012: 3 counted as under threatsome libraries to move to sports centres or provide space for community groups (2 to have reduced hours). Working Class Movement Library under threat. 2010: Leisure, Libraries and Culture merged into Salford Community Leisure Ltd
  18. Sandwell
    1. 2014: 6 management posts lost (down from 14.86 to 8.86) meaning £165k cut. £343k overall cut 2014/15.  Was 18.86 management posts in 2012. On top of £880k cut 2011/13. £300k cut 2013/14 (4). £700k cut (2015/17), five libraries under threat (Hill Top in West Bromwich, Oakham in Tividale and Langley, and Brandhall and Rounds Green) with all options (volunteers/co-location/moves etc) considered. (8).
    2. 2013: £300k cut to be met by co-locations (3).  29% cut in staff in last “few” years. Hours reduced in 2012. Less hours also expected in 2013 (18/2/13). 1 mobile to be withdrawn meaning £80k cut. Libraries budget to be cut by £300k 2013/14 (7/2/13).
    3. (2012) At least 1 library under threat: libraries may be closed and be replaced by “Express” libraries.  Reduced hours also possible.  £900k cut over last two years has included less staff.  Further £488k by end 2014 (14/9/12). One [sic] week long public consultation on libraries from 12 November (1/11/12) , Smethwick Library refurbished.  West Bromwich Central Library currently being refurbished.  (13% increase in visits) (8/5/12): 20% budget cut over next 3 years: 6 libraries (Cradley Heath, Blackheath, Brandhall, Bleakhouse, Rounds Green and Langley) to have reduced hours, services will be merged with other authorities, less staff, more self-service. Groups: Brandhall Library Friends, Friends of Rowley Library.
    4. (2011) £900k cut over three years, 12 libraries will become self-service “allowing a reduction of between one half and one member of staff per library”.  Library workers “working to rule” over pay cuts and volunteers taking over paid work.  Consulting on co-locating libraries, more volunteers.  To replace many paid staff with volunteersNew libraries at Oldbury and Blackheath  opened 2011/12
    5. Groups: Friends of Rowley Libraries (Facebook group), Bramhall Library Friends.
  19. Scottish Borders
    1. 2014: Libraries/museums/halls to be transferred to new Trust to save £276k. (2).
    2. 2013: Coldstream and Duns libraries reopened co-located with council contact centres. Kelso and Jedburgh will be co-located soon.  Innerleithen will converted March/April (30/1/13).
    3. 2012: Cuts in opening hours at Jedburgh and Selkirk  (down 8 hours per week),  Kelso (down 3 hours per week) (29/4/12) despite claims Selkirk will open longer due to “one stop shop” being included (12/3/12).
    4. 2011: Coldstream, Kelso, Jedburgh, Innterleithen and Duns libraries to be merged with council contact centres. Duns Library to be merged with Registrars as well. Co-location saving £60k per year, building sale will net £260k.  Work to refurbish areas will, however, cost £360k.  Number of qualified librarians to be reduced: staff to be trained both in libraries and council services. 2 librarians made voluntarily redundant, more to follow. Consultation on reducing Innerleithen Library hours extended.    Cuts in opening hours including in Melrose.
  20. Sefton
    1. 2013: 20,000 responses to library closures means decision delayed.  Different models looked at, including selling fruit and veg. (16/2/13) Atkinson Centre Library opens inc. self-service, out-of-hours return, expanded children’s library, co-location with art gallery and tourist information centre. (4) 40 staff (16 to 19 FTE) may be made redundant. £400k p.a. cut.  (5) 7 libraries confirmed as closing (Ainsdale, Aintree, Birkdale, Churchtown, Crosby, Litherland and Orrell).  £400k cut. “Mitigations” for closure include “abolishing the 80p book reservation charge, removing charges for computer use, increased opening hours and the potential for a home visits service” (5). Churchtown Library closes. (11)
    2. 2012: 7 libraries under threat (Ainsdale, Aintree, Birkdale, Churchtown, Crosby, Litherland and Orrell): three others reprieved.) Previously10 libraries under threat  Closing seven (the preferred option) would be a cut of £450k (6/10/12). 1 mobile library closed (added to 2011/2 figure). Consultation until 10th July (25/5/12).  Mobile library (cut of £42k) to close on 31st March, £100k bookfund cut, local history service to close (2 posts, cut of £37k) (2/2/12) and (9/2/12).
    3. 2011: “several” under threat; 40% managers cut; opening hours cut; Aintree to be closed twice a week (Thu and Sun), Meadows Library to be closed on Sundays; opening hours scaled back to 2001 levels; voluntary redundancy for staff.£140k cut; Internet access to be charged for after first free 30 minutes.
    4. Campaign group: Friends of Carnegie Library
  21. Sheffield
    1. 2014: Cuts will mean loss of 71 full time equivalent posts: To be replaced by 750 volunteers. (3). 15 threatened libraries to remain open: 10 branches run by volunteers with £262k council support over 3 years. (7)  66 FTE library posts cut. (7) 2 out of 2 mobile libraries withdrawn. (8). Stannington Library to be volunteer run from September. (8) Ecclesfield reopens as volunteer run. (10)
    2. 2013: Up to 14 out of 27 will be closed or passed to volunteers (12/1/13) Prospectus for running a library – council looking for private/faith/charity groups to run threatened branches – financial support offered from council (16/2/13). Decision not yet made on names of branches to be withdrawn from council control (8/1/13) Cut in budget from £6.4m to £4.8m “as soon as is practically possible” (12/1/13). 16 libraries under threat (Woodhouse, Broomhill, Totley, Tinsley, Newfield Green, Greenhill, Burngreave, Stannington, Southey, Upperthorpe, Ecclesfield, Gleadless, Park, Jordanthorpe, Walkley and Frecheville) will either be closed or passed to volunteers etc (9) Laing, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust and Sheffield Cubed interesting in taking over whole library service (9)
    3. 2012: 3 mobiles and 1 less library: 1 dual use library in a middle school transferred to the school and replaced with a mobile stop. Mobile library fleet reduced to 2 vehicles from 5 (source: email from Council 17/8/12). 1 or more further libraries under threat (Consultation refuses to rule out closures). Refurbishment of Highfield Library to include lift, more computers, toilet, space and refreshments (19/10/12). Library consultation on cuts, may include closures and job losses – consultation here (13/8/12): Three “unfit for purpose” libraries – Broomhill, Woodseats and Woodhouse will be replaced with new libraries, work ongoing with developers (18/3/12),
    4. 2011: 3 (out of 4) mobiles to be closed, 33 library staff lost (no compulsory redundancies), reduced opening hours, £1.4m cut   “Decision making process is not clear cut: Libraries moved directorate mid budget planning process, but still reporting to old portfolio; hung council multiplying decision scenarios; May elections.  At present c30% cuts: 2011-12 £1.5m; 2012-13 £0.5m; 2013-4 £0.5m. Options range from loss of 14 libraries and most mobiles, but increased hours at other service points to no mobiles and service-wide reduced opening hours across. Community-run service points likely to be taken forward” (MLA report, Dec 2010)
  22. Shetland – 2013: 4% / £36k cut: Opening hours cuts (six hours per week) for sole library.  Bookfund cut by a quarter. 2012: 10% cut met by staff and other cuts
  23. Shropshire

    1. 2014: £1.3m cut in budget: options include closures, co-locations, more mobiles. (1).
    2. 2013: One quarter cut in bookfund from £395 to £304k (6)
    3. 2012: 2 mobiles taken off road.  Moving towards more one-stop shops in branches (31/3/12).  Oswestry Library to have “One Stop Shop” inside it, taking over entrance (12/3/12), 15/1/12: Four homework clubs to close in March (£20k p.a. cut)
    4. 2011: 1 under threat as reference library to merge with central library (now apparently merged, 15.1.12). Libraries may move to being run by a Trust, volunteer or privately managed); weekly mobile library stops are now fortnightly.
