390 libraries plus 48 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
Somerset – minus 7 – Somerset have cut the number of threatened libraries from an initial 20 to 11 (2 reprieves have already been counted previously), with the funding found from reducing services in the other branches.
A 2 hour long debate in Westminster Hall featured many MPs speaking on behalf of libraries.  Ed Vaizey guaranteed the 1964 Act (but did not mention its interpretation is being severely challenged) and stressed that a “strategic vision” was necessary, not least in merging some of the functions of at least a few of the 151 separate library authorities.  He also stressed that volunteers should be there to support librarians and not to replace them, although this seemed to go against the tone of the Conservative MPs taking part in the debate and also what appears to be happening in many authorities (such as Glos or Wiltshire).
In other news, the London Evening Standard reports that the Government has dropped the proposal to guarantee free public access to the internet via libraries, despite previous support by Ed Vaizey. Similarly, the proposal to ensure all babies get library cards has also been dropped. 

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