• Author Sarah Waters fears an unhappy ending for new libraries – Camden New Journal. “A former Camden librarian who became an award-winning author has criticised cuts to local government services. Sarah Waters, who wrote best-seller Tipping The Velvet, said forcing volunteers to take over management of libraries from local authorities  showed contempt”.  Also criticised current PLR law regarding volunteer libraries but government says ““Sampling of the books borrowed is undertaken nationally and the payments to authors are administered and funded by central government. “The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have made it clear that payments to authors will not be affected.”” 
  • Government’s shambles over volunteer libraries continues – Dan Jarvis MP.  ” “Last week I called for the Government to provide some clarity over the status of volunteer libraries, and raised serious concerns these may be breaking the law because they are not part of the system to compensate authors for loans of their books. The Government’s response has been a mix of complacency and incompetence.””.  On statutory and non-statutory – ““There is no indication of how he would make a determination or the criteria he would use – just a vague assertion that this will depend on the circumstances.”
  • Libraries’ experts on call: a dwindling breed – (USA).   “Where the department used to field 400 calls a day, now phone requests for what Morse calls “ready research” can be counted on one hand.”
  • Literary labours lent – Economist.   “Libraries know they need digital wares if they are to remain relevant, but many publishers are too wary of piracy and lost sales to co-operate.” … “Awkwardly for publishers, buying an e-book costs more than renting one but offers little extra value. You cannot resell it, lend it to a friend or burn it to stay warm. Owning a book is useful if you want to savour it repeatedly, but who reads “Fifty Shades of Grey” twice?” … ” In Britain the government will soon announce a review of the matter. The story of the library e-book is a nail-biter.”

What fines do I have to pay if I return an item late? We are easy going people. We do not have late fees/fines. A conscience box is located on the counter for you to make a donation for late items. Privileges may be temporarily suspended if items are a few months overdue. Please be courteous to fellow library users and bring your items back in a timely fashion.” Chester Public library website (USA) via Finding Heroes.


Local News

  • Bradford – Town hall’s grand plans – Keighley News.  Silsden library would be moved back into the town hall and its current building in nearby Wesley Place put on the market. Sale proceeds, estimated at £300,000, would fund the town hall improvements.” Silsden Town Council not impressed with move of facility.
  • Brent – Libraries receive national award for encouraging adults to read – Harrow Times. “The libraries, including Ealing Road Library and Kingsbury in Wembley, received a Reading Agency gold award after getting more adults than any other library service in the UK to complete its Six Book Challenge.”

“Blossom Brooks, who took part in the reading challenge, said: “I really got into it – once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.“I didn’t have a library card before I started doing the challenge. I now go every two weeks – in fact, you can’t get me out of the library.””

  • Croydon – Malcolm Wicks intervenes in library saga – Crystal Palace Local.   Upper Norwood Joint Library: MP wrote to Minister pointing out requirements under 1964 Act.  DCMS officer [Dempster Marples: known for his habit of sending form letters in response to individual library complaints and not even changing the dates on them – Ian] points out the letter of the Act means the Minister does not need to intervene.  “The agenda for the full council meeting was even more terse: “7: Debate on item deferred from the annual council meeting relating to the Upper Norwood joint library committee.” No report accompanied this item. The move – which many people in Upper Norwood will regard as a monumental piece of petty spite – has outraged library campaigners and adds to an increasing feeling locally that all this is happening because the electors in the Upper Norwood ward of Croydon council did not do the ‘right’ thing and elect Tory councillors to it at the last council elections.”
  • Surrey – Libraries campaigners vow to fight on against volunteer plans – Eagle Radio.  “Lee Godfrey from campaign group SLAM tells Eagle the loss of permanent staff concerns him: “Permanent and paid staff, through years of experience, knowledge, training and consistent day-to-day contact provide a better service than a rota of volunteers. “We’re very disappointed with the decision.””
  • Wakefield – Why must the service be changed? – Wakefield Express.   First major changes for 30 years.  “Library use in Wakefield has declined by 43 percent in the last 20 years, and this month’s cabinet report said just 14.5 per cent of people are now using the service regularly. In the last three years there has been a 157 per cent increase in online reservations, and the report said it was also easier now for people to pick up books cheaply from supermarkets.”
  • Wolverhampton – Book club at risk if Wolverhampton library closes – Express and Star.  “Pensioners at a popular book club say their group could fold if the proposed closure of a Wolverhampton library goes ahead.”

“Mrs Luck, aged 65, of The Dingle, Finchfield, said: “We just won’t be able to run it. Members would not be able to pick books up and many can’t afford to buy them as they are living off their pension. The club isn’t just about books, people socialise and form friendships.”