408 libraries (332 buildings and 76 mobiles) currently under threat or closed/left council control since 1/4/11 out of c.4612 in the UK, complete list below. Librarian professional body CILIP forecasts 600 libraries under threat (inc. 20% of English libraries).  The Public Libraries News figure is obtained from counting up all reports about public libraries in the media each day.


  • Concerns over Brent campaigners volunteer run librariesVoices for the Library.  Part of the legal case put over by Brent campaigners is that they should have been allowed volunteers/private companies/other groups to run threatened libraries.  This may have a detrimental effect on other library campaigns who are arguing against non-council run libraries being an acceptable legal option.  Article also points out the pro-librarian stance of some Brent celebrity supporters.  Comments to article are very relevant and show the problems/dilemmas that supporters of libraries have on deciding what is best to do when campaigning to save their libraries.
  • What she said: Customer and I on library closures – Dpgreen.net (Australia).  Article wondering what writer can do about cuts in libraries and how to get information on the situation nationally and globally.


Hampshire –  Fines for late books for children reinstated (Six week loan period – 5p per book per day, up to maximum of 40p per book in order to save £20k). £15 annual charge for CD membership introduced.
Wakefield – £520k cut.  Wakefield Library under threat but only opened in 2007.  Campaign group – Save Outwood Library.
Local News
  • Brent – Philip Pullman “Brent council should be ashamed of itself for closing six libraries”Willesden and Brent Times.  ““It is a great cultural monument and any council seeking to shut that library down, because of its history, should be ashamed of themselves. “They should be made to stand in penance. They don’t know what they have got, what they have responsibility for. They have missed the point.”.  See also High Court verdict on Brent library closures reserved until next monthLondon24.  “The verdict is expected to be announced on August 12.”
  • Dorset – Future unclear for Dorset’s heartbroken library campaigners – Daily Echo. “Dorset County Councillor Janet Dover, who was heavily involved in the fight for Colehill Library, said: “We’re all very upset and quite devastated. Funding for the community-run service stops in April so we will be working together to see if there is anyway forward to keep it open. It’s just so tragic. Two months ago the staff at the library won an award for customer service and we have a high lending rate.”.  See also Letter from Mike Chaney, Spokesman for Ad Lib – “There was a choice that would have achieved all the necessary economies and saved the libraries. But by 21 votes to 20 our craven councillors chose believe the scare stories they were being fed. They voted for closure because of a warning that there may be more cuts to come. Not that there will be: just that there might be.”
  • Hampshire – Children face library fines Andover Advertiser.  “Children in Andover will soon have to pay overdue fines at the library again following a controversial decision by Hampshire County Council.”
  • Somerset – High Court grants injunction in Somerset libraries caseAlan Gibbons.  Injunction prevents (until judicial review on 17 September) the council from (a) closing libraries, (b) transferring or agreeing to transfer any library or library asset and (c) giving notice of termination for any library.  “Somerset County Council have been determined to push these cuts through with complete disregard for the library users themselves, who are near unanimous in their opposition to them. The injunction prevents the Council from irreversibly dismantling the library service before the High Court hearing in September.” says solicitor Tessa Gregory.  See also Library campaigners welcome court ruling on closures – Burnham on Sea.com.  Councillor thinks other alternatives and cost-saving should be explored as well as relying on positive court verdict.
  • Wakefield – Libraries under threat of closure – Wakefield Express.  One library was only opened in 2007, money for groups who take over threatened libraries.   
  • Waltham Forest – Campaigners hit the streets to “save” library service – Guardian series. 500 names collected in one morning for petition, although the main purpose of the morning appears to have been to identify potential volunteers. Conservative opposition councillors in the area are trying to drum up support for their idea of opening a community-run library staffed by volunteers.”