North Yorkshire have withdrawn their radical plans to close 33 libraries due to public protest.  This comes just two days after Suffolk withdrew their plans to 29 libraries, again due to campaigning.  Heavy, possibly unprecedented, budget cuts appear set to ontinue to in those authorities.
451 libraries (386 buildings and 65 mobiles) currently under threat or closed/left council control since 1/4/11 out of c.4517 in the UK
“Books are absolutely critical to everything public libraries do”Futurebook. Edinburgh libraries are installing “Download Stations”. “Recent debates about libraries have focused on books and digital as if they are somehow different. But an e-book is just as much of a book as a printed book, and if publishers and libraries can reach agreement over how digital loans work, then public libraries can offer a fantastic shop window to published content and continue to serve their communities with free reading material.”
Closure of local libraries – WI.  This is one of two resolutions shortlisted for the 2011 AGM.  If passed, it will become the basis of WI campaigning and awareness raising activities for 2011/12.  To read, click on link 2011 Resolution Briefings Note on right of page.
E-Readers fail at educationFast Company.  Our brains may be better at learning through books than e-books – “cognitive mapping” is better with print books.
Literacy in the Big SocietyNational Literacy Trust. “The vital work of the National Literacy Trust needs to make the most of every opportunity we are offered. This must include engaging with Big Society”.
Petition protesting HarperCollins’s ebook circulation policy takes off Library Journal.  Petition against Rupert Murdoch’s self-destructing ebooks has now hit nearly 60,000.  
Publishers “have nothing to fear from Hargreaves”: Vaizey –  BookSeller. Libraries Minister says it may be an idea for public libraries to lend out e-readers (not just e-books). ““I personally wish all of us had been more engaged with local authorities over libraries many years before . . . We have really first class library services in local councils, but we also have mediocre and poor ones. We can benefit from taking a long term attitude to change.”.  
Changes to tally
Walsall – Libraries “safe for this financial year” but some are under threat in 2012.  Previously 6 out of 16 under threat.
News by authority
Dorset – County council given “red alert” over failing projects –  Daily Echo.  Plans to close 20 libraries are lagging behind other cuts.  “The council hoped to realise savings of £417,300 in the current financial year by “reconfiguring” the library service. But a public outcry over plans to close 20 libraries if local groups fail to accept an offer of “community take over” has forced the council to hold a public consultation, which will not end until June 13.”
Dorset – Think again on libraries say councillors – View Online. Longest debate of the year by Weymouth and Portland Council ends with recommendation to Dorset Council to refuse all closures and to reduce hours only as a last resort – “In my view it would be criminal to lose library services and it is crucial that the county council explore all options to continue services.”
Dorset – Library campaigners welcome concessions but want moreBridport News.  “we are still of the view that Lyme Regis should remain as part of the core library network and should be funded by Dorset County Council. We still see no reason why Lyme residents should pay for their own library service when it will remain fully funded for other communities.”.  Charmouth campaigners also unhappy.
Picture from Hanwell Library Petition
Ealing – Thousands speak out over council’s library plansEaling Gazette.  3000 online responses, written responses still being counted, yet more have signed petitions to save their local or all five libraries under threat.  Threatened Northfields has just been refurbished. Theme of Hanwell Carnival on June 18 is to be Save Hanwell Library.  “We want children to dress up as their favourite books for the carnival, their favourite characters or wherever their imagination takes them.” 
Ealing – Leader of Ealing council’s Tories makes residents vowEaling Gazette. Councillor believes library cuts are a good example of what the council has done wrong.
Gloucestershire – Berkeley community set to take on threatened library – Gazette.  Locals, including ex-librarian, set up Community Library committee to keep Berkeley Library running after the council withdraws funding. 
Lambeth – Uncertain future for Waterloo Library as Lambeth considers cuts – LondonSE1.  Friends group to have meetings at library to discuss its threatened future.
Lewisham – Council report on libraries in New Cross, Sydenham, Grove Park, Crofton Park and BlackheathNews Shopper.  Transfer of four libraries to charities and one library closure to be confirmed at May 11 council meeting.
North Yorkshire – Public outcry forces North Yorkshire County Council to reconsider plans – Northern EchoPlan to close 20 libraries shelved – plan is now to spread cuts amongst all libraries. 
Somerset – £30,000 for Somerset’s threatened libraries but opening hours slashedYeovil Express.  £5,000 one-off grants for groups taking over closed libraries – 6 libraries to close this year, 5 next year, 20% cuts for all others.   
Suffolk – U-turn threatens chief executiveGuardian.  Andrea Hill, the enthusiastic implementer and cheerleader for the virtual council model (which involved 29 libraries being threatened) is increasingly herself under threat due to a change in councillor leadership caused by widespread public protest.  Her position is not helped by various scandals about her high expenses and salary.  Rumours on Twitter are that she has either left the council or is enforced leave.
Walsall – Hundreds voice their opinion to Parliament over library’s futureWalsall Online.  Valeria Vaz MP presented 1,000 signature petition to save Pleck Library petition in House of Commons.