Another quiet week, with the sound of Covid recovery broken only by the announcement of cuts in one service – they’re going to happen, they do not know the precise details. On the plus side, there’s a lovely short programme on reading, with lots of library references, from the BBC. If one is interested in what is going on internationally, and I feel we all should be, we can read about what’s going on in the USA and be grateful that, at least. we don’t work in libraries there. Oh boy, if we thought our society was divisive, we ain’t got nothing on the Americans. Finally, I’d like to pay tribute to #uklibchat, which has been providing a superb platform for people to share their professional experiences and thoughts for a decade. Well done to all those involved. And thank you.

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  • Action Counters Terrorism for UK Libraries – Libraries Connected. London, Tuesday 2 November, 10am to 4pm. “In partnership with Libraries Connected, the National Counter Terrorism and Security Office (NaCTSO) will be delivering an ACT Corporate day at New Scotland Yard for public library services throughout the UK.”
  • Angela Rayner Points Out A Very Obvious Problem With Nadine Dorries’ Endorsement Of Libraries – Yahoo News. “Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, noted that hundreds of libraries have closed since the Conservatives were voted into power back in 2010, after the newly appointed culture secretary Dorries endorsed them on Sunday. Dorries tweeted: “It doesn’t matter where you’re from – a library card is a ticket to anywhere in the world.”
  • CILIP’s Skills for Leadership – Manage, Motivate and Influence – CILIP. 28 and 29 October, webinars.
  • A fond farewell to #uklibchat – UKLibChat. “We have made a decision to say goodbye to #uklibchat and end on a high with our 10 year anniversary. We will be hosting two last chats and will close the doors at the end of 2021. As we do so, we wanted to give people an opportunity to share what they’ve appreciated and look back on our history a little.”

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what plans they have to introduce loan schemes at libraries for electronic devices to encourage citizens to become more digitally capable. Lord Taylor of Warwick

… Whilst this is not a matter for the department to require, we understand that the provision of portable devices to lend is something library services are increasingly delivering. We know that at least a quarter of library services in England already provide portable electronic devices for loan, generally targeted to those more likely to be digitally disadvantaged. ​​I learned about an example of this at Manchester Central Library in my visit during Libraries Week. Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay.

Libraries: Electronic Equipment – DCMS written question
  • Inside Culture: How We Read – BBC iPlayer. Takes a good look at how people read, including many references to libraries. “In Edinburgh, author Ian Rankin gives voice to the words of Scotland’s secret book sculptor, whose intricate artworks, created from the pages of novels, were made in support of libraries, books, words and ideas. ” Liz Lochhead says ” if a community has a public library then it perceives itself as having some worth in the eyes of others “
  • Libraries and the environment – Library data blog. “How could digital waste apply to library activities?” amongst other things.
  • New book celebrates Wales 34 Carnegie libraries – National. “In his book, Griffiths also repeatedly makes comparisons between “church and chapel buildings in Wales” and Carnegie libraries, which were “built close to the heart of their communities, acting as community centres and meeting places… freely available havens for quiet contemplation or self-improvement”. If the cultural and social parallels between chapel and library are clear from this description, the book’s many illustrations also serve to underline architectural similarities.”
  • Working Internationally for Libraries – CILIP. Full project report. ” the project focused on English public libraries to develop a programme of activities including grants for international collaboration projects and an international conference that featured ideas and inspiration from across the world.”

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