369 libraries plus 29 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)

Anglesey -Library service to be reviewed – BBC News

Birmingham – Sutton Coldfield to be “forced” open (had been mothballed due to asbestos and lack of funds) – Birmingham Mail

Buckinghamshire – Council cuts run to 19 pages “on top of measures already proposed to get volunteers to run libraries” –  Buckinghamshire Advertiser
Croydon – Hobson’s Choice as public told to choose which library (or more) to close – London Evening Standard
Gloucestershire – Still time to have say on closures – Tewkesbury Ad Mag
Gloucestershire – Users fear future after proposed closure of Bourton Library – Cotswold Journal

Leicestershire – To cut 1000 jobs, library review to be carried out – BBC News

North Yorkshire – Author Mike Pannett attacks closures plan (33% cut in funding in 4 years) – Gazette & Herald
North Yorkshire – Consultation meeting over library closures – Gazette & Herald
Oxfordshire – Author Colin Dexter “shocked and ashamed” at closures – BBC News
Oxfordshire – School against closure – Get Reading
Somerset – Town council considers funding closing Highgate Library, with volunteers – Burnham-on-sea.com

Throw the book at Con-Dem Vandals – Counterfire

List of cuts by authority (click on name of authority for link to relevant report)
Aberdeenshire – some
Angus – 4 libraries closed this year (April) to be possibly replaced by a mobile.  More info here
Argyll and Bute – 3 libraries and mobile library.
Barking and Dagenham – 5
Barnet – some – public consultation here
Barnsley – up to 8
Bedfordshire – 1 mobile to go
Bexley – 3
Birmingham – 39 (three libraries lose hours so Tower Hill can remain open)
Blackburn with Darwen – (reduced opening hours)
Bolton – Up to 8
Brent – 6 (out of 12)
Bromley – (KAB talking books cut)
Buckinghamshire – up to 14 to close or be staffed by volunteers (this article says 11)
Bury – 1 (1 other reduced hours) – Manchester Evening News
Cambridgeshire – some (mobile services already “slashed”) (£1.1m cut)
Camden – several plus one mobile library (£2 million cut)
Central Bedfordshire – one mobile library to go
Conwy – 7 (out of 12)
Cornwall – up to 23
Croydon – Up to 6 (public gets to choose which) plus 1 local studies
Doncaster – 14, (may also be taken out of council control)
Dorset – up to 20 (out of 34) to close or be given to community groups  (£143k off bookfund).  Dorset is the sole council to receive an actual increase in funding for 2010/11.
Dumfries – 7
Durham – some
Falkirk – (transferred to Trust)
Flintshire – 5 and at least one mobile
Gateshead – some (school library service, music library, AIRS talking newspaper under threat)
Gloucestershire – Up to 18 and 6 mobiles  – 11 to close or go to volunteers. 7 to close if they don’t find a partner.  A further 11 reduced to 3.5 days a week (this is such a small figure I include them under “closed”), 6 mobile libraries to go.
Greenwich – (could be turned into a Trust)
Hammersmith and Fulham – 2 and 1 mobile
Hampshire – (58 FTE jobs to go) (and mobile library review)(libraries merged with IT/property etc)
Haringey – (staff cuts)
Harrow – (34 FTE to go)
Hartlepool – 1 confirmed to close (another to merge with community centre, all library’s hours cut)
Hertfordshire – (opening hours to be cut by one third – from 2236 hours down to 1575) – At least one library (Borehamwood)  faces a 40% cut
Highland – (Wick Library to close and merge with school library)
Hull – some (to merge with “customer service centres”)
Hounslow some (£869k p.a cut – reduction in hours,12 FTE to go, 1 IT skills suite closed)
Isle of Wight – 9 (out of 11)
Kent – some (83 FTE to go as self-service comes in)- Isle of Thanet one of areas hardest hit
Kirklees – at least 1
Lancashire – 2 mobile libaries (plus 16% staffing cut)
Leeds – Up to 20 (out of 52)
Leicestershire – all libraries could be privatised, put to trust or shared (merge of lending/reference- 14 FTE jobs lost)
Lewisham – 5
Liverpool – some
Merton – (2 libraries will have reduced hours)
Milton Keynes – 2
Newport – 7
Northern Ireland – 10
Northamptonshire – 8 out of 38 may close, 2 mobile libraries to end. Cuts to management and support also.
Northumberland – some
North Ayrshire – some 
North Lanarkshire – 1 (closed March 2010)
North Norfolk – some (c. £1m reduction)
North Somerset – 1 closed, 2 proposed, volunteers may run libraries. Weston Mercury update
North Yorkshire – 24 (out of 53) to close or be staffed by volunteers, 9 mobiles to go off road.
Nottingham – (80 FTE jobs to go, 75% off bookfund, 30 libraries have less opening hours – down to less than 10 hours per week) , 1 library already closed.
Oldham – (increase in volunteers, merging, cuts)
Oxfordshire – 20 – list of those under threat here, Oxford Central hours extended to 7 days per week 
Redbridge – 5 out of 12 may close, another may relocate.
Renfrewshire 1 (1 library to move into smaller sites in community centres)
Richmond – 1 (£351k cut) (service may be privatised)
Rochdale – (some library managers to to go in first phase of cuts)
Salford – some
Sandwell – some
Sefton – 3
Sheffield – (30% cut expected)
Shropshire – 1 (reference library to merge with central library)
Somerset –  20 (out of 34) will be offered to community groups. 4 (out of 6) mobile libraries will also go.  Ten other libraries will have a 10% reduction in hours. List of closures here .Consultation period ends on 14th Jan. Rethink on mobiles may happen – article here.
Southampton – 2
Stoke – 2 and 1 mobile library, (ends RNIB service)
Suffolk – up to 2
Swansea – some
Thanet – some
Thurrock – (RNIB subscription ends)
Tower Hamlets – (staff made to reapply for their own jobs -23 library staff replaced)
Wakefieldat least 2
Walsall – at least 8 (30 FTE). More details here 
Walthamstow – some
Wandsworth – 1 (mention in Guardian here) plus reduction in hours in others.
Warrington – 2 and 1 mobile library.  More info here.
West Dunbartonshire – 3 (some staff losses too)
West Sussex Some (5 FTE lost, some librarians pay reduced to library assistant)
Wigan – Up to 15 out of 17  (£1.1m cut off £4m budget)
Wiltshire – (26 FTE posts have gone in Dec 2010  inc. 9 out of 13 community librarians)
Worcestershire – some (Pershore library to move out of town centre)

Authorities which have announced no library closures
Devon (may have reduced opening hours, less mobile stops, no new Exeter Library – although this article suggests mobile library service has improved)
Moray – (may move to being in a Trust, another article here)