  24. Slough. 2013: Britwell Library / Community Centre (March 2013). Community centre including library, opened by the Queen (5). 2012: Britwell Library to move into new upgraded building,  Central Library to move into new “flagship” building, Chalvey and Colnbrook to have new libraries based in children’s centres, new library planned for Wrexham Lea. 22% increase in opening hours 2008 to 2010.  Service run by Essex on behalf of Slough (had put library services out to tender).
  25. Solihull. 2014: Shirley Library (combined with walk-in council service) opens. (9) 2013: Shirley Library to move to retail unit in Parkgate Centre (7). 2012:  New Shirley Library proposed to replace old site (25/10/12).  Opening hours cut in all but largest libraries reduced by up to five hours per week.  £50K cut. Redundancies possible (20/9/12) More info (10/9/12).2011: Mobile library services merge with Warwickshire.
  26. Somerset
    1. 2014: Self-service to be installed to save £300k per year. (1)  Burnham on Sea Library to have council offices and Registrars moved into it: temporarily closed in May for co-location building work. (2). Wellington Library refurbished with self-service installed (tenth Somerset library with this) but PIN number required as well as a library card in order to use. (3). £500k cut may include loss of management posts, CDs, mobile (10)
    2. 2013: Taunton library enquiry service may be cut over two years (£100k cut). Four specialist staff to lose their jobs. (3/2/13). Priorswood Library to move into children’s centre, with self-service machines and volunteers to increase opening hours (25/2/13) Yeovil to be refurbished inc. self-service, carpets, desk, shelving, new entrance and energy efficient lighting (4) Minehead to become self-service as already are Taunton, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Wells, Frome and Yeovil. (9) Closed children’s centre services may move into libraries (9) Porlock Library at least partially staffed by volunteers as part of £850k cut 2013/15. (12). Street Library to be converted to self-service and refurbishment (12)
    3. 2012: Bookfund to increase from £200k to £250k over two years. £860k cut over three years via co-location of libraries with other public services and volunteer-run libraries (5/12/12). 1 library (Banwell) to close.  10 staff expected to be lost due to introduction of self-service (4/12). Cuts could happen anyway despite legal action (11/1/12) Ten busiest libraries will have self-service (13/1/12).
    4. 2011: 11 branches and 4 mobiles are now safe from closure, following court case.  £1.35m cut in libraries over four years is still, however, in force, with suggestion that saving can be made by £600k being spent on self-service to cut staffing.
    5. Groups: Friends of Langport Library; The Ainsdale, Birkdale and Churchtown Library Group.
  27. South Gloucestershire – 2013:  Free joint library/leisure centre card given to teenagers (4) Staff striking over council decision to cut pay by almost 10% (by removing Saturday enhancement) (9). One Stop Shop to move into Thornbury Library.  (10).
  28. South Lanarkshire – 2014 7% increase in visits since 2011/12. 30% increase in Larkhall, Stonehouse and Biggar since refurbishment/relocations. (1)
  29. South Tyneside
    1. 2014: New library/digital media centre announced. (9)
    2. 2013: 2 new libraries to be built at South Shields and Hebburn.  People’s Cafe launched. Visitor numbers up 7.5% on 2012 (12).
    3. 2012: Volunteers are being considered (17/9/12). One-third (17 out of 54) library staff made voluntarily redundant. Volunteers considered as replacement (26/8/12). Hours cut due to budget cuts, with least used times cut.  Review after six months in operation and consultation (6/8/12) Affected libraries are “South Shields Central Library, Boldon Lane, Cleadon Park, East Boldon, Hebburn, Jarrow, Primrose and Whitburn” (7/8/12).  £242k cut 2012/13 inc. opening hours cut (12/3/12), Friends asked to raise funds, Council “plans to reduce opening hours” (8/3/12)
    4. 2011: £10 fee introduced for using computers, free for under 18s and over 60s (libraries could move into a Trust)
    5. 2010: “Cuts of £200k in 2010/11″.  MLA Report, Dec 2010Backwell Library closed, Congresbury Library passed to volunteers.
  30. Southampton – 2013: Cut will be £203,000 rather than £303,000 with less cuts in hours than orginally planned. (23/1/13).  1 mobile library to close, eight libraries to have hours cut. Toy library service under threat in £52k cut (10/2.13). Some libraries under threat under new round of cuts. (11). Some libraries under threat under new round of cuts. (11)  2012: Opening hours to be cut by around 120 hours per week, with some branches opening hours halved, 18 jobs may be lost, £50k bookfund cut, £303k cut in total (4/12/12). No new news so assumed branch saved and no longer counted. 2011: 1 under threat (charges increase). Millbrook Library reopened on another site with increased opening hours, staffed by council staff and volunteers. Council aims to privatise/outsource all services including libraries by 2015
  31. Southend
    1. 2014: Staff cuts and move to volunteers at Southchurch and Westcliff to be frozen. Review ordered by new administration (6) Westcliff and Southchurch libraries will continue to have at least one paid member of staff, rather than being purely volunteer as previously planned. (8) All libraries to have at least one paid member of staff. Thorpedene and Friar’s libraries to close, with one library (based at youth centre) replacing them. £378k cut. as previously proposed, but with less closures. (9)
    2. 2013: Proposal is for a central library (The Forum, Southend –  open seven days a week, have longer opening hours, wi-fi and 25 per cent more stock, cafe, meeting rooms, etc), 2 branch libraries (1 being a merge of Thorpedene and Friars libraries, the other being either Leigh Library or Kent Elms Library) and the others (Westcliff, Southchurch and one in the west) to be taken over by volunteers or closed.   Council also aims to be “increasing e-book lending, developing a Virtual Library, extending the Home Library Service and increasing the use of mobile and ‘pop-up’ library services” (6).  to save £378k over next three years (15% of budget), 29 posts (15 FTE) to be lost. (3). The five libraries that will not be kept open will be offered to volunteers or closed (3). Beecroft Art Gallery may move into Central Library making it the Beecroft Centre, inc, space for shops and businesses. (3). Library strategy 2013-2028 (4). Thorpedene and Friars Libraries may be replaced by one at Shoebury Primary School. (4) No non-management staff are qualified librarians.  Plans in place to further reduce this number from 7 to 3 (5). Leigh and Kent Elms to be volunteer assisted. (11). Friars and Thorpedene Libraries to close (to be replaced by new site in Shoebury: therefore counts as one closure). Leigh and Kent Elms to be staffed by a mixture of volunteer and paid staff. Southchurch and Westcliff libraries to be volunteer run (counted as two withdrawn). (12) 45% of staff to be lost (from 14 to 7 full time equivalent).  Hubs to have £200k budget per year rather than £381k currently. Volunteer-run branches expected from March 2016.  (12)
    3. 2012: 5 branches under threatNew Forum Library planned for 2013 in partnership with local University and College.  Review of libraries, fears of closures of six smaller branches with £27m invested in new central library. £417k cut “over past few years” via reduction in funding for bookstock/DVDs (12/7/12). 
    4. 2011: New library “The Forum” will be built, open in 2013. Rumours of closures of Westcliff library led to campaign to save it
    5. Campaign group: Stand Up for Southend Libraries, Campaign group: Save Leigh Library
  32. Southwark
    1. 2014: £1.2m temporary library made from shipping containers (4).
    2. 2013: 8% cut (3). New library planned in Camberwell. (6).
