Library authorities that have lost Saturday pay

It was once common practice in local authorities and thus public libraries to pay time and a half for working Saturdays.  For most front-line staff this accounted for 5 to 7% of their total pay.  Managers and back-office staff normally did not work Saturdays and so were not eligible. Since then, many authorities have lost this enhancement.

Here is the list of the ones known to Public Libraries News.  It is indicative only and does not pretend to be anywhere near the full list. Please comment or email me if you know of any more:





Cheshire West and Chester – Due to Unison threatened court action, agreed to compromise of time and a quarter (originally time and a half) after a period with no enhancement.

Devon – Libraries Unlimited (February 2017).



Rhondda Cynon Taff

South Gloucestershire  Strike action (November 2013) against the proposal.

West Dunbartonshire

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