Northamptonshire is again in the news, with the DCMS announcing they will look at complaints about cuts to its library service. There’s also more news about cuts in Somerset and East Sussex amongst other places. I more positive news, the Arts work that St Helens Libraries undertake has played a role in giving the borough city-wide recognition.

I don’t normally pay much attention to IFLA. It’s the global librarian association and I tend to concentrate on more parochial issues of direct concern to British public librarians. Small-minded possibly but I often find it hard to associate with their publications, initiatives and conferences. But I suspect this is my failing and not theirs. So have a look at the various links below about their recent conference and make up your own mind.


National news

  • How to make an official complaint to the DCMS – Public Libraries News. Notes from a campaigner on how to bring a complaint about cuts to a public library service to the attention of the Government.
  • Nicola Sturgeon reading challenge extended after success – Scotsman. “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s reading challenge will now include secondary schools, libraries and community groups. The programme was set up in 2016 and since last year has included all primary pupils from P1-7.”
  • St Helens Named as First Liverpool City Region Borough of Culture – St Helens Council. “Cllr Barrie Grunewald, Leader of St Helens Council said: “This is brilliant news and particularly appropriate that St Helens should be the first Borough of Culture in our 150th year. “St Helens has a growing reputation as a centre of excellence for arts and culture with both the Heart of Glass and St Helens Libraries Cultural Hubs programmes in the Art Council Englands National Portfolio.”
  • Welsh Public Library Standards Independent Adviser – Sell2Wales. “The aim of this contract is to appoint an Independent Adviser to; Assess local authority library service performance for 2017-18, based on reports submitted by local authorities. Prepare assessment reports and letters for local authorities to an established and existing timetable.”

An online bookclub from Axiell
International news

  • Global – IFLA President’s Meeting 2018: Opening – IFLA / YouTube. “The IFLA President’s Meeting Opening will include an introduction by IFLA Secretary General, Gerald Leitner, and a welcome address by IFLA President, Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, under the theme: “Leading the way: Libraries as Motors of Change”.” … see also Our vision, our future – IFLA / Vimeo and IFLA President’s Meeting, Barcelona – Matt Finch. “The conversation about libraries’ mission must include other professions, other philosophies, communities we have both embraced and neglected, and our staff at all ranks from the front desk to the people gathered in this room, because as we go forth and explore the universe of knowledge, information, and culture, we must do so in the company of all” and IFLA Global Vision – IFLA. “IFLA’s eagerly-awaited Global Vision Report Summary reveals incredible insights into the views of over 31,000 participants from 190 UN Member States across all seven continents”
  • New Zealand – The digital literacy sweet spot: what do you need to flourish? – Library Boss. “The digital literacy sweet spot is at the intersection of active experience, motivation, deliberate practice and social negotiation.”
  • USA – Meet Chicago’s punk-rock librarian: Jeremy Kitchen urges you to read, nosh, and mosh – Chicago Reader. “Kitchen, who’s 47, doesn’t look like a stereotypical librarian. He’s a tough-looking, tattooed guy who favors ballcaps and Hawaiian shirts in clashing Day-Glo patterns. He’s been a singer in several punk bands and is a gulf war vet. His unconventional path to becoming a librarian makes him well qualified to meet the needs of a public that is increasingly uninterested in traditional academic matters. He’s able to reach those who aren’t naturally bookish. If libraries have a role to play in our tech-besotted, forgetful age, we could do a lot worse than Kitchen as a guide.”
  • USA – Minimalist Librarianship Medium. Any more description of this article than this would be go against the spirt of the article.
  • USA / Global – Let’s Build a Great Digital Library Together…Starting with a WishlistInternet Archive Blogs. “We are looking for partners to help us build a great physical collection of books to be preserved, digitized, and made available through our Open Libraries project. Working with more than 500 library partners, the Internet Archive has already helped make more than 3 million public domain books available online for free access through archive.org. We have also brought more than 500,000 in-copyright books online to provide full access to those with print disabilities.”

Local news by authority