398 libraries plus 53 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
– minus 8 – Hounslow – 57% in 7000 consultation wanted to keep all sites – bookfund cut instead (£300k), longer term library strategy being devised.
– plus some – Warwickshire – 30% (£2m) cut (no change to total as unsure how many to close)
– minus 1 – Gloucestershire – £500k less cuts due to protests, Cinderforld Library saved (10 more still threatened)

Ed Vaizey said (on Mumsnet) that (a) he won’t intervene until the council has firmly decided to close library/ies and (b) that he will need to “take advice” from the MLA and, only if they agree, will he take action.

Being the leader of the MLA has described Oxfordshire’s closing of 20 of its libraries is “courageous”, this does not bode well for those (rapidly decreasing) few that see the minister as a potential saviour. The MLA actually seems to have funded the consultants who led Somerset to propose closing so many of its libraries. It seems increasingly likely from this that there will not be many (any?) government-led interventions. I hope Ed watches the wonderful “We Love Libraries” video and has a change of heart and starts acting, perhaps even over the shocking reduction by one-third in opening hours that Hertfordshire confirmed yesterday.
I would have to say, though, that I was highly amused by a comment on one news article that a library cut in Essex would result in the headline  “Book Lack in Ongar”.  Less amusingly, a few hours later, Essex announced yesterday that no library closures would occur but there would be major cuts in library opening hours.
Due to other commitments, I will not be updating this blog further until Sunday.  In the meantime, please see the blog of Alan Gibbons for library news.

News (full list of library closures starts below links, (S) shows item added on Sunday)
Buckinghamshire –
Dorset – 13636 back libraries – Bournemouth Echo
Gloucestershire – 500 march against cuts – Stroud News and Journal
Gloucestershire – revised plans – This is Gloucestershire
Sefton – meeting with Chief Exec – Southport Anti Cuts Coalition

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