A reasonably quiet couple of days with a few libraries threatened in Cumbria and more detail on what is likely to happen in Anglesey. There’s a somewhat hard to believe report that fracking will result in £1 billion of community grants for groups, but it specifically mentions libraries so here’s hoping. There’s also a couple of things about health and wellbeing from the LGA and Task Force.


National news

  • All to play for: games, libraries and sharing skills – British Library. “The Living Knowledge Network (LKN) regularly organises skills sharing days for members of partners in the network, and recently hosted a fun packed skills sharing day on the topic of games and playfulness in libraries, which took place on 9 November 2017 at Leeds Central Library
  • The Big Issue Big Book Giveaway – Nominate a group, we’ll send them books – Big Issue. “We believe in the power of words. With literacy levels struggling across the UK and library closures hitting hard, we want to give you a hand to get books to those who need them” … “Unfortunately though, libraries are under threat. Last year, £25m less was spent on libraries in Britain, a 2.6 per cent fall from the £919m the year before, a reflection of cuts by local authorities looking to free up cash for frontline services. The knock-on effects are disastrous – for reading groups, for those who can’t afford to buy new books, for those who need to use library computers to get online when they don’t have access at home, for the marginalised for whom libraries are a welcome sanctuary
  • Communities to share £1bn shale gas funding – LocalGov. “A £1b fund has been announced for communities near fracking sites to pay for extra facilities including parks, sports centres and libraries. Treasury exchequer secretary Andrew Jones said people living in the North and Midlands where there are significant shale gas reserves will benefit first.”
  • Helping people look after themselves – Local Government Association. “Local libraries also offer a Reading Well Mood-Boosting Books option, which includes uplifting novels, non-fiction and poetry. There is a dedicated recommended reading list for dementia too”
  • Library Family Adventure – Christmas Special – Society of Chief Librarians. A simple quiz game aimed at encouraging library use.
  • Patient and public information – how can libraries help? – Libraries Taskforce. “Librarians and libraries are absolutely the right people to support the creation, provision and signposting of patient information and there are a number of reasons why. We are experts in finding, appraising, and packaging information based on our users’ needs” … “One easy way for us all to collaborate in a really effective way is through Health Information Week. The next one is due to take place from 2-8 July 2018. This is an annual, multi-sector, national campaign to promote good health information to patients, the public and health professionals”
  • The Radical Librarians Collective, Lostock, and Nigel Sussman – Times. “The Radical Librarians Collective has asked us to clarify that it is not leading the debate on recataloguing and reclassification in university libraries as reported in our story “Universities may censor student reading” (News, October 29). We are happy to do so.”
  • Techniques to inspire, develop and implement change in your library – CILIP. Monday 11th December, London. “Keen to help your staff, library users and the wider community embrace change and challenge themselves to a brighter future? Curious about the possibility of embracing mess and play as part of your organisation’s information experience? Take a visit to Library Island and discover through hands-on activities and interactive challenges how information and health professionals from Michigan USA to Christchurch New Zealand have been pushing the boundaries of information science to drive change and develop new relationships both in and out of their organisations. Hear about the latest developments in international libraryland, including reports from the team behind the new vision for public libraries in Queensland, Australia.”

An online bookclub from Axiell
International news

  • EU – IFLA and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Share your story – Naple Sister Libraries. “IFLA is convinced that access to information and knowledge is key in order to help tackling these problems and achieve these goals. To demonstrate it, they need the evidence demonstrating libraries’ contribution to the UN SDGs and impact in the communities they serve. The tool they’re using for it is the IFLA Library Map of the World. This map has a section called SDG stories to collect SDG stories from libraries and countries across the world.”

Local news by authority