    3. 2012: BrandonEast StreetGrove Vale and Nunhead libraries will have hours cut from April.  £400k cut library budget 2012/14 (10/2/12).   Grove Vale Library may move to new building due to deal with developers (19/7/12). Staff 2007/8 113.8 2011/12 108 (20 prof, 88 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 14 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011: £120k cut to library staffing, East Street Library opening to be cut by six hours a week but open one more day.  Volunteers to be used to keep hours steady as paid staff cut.  Opening hours will be cut if insufficient volunteers foundConsultation on cutting library budget now closed.. £14m Canada Water library opened, with privately managed room hire and buildings manager. (school library service closed).
  33. St Helens – 2014: Some libraries at risk (1).  £150k Arts Council England funding for  performances, workshops, exhibitions, digital arts projects and other events taking place through to April 2015.  (2). 2013: £145k cut met by reducing opening hours by one-fifth (from 507.5 hours per week to 406) (21/2/13).
  34. Staffordshire
    1. 2014: Consultation starting.  12% decline in visits last three years, 19% decline in books.  (1) £1.525m in cuts to 2017 from original budget of £9m (2). 2 libraries (Lichfield and Burntwood) may merge or close (ongoing consultation). (5) Up to 24 libraries out of 43 may become volunteer- run. (6) Stafford Library may move to new Staffordshire Place. (10)
    2. 2013: Some libraries to volunteers and others to close: plans to be confirmed soon (12).
    3. 2012: Budget cut from £11.9m 2007/8  to £10.9m 2012/13. “The number of full-time library posts has reduced from 301 to 249 over the same time, including a drop of 13 professional librarians.” (14/5/12). 
  35. Stirling – 2014: No library closures or cuts to service level provision (2).
  36. Stockport – 2013: 91 hours / £160k cut. Bramhall, Cheadle and Reddish libraries would be open for six hours fewer a week, while Bredbury and Edgeley could see opening times cut by seven hours.  Brinnington Library could have 11-and-a-half hours cut. £300k additional cut/saving after installation of new management system (6). proposals amended after consultation to 83.5 opening hours per week cut (£160k cut per year) and hours changes after consultation (2000 responses).  Library to be opened in Adswood Community Centre.  £625k cut overall in next two financial years (9). £4.86m budget 2012/13 cut to £4.67m 2013/14. (12).
  37. Stockton on Tees
    1. 2014: Thornaby and Roseworth Libraries closed: both relocated into children’s centres (2).
    2. 2013: £400k cut to libraries budget.  Westbury Street library to be moved to Riverbank Centre 250 metres away.  Other libraries to be co-located with other council services.  Final decision on June 12th. (5).
    3. 2012: £2.5m new library for Billingham to be combined with customer service centre.
    4. 2011: Stockton Library reopens in November after £1.9m refurbishment, to include co-location with other council services.
    5. 2010: “Reduction in housebound vehicles from 3 to 2.” (MLA, Dec 2010)
  38. Stoke
    1. 2014: 500 book collection issued on honesty system at St John’s Welcome Centre.  (8)
    2. 2013: £90k Arts Council cover three years for “The Box” story/writing project (10). Meir and Trentham libraries under threat. (12).
    3. 2012: 1 mobile lost.  Budget cut from £4.1m 2007/8 to £3.4m 2012/13.  Librarians reduced from 16 to 9. Reduction in opening hours 2012/13 by 30 hours per week.  70, 000 less users of its libraries 2011/12.  Mobile library (1 vehicle, £201k cut) closed 2011/12.    Staffordshire County Council paid £10k per year to provide mobile stops in Stoke. (14/5/12). Joins North West and Yorkshire Libraries Consortium (25.9/12).  30 hours per week cut (from Bentilee, Longton, Meir, Tunstall, Stoke, Trentham and Hanley libraries) with £100k taken from budget and five job losses (16/4/12),  £100k cut from £2.9m libraries budget 2012/13.  Branches to be co-located with other council services to “improve visitor numbers” (18/3/12).  Many branches likely to be combined with children’s libraries in order to cut costs (18/2/12).
    4. 2011: 2 branches and 1 mobile library closed (ends RNIB service).  Co-location of libraries, reduced staffing.   Promised Blurton Library cancelled due to cuts.
  39. Suffolk
    1. 2014: Number of books borrowed down from 3.9m 2010/11 to 3.2m 2012/13. Visits also down. (3). Plans to move Diss Library withdrawn (5) £99k Arts Council England funding given for arts projects inc. digital projection equipment and training for staff to become arts “community champions” (10) Business centre put into Ipswich Library. (10)
    2. 2013: Three mobile libraries (out of six) withdrawn (25/1/13), Brandon Library to move into Brandon Centre at end of September (9) Annual report 2012/13 (9) Sudbury Heritage Centre may move into library, dependent on deal being done with Suffolk Libraries IPS (9).
    3. 2012: Industrial and Provident Society has formally taken over running of all libraries on 1st August.  Some branches (Aldeburgh, Bungay, Eye, Debenham, Stradbroke, Gainsborough, Chantry, Ipswich, Stoke, Rosehill, Westbourne, Sudbury, Thurston and Wickham Market) to be run with aid of friends groups (17/6/12). 30% cut in budget over 3 years from £9m (2010/11) to £6.4m.  Suffolk is, uniquely, to form an “Industrial and Provident Society” for libraries in order to save 80% on rates and be able to apply for more grants (board appointed to begin with, although will be elected by IPS members in late 2013).   95% council-funded.  Reduction in management, 20 jobs (from total of 160) to be cut. Confirmed that half of mobile libraries will go (with visits becoming monthly rather than fortnightly).  Local groups would be expected to raise 5% of costs of each library.  (16/1/12): Government grant given for £250k for Industrial and Provident Society for new computer management system, split with council (14/3/12). Eye Town Council may take over long lease on town centre building and then give space to Suffolk IPS Libraries organisation at peppercorn rent.  Stradbroke council frustrated as council has not given them sufficient information for them to put in a bid to help run its threatened libraryHalesworth Town Council agrees to pay 5% of running costs of Halesworth Library (31/1/12) Sudbury Library merged with tourist information centre (21/3/12)
    4. 2012: 20 (out of 160) full-time equivalent posts to go, probably by natural wastage – largely management and at headquarters.  2 mobiles may close as of 19/10/12 ( was half of current 6 mobiles could go. £225k cut to mobile library service – consultation for six weeks).  confirmed 2011 £350k this year29 libraries no longer to be “divested”. (petition hereSuffolk capping users of RNIB service.
    5. Umbrella campaign group – Save Suffolk Libraries.  Local campaign groups Save Debenham LibrarySave Aldburgh LibrarySustainable BungaySave Leiston LibraryRosehill ReadersSave Stradbroke LibraryThurston Library working group.
  40. Sunderland – 2014: £500k refurbishment of Sunderland Central Library inc. wifi, iPads as part of new strategy after closure of 9 branches. (4). 2013: £850k cut in budget 2013/14 from £4.6m 2012/13 (12/1/13). 9 libraries under threat  Plan is for 5 hubs (open 40 hours per week) and 6 community branches (15 hours per week). (6) Budget 2009/10 was £7,178,031.  In 2011/12 £4,868,932 (6).   Closure of nine libraries confirmed (out of 20) (Doxford Park, East Herrington, Easington Lane, Hendon, Fence Houses, Silksworth, Southwick, Monkwearmouth and Washington Green).  Some library facilities may continue in arts centres. (9) £500k for improved IT to offset nine library closures. Community book collections to open at community centres, shops etc.  (10) 2012: £340k bookfund (increase from £141,268 in 2011/12 but less than £406k in 2010/11) (14/11/12).
  41. Surrey
    1. 2014: Merstham Library refurbishment (2).
