“Yesterday, I marched with fellow library campaigners from Voices For The Library on the TUC March in London. We carried the Speak up for Libraries banner and met along the way campaigners from Brent S.O.S., SLAM and Lambeth as well as numerous other Library staff and supporters. The amount of support that we got for our message was amazing, with people clapping, taking photos and generally welcoming us.  Our main aim was to publicise the SUFL campaign and conference on 10/11/12, we handed out loads of leaflets and even got a mention on the march for libraries and library cuts, so a very successful and enjoyable day. So let’s use the Speak up for Libraries Conference on 10/11/12 to build on this, to come together to discuss a positive way forward and a plan of action!” Alan Wylie, Stop the Privatisation of Public Libraries.

  • Ed Vaizey asks for a “clear strategy” for libraries implementing e-lending – Information Daily.  “To many in the top levels of government, the adoption of new technologies in libraries is key to their survival in the current climate of austerity and public sector budget cuts.”
  • If there are to be ebooks in public libraries, publishers (and authors) will need to be persuaded: not told – Good Library Blog / Tim Coates.  “If I were the chief executive of a significant publishing house, I wouldn’t let public libraries lend ebooks”.  Libraries are less and less interested in books and buy only 5% of all books, down to 12% in ten years.  As well as this, libraries are very pushy about how they want books, with special tagging etc.  They also rarely buy from new authors.  Libraries are already half-privatised as publishers/authors are in private sector.
  • Moves and ShakersLibrary Journal (USA). “The editors of Library Journalneed your help in identifying the emerging leaders in the library world. Our twelfth annual round of Movers and Shakers will profile 50 or more up-and-coming individuals from around the world who are innovative, creative, and making a difference. From librarians to vendors to others who work in the library field, Movers and Shakers 2013 will celebrate the new professionals who are moving our libraries ahead.The 2013 Movers and Shakers will be highlighted in the March 15 issue of Library Journal.”  3 of the recipients have been from the UK.  Nominations close 7th November.

Nancy Pearl on Libraries Youtube.  “Nancy Pearl, best-selling author, literary critic and model for the popular librarian action figure speaks about the value of libraries. “When you walk into (a library), you’re the equal of anybody else and your options are unlimited.”

  • Nurses, cleaners, librarians: UK austerity marchers challenge government cuts – World News (USA).  “Thousands of anti-austerity protesters marched in London on Saturday to protest against public spending cuts enacted by a government fighting off accusations that it is run by an upper-class elite that ignores the plight of recession-hit voters. “… “Nurses, cleaners, librarians and ambulance drivers are among tens of thousands marching past the Houses of Parliament to a rally in Hyde Park in one of the biggest anti-austerity protests this year. Marches will also take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Glasgow, Scotland. “
  • Public libraries and literacy – National Literacy Trust (2011). Findings “suggest that public libraries do not only have a role to play in the reading patterns of those pupils who use them, but also a unique role in providing opportunities to support learning outside of the classroom including support for family engagement
  • Women’s Library bidding process was flawed, say campaigners – Museums Association.  “Campaigners have accused the London Metropolitan University of a lack of transparency over the bidding process for the stewardship of the Women’s Library collection. The bid was awarded to the London School of Economics (LSE) in September but the campaign group Save the Women’s Library believes there should be a judicial review into the London Met’s handling of the process, though it does not have the resources to fund a review itself.”


Local News

  • East Sussex – New chapter for library with second-hand bookshop – Eastbourne Herald.  “Eastbourne Library in Grove Road is to be the first public library in East Sussex to have a permanent second-hand bookshop. East Sussex County Council’s Library & Information Service will open the bookshop in December. The shop will be run by volunteers and will sell second-hand books, DVDs and CDs and a range of other merchandise such as greetings cards.” … ““The new bookshop will make the experience of shopping for ex-library stock more enjoyable for our customers and will provide more income to be used to buy new books for our libraries.” The Library Service has been running a competition to name the bookshop via its Facebook page.”
  • Hampshire – Route changes for mobile library service in Hampshire – Daily Echo.  “The Mobile Library Service will make 343 stops around Hampshire, mainly on a four weekly and weekly basis. Twenty-nine stops, said by the county council to be underused with fewer than two regular customers, have been withdrawn, including Eastleigh, New Forest, Test Valley and Winchester areas. It follows a public consultation held over the summer. A full review of the Mobile Library Service will be undertaken at the end of 2013, 12 months after the current changes are implemented.”
  • Lewisham – The effect of library cuts: Lewisham, a case history – Alan Gibbons / Patricia Richardson. An in-depth look at the experiences of this authority over the last 16 months.  5 libraries withdrawn from the council and given to other providers.  120 volunteers have been added.  Figures show large reduction in usage of transferred libraries [although, to be fair – and I know there will be comments if I don’t add this – less of course than if the branches had been closed – Ian.].  Worries that there have been large costs involved in the transfer and in continued model.

“Having sacked 15 qualified and long-serving librarians in the week before Xmas 2011 “Scrooge starves the shelves” , Redbridge / Vision are now recruiting unqualified staff:,  I noticed signs advertising these posts when I visited my local library yesterday. The senior posts barely pay the London living wage; and will not when the figure is upgraded next month. The assistant jobs are already considerably below the London living wage.” Redbridge – By email.