Websites for library users

Public libraries are free to join.  Some do not even require ID, all will join you if you bring in proof of name and address.  Joining a library means you will be able to borrow books instantly and be able to use any library in that authority.


Find your local library

Directgov (UK) – Type in your postcode to find your nearest library and what you need to join.

Database of UK public libraries – Regularly updated list, with addresses and authority, of over 4,000 UK public libraries.  Provided free by  List in Excel format.


Talk to a public librarian

Enquire (Worldwide) – Ask a real live librarian from the UK or the world, depending on the time, for the answer you can’t find anywhere else.


Best book browsing sites

Amazon (Worldwide) – Best site for finding out if a book is in print.  One can then use the details to purchase or order from your local library.

Copac (UK) – Best site for finding out details of obscure books.

Fantastic Fiction (Worldwide) – Best site for finding out titles of books in a series and for the complete list of books written by a particular author.


  • #1 written by Sarah Corcoran
    about 4 years ago

    Discover something new on World Book day 2015 with
    Find the next book in a series of children’s books.
    It is a database of children’s book series and gives the order in which to read the books. You can search for authors, titles and types of books, for example, type “pon” into the book box and it will find you all the series about ponies and pony books.
    I work for the children’s library service and I built originally to help library staff find the information quickly. The art of being a good librarian is not knowing the answer but knowing where to find it.
    It is now used by many public libraries in the UK , many school libraries in the USA, and across the world.
    We had 14,000 unique users last year.
    The site doesn’t make any money as the only way to generate income is through the Waterstones, Hive and Amazon referral schemes. I am about to try and link with Indie bound.
    The website is managed on a part-time basis as I work almost full time hours.
    I have added press release for more information:

    Children’s Book Sequels: What comes next?
    When you get to the end of a really good book, do you ever wonder “what comes next?” The Children’s Book sequels website has the answer and can help you discover the correct order of any series, from “Alex Rider” to “Twilight” and beyond. The titles range from classic children’s series, such as “Mary Poppins,” “Paddington” and “What Katy Did”, to twenty-first century sets, including the likes of Chris Ryan’s “Alpha Force” and Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments”. You can use the website to find what other series may be available by a particular author, as well as follow links to the websites of featured authors and series, where you can find further information and related fun and games.
    Children’s Book Sequels is an easy to use website for both children and adults, with links to Amazon, Hive UK and Waterstones, should you wish to buy the book. You can also get in contact with CBS if you discover a series they have left out! Children particularly enjoy reading a series of books as it gives them the opportunity to get to know the characters better and to see how they evolve. Reading the books in the right sequence helps with this process, as some later titles often refer to events in previous books.
    Discover the power of children’s books and visit:
    For further information please contact: Sarah Corcoran – Editor
    07967 979426

  • #2 written by Sri Hari Sankar Gunisetty
    about 4 years ago

    Very Informative. I am working with the Public Libraries Department in State of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderbad, India. The articles are very useful to the Library Lovers and the Staff working in the Public Libraries.

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