    2. 2013: Virginia Water Library now run by volunteers (16/1/13) CDs to be withdrawn from all libraries by end of year as loss-making. (8). New volunteer library at Beare Green (open two mornings per week) to replace end of mobile library service). (10)  Bagshot Library reopens as volunteer-run. (12).
    3. 2012: 10 to be transferred to volunteers, 5 mobiles under threatBagshot, Bramley, Byfleet, Ewell Court, Lingfield, New Haw, Stoneleigh, Tattenhams, Virginia Water and Warlingham will be volunteer-run by April 2013.  No savings will initially be made by transfer (24/7/12).  Leatherhead Library combined with Help Shop (4/12/12), Cobham Library to be rebuilt as colocation with community centre as part of a property deal (23/11/12). HelpShop (One Stop Shop) may move into Leatherhead Library to save £40k (25/9/12).  Byfleet Library now run by volunteers, extend opening hours (25/9/12). Woking Library now open after upgrading (25/6/12). 20/6/12 Library app for mobiles.  Aim to earn £10k per year via Google Adwords.  4/3/12 Woking Library currently being upgraded.  26/2/12 New Dorking Library opened. 20/1/12: Legal injunction in force to stop council closing libraries or giving libraries to volunteers until court case is heard. 10/1/12 Council rejects SLAM’s deadline for reversing library cuts. 3/1/12 Legal action has started against the council’s plan to run ten branches with volunteers by SLAMDorking Library reopened on new site in January (9/2/12).
    4. 2011: Initially 19 and 5 mobiles were under threat but this numbe reduced. 8 (Ash, Caterham Hill, Frimley Green, Hersham, Horsley, Knaphill, Lightwater, Shepperton & West Byfleet) added on to previous threatened list. 10 libraries are confirmed as to be either volunteer-run or closed£300k cut (previously cited as £1m).  All 5 mobiles to go on 28.10.11.  .  Bagshot, Bramley, Byfleet, Ewell Court, Lingfield, New Haw, Stoneleigh, Tattenhams, Virginia Water, and Warlingham will close unless run by volunteers, confirmed by council 27.9.11.   Volunteer-assisted branches will run with at least 20% paid library staffing plus dedicated helpline for library volunteers..Free wifi installed in all libraries).  Dorking Library reopening on new site after closure of Pippbrook House Library on 31.12.10.
    5. Campaign groups:  Support Surrey Libraries website (website). “Hands off Surrey Libraries” (website) and Surrey Libraries Action Movement (SLAM), Byfleet Library Action Group. Volunteer groups: Tattenhams Community LibraryFriends of Molesey Library.  Friends of Stoneleigh Library, New Haw Library Community Partnership
  42. Sutton. 2013 Opening hours cut in Central Library (Loss of 2 hours each Monday 6pm to 8pm, floors two to foor will close on Thursday evenings), Wallington Cheam and Worcester Park (Loss of 1 hour per week on Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm) (9). 2011: 1 mobile library and some branches (9.3.11 “main” libraries will be kept open; £935k off £6m p.a. budget; “the future of libraries in Sutton” consultation page;  (school library service to close). Staff 2007/8 83.5 2011/12 69 (13 prof, 56 other)
    Volunteers 2007/8 18 2011/12 105 (Cipfa).
  43. Swansea  – 2013: £345k refurbishment for Morriston Library (6) Dismountable trailer in Waunarlwydd has 500 books after £5,000 lottery grant won by local resident’s association. (7)
  44. Swindon
    1. 2014: Library consultation launched until April.  (1) Old Town Library to be reduced to 18 hours per week. (3) Old Town Library opening hours to be maintained. (4).  400 book honesty collection placed in leisure centre. (7) West Swindon Library may move upstairs in Link Centre. (9) Volunteer bookswap introduced at Blunsdon for three hours per week. (10)
    2. 2013: 2013: Proposal for reduced opening hours in all libraries. Provide 10 hours in smaller libraries, 30 hours in medium libraries, 45 hours in larger libraries and 55 hours in Central library. Reduction in staff costs. No savings in buildings or IT costs.” £99k cut (1/2/13). £300k cut announced.  Cut will not be subject to separate consultation. Options include: cut in managers, fewer programmes, £50k less stock, reductions in opening hours and not replacing retired librarians.  Additional, unspecified savings via cuts to front line of smaller libraries. Options include: more voluntary community involvement, fewer opening hours, perhaps closures, removing mobile service, replacing it with co-located book lending services or getting smaller library vehicles.  Consultation to decide on how cuts will be made.  However, consultation will not include reference to the £300k cut made to the back office.  (10)
    3. 2012: Stock fund will probably be cut by 15%, spending on magazines and newspapers halved (11/1/12), eBooks introduced (11.1.12)
    4. 2011: Confirmed that West Swindon Library and North Swindon Library will each be open 10 hours more per week,  Highworth plus 8 hours per week.  Increase made possible “by centralising the enquiry service and changing staff timetables”. Library managers made redundant.  Volunteers to be used to extend hours and reach.
    5. 2009: ERS Strategy for Swindon Libraries.
  45. Tameside.
    1. 2013:  Denton Library taken over by volunteers: purchase building off council for £30k and “six figure” loan (7) Cut of £917k since 2008/9: cut in bookfund from £324k then to £212k now. Visitors fall from 1.19m 2008/9 to 902k 2012/13.  (12).
    2. 2012: 5 out of 13 will close (Hurst, Mottram, Newton, West End and Ryecroft) in October, £900k cut.  Investment in surviving libraries.  2 more will be moved to other premises: Hattersley will be relocated to community building, Mossley to George Lawton Hall. Surviving libraries in recommended option would also have reduced opening of 6 hours per week.  2011: £210k cut to management posts.  £570k cut over last three years down to current (2012) £3.14m budget
    3. 2011: £900k cut from £3.5m budget, of which £200k already found from job losses.  At least one branch, such as Dukinfield, may be closed.  May use volunteers. Consultation starting November 17th until mid February.
  46. Telford & Wrekin
    1. 2013 Wellington Library usage up 50% due to co-location.  New library in Southwater One expected in 2014 (6) Dawley Library moves into co-location with new Academy (9)
    2. 2012: Great Dawley, Stirchley & Brookside and Hadley & Leegomery parish councils are funding or sharing costs in their local libraries to maintain the service.  Stirchley Library to house parish council as well (26/5/12): 20% cut in budget: opening hours to be reduced; One Stop Shops in Telford, Wellington, Newport and Madeley (21/412). Wellington Library to move into co-located building with registrars/leisure centre/cafe/function room/one-stop shop.  19 computers/wi-fi.  Visualisation here (16/3/12). Consultation in process throughout February: Dawley, Donnington, Hadley, Oakengates and Stirchley will have reduced services (31/1/12): Dawley Library keeps hours due to contribution from Great Dawley Parish Council; Stirchley Library may have parish council offices co-located with it, with self-service available when staff not present due to 11 hour cut per week;  Donnington hours cut from 21 to 16/Hadley hours cut from 27 to 16/Oakengates cut from 42 to 16 (Oakengates to be self-service for rest of hours as part of theatre). Telford Library to transferred to Community Hub by 2014 with a stopover first at Southwater (28.1.12).
    3. 2011:£330k cut by 2014, parish councils being asked for donations. Cuts in opening hours.  Dawley library to keep its opening hours due to £3200 p.a. contribution for two years from parish council.
  47. Thanet
  48. Thurrock
    1. 2013: Some libraries (like Belhus) to be turned into “community hubs” and co-located with other services (2/1/13).
    2. 2012: 6 libraries (Aveley, Corringham, Stanford, Chadwell, Blackshots and East Tilbury) identified as potential asset management sell-offs but council denies that they will be closed so not counted as under threat, yet (March 2012) Consultation on library services (Jan 2012).
