372 libraries plus 27 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
– plus 3 since yesterday – informed that West Dunbarton are closing 3 (out of 10)

There was a segment on Radio 4 PM and a letter in the Times today about saving public libraries. Closer to home, the comedian Mark Thomas tweeted about the library cuts map (link on right) today which resulted in 14,000 people looking at it this afternoon and evening. Also today, news coming out of Gloucestershire is that they are going to more than double the 5000 names they aimed for in their petition. When people learn a library is in threat, they will try to protect it. The problem for library campaigners is in getting that message out there.

Cambridgeshire – closing libraries the least popular option of all unpopular options – Cambridge News
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Somerset – Steve Barlow speaks about “bloodbath” library closures – BBC Radio 4 PM (at 28:36)
Swansea – “it’s going to be a tough year” for some libraries – This is South Wales
West Dunbartonshire – 3 libraries under threat of closure – West Dunbartonshire Council.

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