249 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed

The figure has increased from 246 to 249 due to the announcement of 2 libraries in danger of closing in Milton Keynes and at least one likely to close in Kirklees.  The list has been missing Barnet from the list as its proposed “EasyCouncil” cuts were announced before this blog started – this omission has now been amended. There have been a pile of pro-library blogs coming out due to a “Campaign for the Book” campaign and all of them make heartwarming reading for librarians.  

Hampshire – mobile library service cuts/review – Portsmouth The News
Kirklees – at least 1 library under threat – Mirfield Reporter
Kirklees – 2 new mobiles on the road –  Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Milton Keynes – 2 libraries to close – Alan Gibbons
Milton Keynes – campaign already started – About My Aread
Northumberland – library review out on Monday – Morpeth Herald
Oxfordshire – library’s positive role – Oxford Times
Oxfordshire – appeal to write to Secretary of State – Friends of Old Town Library NB the same letter can be used for writing about other areas which may contravene the Act.

Why you should care about libraries – V. Kathryn Evans
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