    3. 2011: £350k cut, staffing reduction (20% cut in hours if work more than 15 hours), all to close on Mondays.
  49. Torbay
    1. 2014: 25% in funding over two years (£127,000 cut in the first year and £237,500 in 2015/16): cuts to opening hours, mobile library, management and support expected (1).  Mobile library to be closed (2). Churston Library may be closed or passed to volunteers (£105k cut). (7)
    2. 2012: 10% cut in opening hours (4/7.12). Opening hours cut list on this link: council exploring possibility of volunteers. (21/5/12). 30 hours opening hours to be cut, staff asked to voluntarily reduce hours. Merger of reference and lending departments at Torquay Library (25/4/12). 5/1/12: £170k cut (10% off £1.7m budget): possible loss of six posts, opening hour reductions, loss of one library, extra charges, encouraging book donations.  (Somewhat limited option) library consultation here.
    3. Groups: Friends of Brixham Library, Friends of Paignton Library.
  50. Torfaen. 2014: Library visits increased from 352,533 in 2012-13 to 371,337 in 2013-14. Runs ” therapeutic shared reading sessions for various community groups including Age Concern, Torfaen MIND and Book Cwtch in Cwmbran.”.  (8) 2012:  A new Schools Literacy and Resource Centre has opened to serve Monmouthshire and Torfaen (16/3/12)
  51. Tower Hamlets. 2014: “no cuts to frontline services like libraries and children’s centres”. (4): 2013: Pledge to not close libraries over next three years. (23/1/13). Watney Market Idea Store opens formally in May, includes “advice, training, classes and workshops” (30/1/13). Idea Store Watney Market opened (£4.5m jointly funded by Big Lottery Fund) inc One Stop Shop and community rooms (8). 2011: Staff made to reapply for their own jobs -23 library staff replaced. Staff 2007/8 131.4 2011/12 122.7 (4 prof, 118.7 other) Volunteers 2007/8 20 2011/12 14 (Cipfa).
  52. Trafford
    1. 2014: £700k cut from £2.3m budget (10)
    2. 2013: Cuts include back-office staff, more volunteers.  Guarantee all libraries would have at least one paid member of staff in them, working with volunteers (3). Voluntary redundancies, with 130 volunteers replacing leaving paid staff.  All council staff to have sick pay halved and be forced to take three days unpaid leave per year. (11).
    3. 2012: 1 mobile to be closedVolunteers to partially replace paid staff in all branches to meet budget cut of £136k p.a (16/10/12). Following major protests in the two libraries which were going to be entirely volunteer run, £85k less will be cut from budget and five full-time library staff, rather than one each, will stay in post at Old Trafford and Hale after 2400 name petition.  Mobile library, though, will go. (28/3/12). Claim to be first ever UK authority to offer e-book readers on loan (£20 refundable deposit) (29/10/12).
    4. Mobile library service to be stopped(previously to be run by volunteers) and Bowfelland Greatstonelibraries to be entirely unstaffed (self-service only), Haleand Old Trafford libraries to be run by volunteers (Old Trafford has 2011 had major refurbishment of children’s library). CDs lending to be stopped.  Ebooks to be introduced. Talking books to become free.   Campaign group: Hands Off Old Trafford Library (H.O.O.T. Library, @hootlibrary, Facebook). “Library services absorbed into wider information and advice services with library service contributions not present at senior level in authority.” (MLA Report, Dec 2010)
  53. Vale of Glamorgan
        1. 2014: £500k cut from budget of £2.59m  (inc. £309k cut in staff, £165k cut in buildings). Llantwit Major improvement will cost £250k (inc. £120k grant from CyMal).  Increased charges, Friends groups to be established in all branches, bookfund cut of £25k (from £220k). Expected job losses: 3 from Barry, 6 from the ‘non closure’ of Dinas Powys, 5 from smaller libraries. 4 libraries (Sully, Dinas Powys, St Athan and Wenvoe) to be volunteer-run. (5)  £250k refurbishment of Llantwit Major Library (with Cymal funding). (9)
        2. 2013: £165k budget cut. Consultation until December 15th (11).
        3. 2012: No cuts reported as of July 2012.
        4. 2011: 2 mobiles closed – 1 mobile ceased June 2011.  2nd and last mobile to cease end of Dec.  (Source: email from council).
  54. Wakefield
    1. 2013: Upton will be run by volunteers from Easter (27/2/13). Knottingley Library to be sold off for retail units, library to move into leisure centre next door (3). Stanley Library to be refurbished (7). Knottingley Library reopens in sports centre with longer opening hours. (8). £1.4m combined Castleford library/museum to open in December.  (11).
    2. 2012: 7 under threat (inc. 2 closed and 2 to volunteers) – Outwood and Walton likely to close. Middlestown and Balne Lane will stay closed. Altofts, Kettlethorpe and Havercroft will be run by volunteers (25/7/12). £800k cut.  Six full-time equivalent staff (15 to 21 posts) to go.  £100k Seed money for volunteers.  £1m to improve remaining libraries and mobile (19/7/12). St Mary’s Community Centre Library closed (Dec 2012). 2 passed to volunteers (Havercroft and Kinsley Libraries to close and be transferred to local Learning Centres and run by volunteers 31/10/12),  Balne Library to be merged into Wakefield One building (29/5/12). Upton and North Elmsall Parish council are sending proposals to take over Upton Library, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam Community Resource Centre has made plans to take over Kinsley library (3/2/12). New library to be opened in Wakefield One on 29th October, co-location with museum (27/10/12)
    3. 2011: 12 out of 25 threatened – £520k cut this yearConsultation from 12/9/11 to 2/12/11.  Those not on list of “safe” libraries, though, are actually 13 – Ackworth, Altofts, Balne Lane, Crofton, Drury Lane, Havercroft, Kettlethorpe, Kinsley, Middlestown, Outwood, South Kirkby, Upton, Walton.  Voluntary redundancies for staff., Libraries likely to be run by private company/volunteers/others27 FTE posts may go. (libraries may be run by church/charitiesWestgate Library to be opened in 2012, possibly merged with Wakefield MuseumPetition  new central library but local closures  
    4. Supporters of Outwood Library (SOUL).  Save Ackworth Library
  55. Walsall. 2014: Encourages volunteers to replace paid staff in libraries (6). 8 out of 16 libraries under threat inc. Blakenall, New Invention and Rushall to definitelt close. Beechdale, Pheasey, South Walsall, Streetly and Walsall Wood may close. £500k cut.  (10) 2013: Plans for £2.6m new Bentley Library delayed as land was not sold: land will go back on market in Summer. (5). 2012: New combined health centre and library to open in Pelsall in mid November (6/11/12). 2011:  £1.3m cut via self-service machines and volunteers – Previously 6 (out of 16) were under threat
  56. Waltham Forest
    1. 2013: Leytonstone volunteer-run library will open in April. (3). CDs and DVDs withdrawn for all but educational purposes (4) Leytonstone volunteer-run Library will lend books from May (open for computer use now) for 3 hours per week (4) Harrow Green Community Library (volunteer-run) re-opens after closure of paid-staff library (5). £5m for Chingford, Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow converting them to “Library Plus” to include libraries taking on “birth registrations, children’s centre activities and adult learning courses, as well as possibly including police meetings” (5).
    2. 012: 21 staff lost in January 2012, smaller branches closed for two days per week.  Adult social care and children’s services may be based in libraries shortly (5/1/12). South Chingford will have a new volunteer-run library in April (24/2/12), with books and computers supplied by the council, replacing old library closed in December. 24 staff lost jobs 2011/12 (28/3/12). Staff 2007/8 75.9 2011/12 73 (5.8 prof, 67.2 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 4 (Cipfa).
