369 libraries plus 27 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)

There is a devil of a dilemma for those who wish to save libraries after withdrawal has been cut – whether to “help out” or not.  Many authorities (such as Gloucestershire) are saying that the local library will only survive if a community group takes it over, with minimal council support. Those who love libraries may quite rightly be tempted to do so.  However, if they do before all other options are taken, then it will only encourage yet more branches to be effectively privatised in this ways.  Libraries will become just another charity shop. However, the council may well close the library anyway if groups don’t step up to the mark. The unwillingness of charities to take over wildlife preserves without full remuneration may be an argument in favour of not helping.  Call their bluff and, perhaps, the council will back down.  Or perhaps they won’t.  It’s a terrible problem and one which campaigners up and down the country are facing.  Right now.

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