487 libraries (427 buildings and 60 mobiles) currently under threat or recently closed (List below)
– plus five – Manchester– Five to close, all libraries to close on Fridays and Sundays
– plus four – Southwark
– minus eight – Newcastle Upon Tyne – this library service has been in contact and assured VTFL that these libraries will not be unstaffed.  Until this is confirmed either way, I have in the interests of accuracy, taken the branches off the list.   
– plus one mobile library – Blackburn with Darwen
The stand out today is the cuts in Manchester, of which the cut of five libraries has featured prominently in all the media coverage I have seen.

You and Yours did an hour-long discussion on libraries featuring Annie Mauger from CILIP, the mayor of Doncaster and a spokesman from the IEA who said at the start that “Books are cheap so that’s not a problem for anybody” and that “amateurs can do the job” of librarians.  “Fury doesn’t even come close” to the reaction that the public gave to his views that everyone should have a Kindle and that grandmother should be sent SD cards.  The programme was overwhelmed with emails and “Uniquely, they all say the same thing, libraries are not just about books”.  People phoning in also seemed very much in support of libraries.  2 out of 700 were in favour of closing libraries.  2.  Out. Of. 700. Listen if you can.

Local News – this is representative and not comprehensive – (S) shows items added on Sunday evening
Kent –  Special Library closures programme – ITV Meridian Tonight (Trailer at 29:00) 

Manchester – Five libraries to close, all to close on Fridays and Sundays – Manchester Evening News

Is Cameron able to rescue the Big Society – Telegraph (“why does it follow that libraries or social care should suffer as a consequence?”)
Josephine Cox joins library campaign – BBC News Lancashire
Let them buy their own books – Guardian (cartoon)
Library cut protests on the rise – Scottish Big Issue (289 comments)