    3. 2011: Harrow Green and South Chingford libraries closed 2/12/11.  Harrow Green Library may be kept open with volunteers.  Harrow Green and South Chingford will close on Friday 2nd December otherwiseSouth Chingford and Leytonstone Harrow Green libraries to be closed.  £1m cut (20%) over 2 years.  North Chingford, Walthamstow, Leyton and Leytonstone libraries to have hours cut to 30 hours per week.  Libraries being merged with benefits/council tax/advice service, library jobs lost 4.1.12. Walthamstow Central, North Chingford, Leyton and Leytonstone branches will be rebranded as ‘Library Plus’ facilities with longer opening hours and extra council services. Campaign group: Save Harrow Green Library.
  57. Wandsworth
    1. 2014: Putney Library opening hours increased by three hours. (4). Smaller libraries may be under threat. (10)
    2. 2013: Libraries will be transferred to GLL from April 2nd (3).
    3. 2012: Contract for running library services appear to have been given to GLL (15/11/12). Friends groups to start as pilot at Tooting and then be rolled out: to provide funds, publicity, volunteers, other assistance (9/3/12). Staff 2007/8 127.4 2011/12 110.8 (37.4 prof, 73.4 other) Volunteers 2007/8 67 2011/12 79 (Cipfa).
    4. Tendering process for privatization (joint process with Croydon):  GLL, Laing and Wandsworth Libraries Management survive until the next round of the tending process (6/712); GLL, Laing and Wandsworth Libraries Management survive until the next round of the tending process LSSI (20/6/12)Civica has withdrawn from privatization tender, allowing in-house bid from Wandsworth Council to be reconsidered (21/5/12). Will be privatised in joint tendering process with Wandsworth,(Full paper to Council on decision to invite private tender for library services – Privatising/outsourcing service with initial tendering in collaboration with Wandsworth.  Interested parties (Sep 2011) are (a) Civica (b) LSSI (c) JLIS (John Laing) (d) GLL (e) Vision Redbridge (f) Essex County Council (g) Merton Council (h) Bexley and Bromley Council Consortium (i) Croydon Libraries Strategic Management Team (j) Wandsworth “in-house”.).
    5. 2011: York Gardens (description of council proposals here) stayed open due to volunteer assistance but with cuts in service and staffing  (decision not well-liked).
    6. 2010: Tooting Library re-opened in 2010 following a £2.938m refurbishment and extension project jointly funded by Wandsworth Council and The National Lottery Community Libraries Programme (source).
  58. Warrington
    1. 2012: 11/1/12 Warrington Cultural Charitable Trust board members vacancies advertised6/1/12 Grappenhall Library taken over by volunteers eight months after it was closed: group: Friends of Grappenhall Library
    2. 2011 Confimed: 2 libraries withdrawn and 1 mobile library confirmed as closed . More info hereJournals stopped also, £25k off staff. £10k off reference. Libraries may move to being run by a Trust, £500k to be found through this or cuts.
  59. Warwickshire
    1. 2014: No closures 2014/15 (original plan was for nine) (2).
    2. 2013; Book lending vending machine to be installed at George Eliot Hospital (12/2/13) Free computer access for one hour per day for members, unlimited if machines not busy. (11/2/13) Southam Library to close, with library moving into co-location with many other council services (4). 2 out of 5 mobile libraries closed. £2m cut in libraries budget since 2011.  Further £95k cut by March 2014.
    3. 2012. 7 under threat plus 1 (Kingsbury) closed and 5 (Bidford, Binley Woods, Dordon, Kineton, Studley) to volunteers. 2 mobile libraries under threat (27/11/12). Bidford Library now run by volunteers (25/4/12). Cuts in opening hours from April 1st12 branches to be volunteer-run by end of April. 16 libraries opening hours decided on basis of public vote between two choices, 9000 responses received (19.1.12). Kingsbury Library closed (29/3/12). Warwick Library has moved to Shire Hall (23/2/12)  (18.1.12). Kineton Library taken over by volunteers, the first of 12 to do so before April. Studley Library will close at end of March, with volunteer-run library (funded by parish council and a few others) opening in Village Hall with 30 volunteers in April (10/2/12). Binley Woods Libray closed (4/3/12).
    4. 2011: 16 (out of 34) under threat. List of proposals for each of the 16 branches under threat.  30%/ £2m cut from £7.4m budget over three years: £2m already cuts since 2006, staffing already cut by 63 FTE 24%), a further50 full-time and up to 70 other library jobs to be lost.Of 16 libraries under threat, 6 currently have volunteer business plans, the others may be converted into “a dance school or nursery”.  Council has said it will charge to train volunteers at £80 per hour after free grace period.  Bulkington Library to be run by volunteers “in weeks” (28.12.11).  Harbury and Kineton libraries will not be council-run from March 2012.  Harbury volunteers will receive £8k grant in order to seed library/cafe.  Kineton will be taken over by parish council for 8 hours per week2 (out of 5) mobile libraries to be cut£100k to be given to groups taking over libraries, Statistics of usage/cost in table/chart form in addition to closing libraries “opening hours at Whitnash library could be cut from 45 hours a week to 16, and from 51 hours a week to 35 at Warwick and Kenilworth libraries, with hours cut from 56 to 50 at Leamington.“;  special county map of closures here.; Mobile library services merge with Solihull.;Computer users chargedBidford, Henley and Kineton will be volunteer-run with parish council support.
    5. Groups: Bulkington Community Library. Friends of Kineton Library.
  60. West Berkshire
    1. 2013: Cut of 34 hours opening per week spread over 7 libraries (Newbury and Theale unchanges as previous cuts there) representing average of around 14% cut in hours. £175k cut of total budget of £1,6m over two years.  More opening hours cuts expected in 2015/16. Consultation until 13th December.
    2. 2012: Newbury Library hours to be cut three hours per week to cut £15k p.a. from budget.
    3. 2011: £200k cut.
  61. West Dunbartonshire.
  62. West Lothian.  2013; Visitors increase from 695,753 in 2008-9 to 800,852 in 2012/13 (7).
  63. West Sussex
    1. 2013: Midhurst Library to move into Grange community and leisure centre (24/1/13) Free wifi in all libraries installed (8).
    2. 2012: Volunteers to work alongside paid staff advertised for (23/9/12). Survey from September to November (31/8/12).  Five more branches converted to self-service (15/7/12). 16% cut in budget 2012/13: public asked to donate books, bookfund cut from £1.2m (2010/11) to £1m (2011/12) (5/2/12).   Littlehampton Library has self-service installed (21/1/12) Shoreham library closed for three weeks for installation of self-service (4/4/12).
    3. 2011: 1 (out of 3) mobile libraries closed meaning £65k cut out of £1m cut expected of libraries by 2014. 5 fte staff lost, with some librarians pay reduced to library assistant. 20,000 less books per year will be bought, with an increase in charges£650,000 cut over three years: via self-service, less staff, volunteers in smaller branches, £200k cut in bookfund, more donated books, stopping staffed visits to elderly peoples’ homes. Angmering Library possibly to be run with volunteers and extra payments by parish council New library opens.  Reference sections removed from some libraries. 15% cut in libraries budget.  Opening hours and/or staff may be cut
  64. Western Isles. 2011: cuts in opening hours by one day per week and during Summer.
  65. Westminster
    1. 2014: New £12m Marylebone Library confirmed: 75% larger usable area than original library it replaces. Includes cafe, meeting room, display area (source: council email 22 Jan 2014). (1)
    2. 2013: Marylebone Library will be moved to new building due in 2015 (7/3/13). Mayfair Library opens wedding venue on first floor (10).
