• Government advisor says rural pubs and libraries should merge – Morning Advertiser. “An expert invited by the Government to advise on the future of libraries has suggested they could be housed in pubs.”.  Comments from publicans suggests community-rooms/bookshelves in pubs can be successful.
  • Warnings over public services as local councils face funding shortfalls – Guardian. “Councils facing a funding gap of £5.8bn to March 2016, which could put services like libraries and leisure centres under threat” … “Bus services, libraries and leisure centres are at risk of closure over the next few years as English councils have to deal with rising demand for elderly care and a giant budget black hole, the Local Government Association has warned.”
  • Woman gives birth to a baby girl in children’s library – ITV. “A woman gave birth to a baby girl this morning in a children’s library. The heavily pregnant woman was taking her four children to school when she began going into labour.” … “We screened off part of the children’s library which is closed to the public so she had some privacy and the baby was born before 9am. Everyone rallied round and worked really hard to help the mum and the paramedics, so we’re all over the moon at the new arrival, we hope she grows up to be a real book lover.”


  • 7 surprises about libraries in our surveys – Pew Research Centre (USA). (1) those ages 65 and older are less likely to have visited a library in the past 12 months than those under that age (2) Although 10% of Americans have never used a library, they think libraries are good for their communities. (3) E-book reading is rising but just 4% of Americans are “e-book only” readers. (4) Those who read both e-books and printed books prefer reading in the different formats under different circumstances. (5) those who use libraries are more likely than others to be book buyers and actually prefer to buy books, rather than borrow them. (6) many patrons are comfortable with the idea of getting recommendations from librarians based on their previous book-reading habits (7) Some 20% of respondents said libraries should “definitely” make changes with the ways they arrange their books but 36% said libraries should “definitely not” make those changes
  • HK Public Libraries opens Cultural and Historical Resources Corner at 18 libraries – 7th Space (Hong Kong China). “The Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has opened a Cultural and Historical Resources Corner at a selected public library in each of the 18 districts from today (June 30). The new resources corners aim to promote public interest in local history and culture as well as enhance awareness of local communities”
  • LA’s libraries are lookers – Zocalo Public Square (USA).  There are some beautiful libraries here.  Look and learn, guys.
  • Making Makers – Innovation Excellence (Canada/USA). “The Maker movement is steadily gaining steam and some cities are looking to help it grow and thrive, seeing it as an opportunity to inspire artists and entrepreneurs. One such city is Edmonton, which lies in the Alberta province of Canada, and its program in their public library system to provide maker spaces staffed with library employees and equipped with 3D printers, computers with Apple’s Garage Band and Adobe’s Creative Suite, and more.”
  • New York Public Library Looks at Innovative Models for Renovation – Wall Street Journal (USA). “Library officials say they are considering two innovative libraries in Tennessee and North Carolina as models for creating high-tech, collaborative spaces. Chattanooga Public Library’s “4th Floor” is a so-called maker space stocked with 3-D printers and even a loom. North Carolina State University’s James B. Hunt Jr. Library in Raleigh features writable surfaces on walls and tables, and massive video screens for displaying data. As libraries rethink their physical spaces, many are reorienting themselves toward users. “It’s the evolution of libraries, right?” said Anne Coriston, the New York Public Library’s vice president for public service. “Libraries are becoming cool.””

UK local news by authority

  • Borders – Consultation fails to find trust opposition – Southern Reporter. “Scottish Borders councillors were told last week that no “significant opposition to the trust proposal” has been picked up at the meetings that have taken place so far. However, at last week’s council meeting, leader, Councillor David Parker admitted to reservations about the consultation questions and suggested that if the process needs to take longer then the council should consider extending the time. “I’m not convinced that the consultation was carried out in a way that you would get meaningful answers to the questions asked.”
  • Halton – Council chiefs to weigh up library service options across Halton as Government cuts continue to bite – Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News. “Options on streamlining Halton’s library services have been announced as council chiefs weigh up how to slash more than £400,000 as Government funding cuts continue to make an impact across the borough.” … “The review by Halton Council’s efficiency team has led to two options being put forward to the council’s executive board and focus on changing opening hours. The options – which allow all four of the borough’s main libraries to remain open – have been placed in a report to go before councillors on Monday, July 7, and asks the board to agree for them to be sent out for public consultation. The first option keeps libraries across Halton open for a total of 154 hours a week, which equates to 85% of current opening hours and would bring budgetary savings of £400,000. A second option would see libraries remain open for a total of only 96 hours – just over half the current opening times – but would save an extra £100,000.”
  • Lincolnshire – Save Lincolnshire Libraries say there is still time for county council to change its mind Lincolnshire Echo. “Ahead of next week’s court battle, protesters today staged a press conference outside Lincoln train station. Labour county councillor John Hough, who represents Louth South, told the Echo: “What we hope to achieve is for Lincolnshire County Council to change its mind – there is still time even at this late stage. “We don’t know what the judge will decide but we believe we have a strong case. “Certainly, we have an opportunity.”
  • Sheffield – Sheffield library plan deadline extended – The Star. “The deadline for plans to be submitted, after the council controversially relinquished control of 15 facilities, was originally today.
But groups are now able to put their proposals forward until July 7. Coun Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for communities, said there was some ‘flexibility’ in the timescale. “The extended deadline will give library groups a little more time to bring together all they have learned about running a volunteer-led service”, he added.”
  • Staffordshire – Authors speak out on Staffordshire libraries – BookSeller. “Authors Jacqueline Wilson and Alan Gibbons have spoken out in defence of libraries as part of a BBC examination of library services in Staffordshire.”
  • Wrexham – Wrexham’s new-look mobile library – Wrexham Council (press release). “The Wrexham Mobile Library had a makeover and is looking fantastic – it now promotes two of the great online services that Welsh Libraries offer across Wales – e-books and e-zines and they are all for free” … “Libraries Inspire marketing officer, Jane Purdie said: “This service has been running for over two years now and is proving extremely popular with well over 100,000 issues to date. The fact that the books and magazines are free is a real bonus in the current times.’’