    3. 2012: Marylebone library will be moved to subterranean room (5/8/12). Council tax and parking services now co-located in libraries (18/3/12). Two sites for new Marylebone Library proposed (23/2/12). Marylebone Library still open with “strong political commitment to replace it with a new library in the area once we move from the Council house building” (Email 5/2/12). Staff 2007/8 145.1 2011/12 139.4 (31 prof, 108.4 other) Volunteers 2007/8 88 2011/12 313 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011: St James’s Library closed1000 book “Express” self-service Library openedPlans to allow residents/businesses to manage libraries.   Withdrawing from RNIB scheme, replacing with e-audio service.
  66. Wigan
    1. 2013: £1.4m cut.  Beech Hill Library now run by charity. Opening hours reduced by average of 4.9 hours a week, representing a cut of £150k. Budget give to Wigan LCT for libraries as reduced from £16.4m (2009/10) to £10m (2013/14) representing at 39% one of the most serious reductions in any library service in the UK (9/3/13). BookCycle charity running now closed Beech Hill Library (4/3/13). 15.8% cut (3). Libraries to be taken away from Trust and returned to council control. (7) Libraries transferred back from Trust into the Council. (11)
    2. 2012: 1 library counted as closed – Atherton Library closed, with books moved into 115 m sq. resource centre 2/5/12. £500k antique books sold. (15/10/12).
    3. 2011: Wigan and Leigh will be Library Centrals, offering the greatest range of stock and activities and the longest opening hours, more than 50 hours per week.  Local library services, located at Ashton, Golborne, Hindley, Lamberhead Green, Standish and Tyldesley, will provide a strong community library offer, with opening hours of approximately 35 to 40 hours per week. Convenience libraries, offering essential stock and services will be provided by the Library Express format. This format will be provided at Aspull, Atherton, Ince Hope, Marsh Green, Platt Bridge and Shevington. The final tier, Library Direct, will mark those services that can be accessed online and at home.  2 mobile libraries to close, 1 branch to be run by volunteers, 6 others to have service reduced (may be counted as under threat as further information is received), £1.1m cut (off £4m budget) . Co-location of libraries considered, opening hour cut – Ashton Library to have “Local Life Centre” within it, Golborne Library to have Day Care services and Life Centre moved in, Hindley Library to move to Day Care centre.  Aspull library to be run by volunteers. Atherton Library to move into school.  Ince Library to move into Health/Community Centre.  Shevington may be run with parish council. “Consultation started on future of library service. 25% cut over 3 years.  Potentially  6 libraries to close in December 2011.” (MLA report, Dec 2010). Council report “The Next Chapter”
    4. Groups: Friends of Tyldesley Library..
  67. Wiltshire
    1. 2014: New vehicle purchased for Wilton Mobile Library route (8) Corsham library moved into joint building sports and community centre. (9)
    2. 2013: Salisbury Library may move within town centre due to proposed development (3). £100k given by Arts Council England for collaboration with museums, theatre and “community memory” projects. (9). Corsham Library to move into new Springfield Campus (community centre) (10).
    3. 2012: All mobile library stops with less than for customers on regular basis will be lost after review (18/8/12).  New Trowbridge Library will open in September 2012 (12/8/12). Review of mobile library service but no cuts to total numbers, staff or hours (20/2/12). Work on new Trowbridge Library “well under way” (28/2/12).
    4. 2011: Full update from council 25/11/11: Bookfund “relatively healthy” and not just buying top ten bestsellers (cf. this), 9 (not as previously stated) 10 branches run by volunteers, 28% cut over two years (not four years as previously thought), volunteer-run libraries have stock/IT/training/support/5 hours staff-time pw from council. 6% reduction on opening hours (on average of non-volunteer libraries), none reduced to three hours per week (previously this reported on PLN due to this article), staff uniforms for libraries in 2009 (but cost than £40k).  £32k further cut in bookfund 2012/3,10 smallest libraries will be staffed with volunteers, c.28% cut over four years; no closures but some reduced to just three hours open per week. Confirmed all branches and mobiles will stay open, due to use of volunteers. Changes to opening hours, though, only available in paper form in each library so unknown how many will have reductions so great as to be effectively closed. ( more cuts next year) (26 FTE posts have gone in Dec 2010  inc. 9 out of 13 community librarians)(cuts include a £940k library opened Dec 2010)(self-service in all); 21 out of 31 libraries will have reduced opening hours, self-service to save £300k p.a. with c.13FTE job losses for 2011/2. Aldbourne Library will remain staffed due to increase in parish council tax. Purton Library now run by volunteers
  68. Windsor and Maidenhead – 2014: Opening hours extended to Sundays and other hours due to use of volunteers (1) Windsor, Maidenhead library and Cox Green libraries pilot extended hours due to volunteers including 3 hours each on Sunday. (4) new Boyn Grove Library opened in April, Maidenhead to be refurbished by end of this week (inc. iPads) (6) 2013: New Dedworth library to open on 28th Jan (£625k) as joint school/public library (8/1/13). Four Libraries (Sunningdale, Maidenhead, Windsor and Cox Green) to have opening on Sundays due to use of volunteers. (4) New library with a sensory room could be built at Boyn Grove Resource Centre (5). 2012: Sunday openings to start on experimental basis from April 2013, dependent on volunteers filling in extra hours.  Saturday pay enhancements for staff ended (29/10/12).
  69. Wirral
    1. 2014: Up to 15 branches (out of 24) may close or be run by volunteers. £1.25m cut (2012 to 2015) may be increased. Professionally qualified staff reduced to 5. (10)
    2. 2013: Library staff merging with One Stop Shop staff, will assist in identifying who needs council hardship grant from April (24/1/13)
    3. 2012: All libraries may extend opening hours to six days per week (7/2/12).   Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bebington and West Kirby to be main libraries, with others offering lesser services.  Many branches to be co-located with council One Stop Shops.  None under threat (5/2/12). 
    4. 2011: (50 jobs cut). Job losses has meant libraries are now “empty shells”.
  70. Wokingham – 2013: £230k cut over next three years, to be met by back-office savings. E-book loan service introduced: can borrow 6 e-books at a time stock of 800 titles (7).  2011: Libraries to be privatised,may include community groups taking over libraries as well. Campaign group: Save Our Libraries. 
  71. Wolverhampton
    1. 2014: Cut in budget of over half: target is £1.7 million cut. Cut in opening hours of one third, from 656 to 421 hours per week. Bilston, Warstones and Wednesfield libraries would be staffed for 39 hours a week, Finchfield and Tettenhall for 30 hours and Ashmore Park, Pendeford and Penn libraries for 24 hours. (1). Full-time library workers fall from 117 in 2008 to 17 in 2014. Self service to be installed in all 16 branches. Whitmore Reans Library reduced to being open 15 hours per week (was six days). Collingwood Library now mainly self-service. (3) 51 jobs to be cut, some compulsory redunandancies.  Library service now down to 12 full-time and 75 part-time (3). Libraries forced to close due to low staffing levels during holidays. (8)
    2. 2013 – Home delivery service may be replaced with electronic delivery or with volunteers to save £60k (2/1/13). 49 out of 139 current jobs to go (largely full-time) with 23 new jobs (less full-time) replacing.  Books to be ordered centrally, less managers, more self-service, non-library staff to take phone calls (3) Merging of libraries and communities centres will cost £4.33m (inc £1m maintenance work brought forward). Warstones Library moves into Warstones Resource Centre. Spring Vale Library moves into former Parkfield High School. Collingwood Library moves into sheltered housing scheme Broadway Gardens. Ashmore Park’s Library moves into youth centre on Griffiths Drive. Youth centres including Low Hill, Mirage in Pendeford and Oakley Buckley Youth Club to move into libraries. (5). 50% of librarians to be made redundant. (10).
    3. 2012- 1 counted as under threat – Five libraries will stay in current locations, three more (Warstones, Ashmore Park, Spring Vale) will move into buildings with other services.  One (Collingwood Library in Bushbury) will reopen as entirely self-service (counted as under threat) (29/11/12), Previously 9 under threat but protests. £600k cut to staffing, £225k cut to bookfund (29/8/12). Bromsgrove Library may move to new co-located site old Parksite School building (19/7/12). No to Hubs submission by campaigners (4/11/12). £1.1m cut to Community Directorate budget (inc Libraries) by 2013/14.  Pending results of consultation, community centres/libraries/youth centres to be closed then combined together in 15 “Community Hub” multi-purpose buidings.  Full proposals from Council here. (22/6/12). 9 libraries under threat ( Ashmore Park, Bilston, East Park, Finchfield, Low Hill, Penn, Spring Vale, Warstones and Whitmore Reans). Some may be closed, others to be co-located in “community hubs” with community centres/youth services.  Consultation for 12 weeks from 27/6/12.   £1.1m total cut/£600k staffing cut (including cut to community centres).  Only 2 out of 15 libraries (Tettenhall and Central)  in authority would remain as single-purpose buildings (21/6/12). Libraries may become part of “community hubs” (May 2012).
    4. Group:Finchfield Estate Community Hub,Save Wolverhampton Libraries
  72. Worcestershire
    1. 2014: Hagley Library under threat.  (1) Staff cuts via natural wastage, voluntary redundancy, non-renewal of contracts, managers not to be replaced. Hagley Library to be run by volunteers with council tax burden transferred to parish council (4).  Redditch Library to share building with council and local services, losing the second floor. (6) Eccleston Library moved into new premises in shopping centre. £2.7m cut 2011/2016 with £1.9m already cut 2011/2014. 3 out of 4 mobile libraries to close. Hive opening hours may be cut. (7). (I) Upton upon Severn, Wythall, and Broadway: volunteers (in the form of community interest organisations) will take on premise costs and management. Council will provide stock and paid staff, volunteers in supplementary roles.  (II) Hagley will have the parish council take on the premise/costs management with Council providing stock/paid staff and volunteers in supplementary roles (III) Bewdley will move into new building, co-located with medical centre. (Source: email from council, July 2014). Music Library materials now housed by Elgar School of Music. (10)
    2. 2013:  Broadway Library under threat (4) Broadway library to be taken over by parish council and run by volunteers(23/2/13). Kidderminster Library Gallery converted into council offices (21/2/13) New mobile library/bus for library/council services (3/13). Catshill Library moved into school grounds and run with help of volunteers (4) Bewdley Library may move into new health centre/pharmacy building (7) Pershore Library to reopen in October after refurbishment inc. partnership with Town Council, visitor information centre. (9). Malvern Library will be merged with JobCentre: already houses One Stop Shop, cafe and Registrars, (11) £100k cut before April 2014: opening hours cuts considered and co-locating council services into Market Place. (12).
    3. 2012: Confirmed that Bromsgrove Library will move into co-located Parkside building.  (20/11/12). Bromsgrove library may move into co-located building with other council services (more space, wifi, cafe) survey until Oct 2012.  (23/9/12). Stourport Library may move to co-location in Civic Centre (saving £1.4m over 10 years) (17/8/12). Woodrow Library may have co-location with One Stop Shop.  £1.8m cut overall budget (28%) cut to be met working closer with partners.  (20/7/12).  £60m Hive (joint council “hub”/public/academic library) opens (4/7/12). Catshill Library may close, with volunteers running substitute at local school.  Three-month Consultation from late June at worcestershire.gov.uk/libraries. (22/6/12). Plans to move 139 council staff into Kidderminster Library postponed due to public opposition.  Campaign group: Friends of Kidderminster Library Gallery (18/6/12). 1 was under threat library as of check 18/1/12 but described as saved 4/3/12. Upton Library under threat cf. will not close “just yet” 4/3/12 and idea of merging it with hall/police 9/3/12. Bewdley Library feared to have services reduced if it moves to museum building.  Kidderminster Library gallery space being turned into council offices (16/3/12).
    4. 2011: May include more volunteers and less opening hours, previous reports of threatened libraries unconfirmed. Possibly 4 under threat (WythallPershore , Upton and Broadway). Worcester Public Library rare books sold off (£200,000 plus): sale now restarted since suspension due to public outcryin April (Souce: Historic Libraries Bulletin, not currently available online as of 1.10.11). 30 staff to lose jobs, opening hours reduced, charges increase, more self-service (90% target), less bookfund, more co-location.  Mobile library reviewWarndon and St John’s reprieved£1.8m (28% cut) over four yearsCo-location increasing: Stourport Library to be moved into Civic Centre after three months consultation, Bewdley Library may move into town’s museum, Kidderminster Library may have other services using its spaceLibraries may run by private company, Trust or workers’ co-operative.  Increased charges, less stock, less opening hours. Town Council to buy Pershore Library, with £500k refurbishment (reduced by hoped use of volunteers), County Council to pay rent.  Information Centre to merge with library (previously thought it would move out of town centre). Contact centres may combine with libraries.
    5. Groups: Worcestershire Gallery Friends.
  73. Wrexham
    1. 2014: School library service to close (5) Gresford Library taken over by volunteers (5) Cultural services including libraries may be transferred into community trust with other services inc. museums and Arts (7)
    2. 2013: 3 libraries (out of 12) under threat: Brymbo, Gresford and one from Cefn Mawr, Rhosllannerchrugog and Ruabon. £192k cut. Near halving of public access computers in authority as older ones not replaced. Petition against library closures (12/2/13). All libraries to have opening hours cut by 26%, with volunteer libraries to be considered. Fate of the three libraries under threat to be decided in January. (11)
    3. 2012: £120k refurbishment for Chirk Library, in association with Cymal (5/12/12). No cuts reported as of July 2012.
    4. 2011: 1.6 professional librarians lost 2011/12.
  74. York
    1. 2014: £1.5m refurbishment to York Explore Library Learning Centre, including Archives, will open in January. (10)
    2. 2013: E-petition against transfer of libraries to a social enterprise (7/2/13) 10.9 full time equivalent library posts lost in £190k staffing cut. £250k cut overall.  Self service machines instead (6) Libraries to “Explore Libraries and Archives Mutual” 2/3 owned by staff, 1/3 owned by public.  £1 membership of mutual. Five year contract to tun libraries (7).
    3. 2012: Pros and cons of transferring to a Community Benefit Society and the committee paper outlining the reasons for the change (2/1/13).  Consultation on future of libraries, including on them being run by a “community benefit society”. £250k cut to budget 2013/14. (1/10/12). Rowntree Park Library / Cafe opened (15/7/12).  Commitment to keep all libraries open, no cuts to bookfund and no reductions to opening hours (email from authority 3/10/12).
    4. 2011: Free wi-fi and self-service in all libraries by end of 2011. (libraries to be “hit”); 7 library staff made voluntarily redundant; more volunteers and self-serviceLib Dems promise to keep all libraries open if they win local elections on May 5th; Labour wins May 5th : Voluntary redundancies sought. Some libraries to be expanded
  75. Yorkshire Libraries and Information Service (jointly funded by all Yorkshire authorities). Music and Drama Library to be split up, with drama moving to Leeds Central Library and drama to Kirklees Libraries HQ (14/3/12).  Previously: Music and Drama Service may close . Campaign group – Making Music.
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    An upgrade to your item re Vale of Glamorgan – number 53 in the list. It is now all five rural libraries planned to become community run branches. Consultation ends Dec 31

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