A quiet Easter week by the look of it. Happy Easter everyone.

National news

  • All Stories relaunches mentorship programme for writers from underrepresented groups – BookSeller. “Year two will offer 10 mentorships to writers of middle-grade and young adult fiction across nine months, evolving from the previous format where writers for all age groups were mentored together for six months. Picture book and young fiction writers will be supported the following year, in an ongoing pattern.”
  • Engaging the public with research in libraries: An introduction to the toolkit – Libraries Connected. Webinar. Tuesday 26 April, 13.
  • Living with Covid 19 guidance – April 2022 – Libraries Connected. “Libraries should continue to make risk assessments in line with their local circumstances and to consider the needs of any vulnerable staff, volunteers and users.”
  • Printer Near Me: Price and Value of Printing in the Local Library – Lorensbergs. Survey of public library printing charges. “As more libraries stop fining for overdue items, print revenue becomes even more significant. What libraries charge for printouts is therefore critical to get right. Too high and it disadvantages those users on lower income, too low and it disadvantages the library. “
  • Strategic Insights Webinar: Recruiting in a competitive environment – Libraries Connected. Wednesday 13 April, 15:30. “At this webinar we will hear from Manchester and Kirklees Libraries on how they have bucked the trend and launched innovative recruitment processes to attract high calibre and more diverse staff.”
  • Support our Libraries: Labour hits out at SNP on its funding record – Scotsman. “Scottish Labour has accused the SNP of “gutting local communities” after new analysis revealed cuts to local government have led to libraries losing out on more than £250 million in the last decade.” … “The party has cited figures from the Improvement Service’s Local Government Benchmarking Framework, which showed that by 2020/21, real-terms cumulative cuts to the net expenditure on libraries had hit £257,125,000 over the last 10 years.”
  • Transition – problems, solutions, conclusions – National Acquisitions Group. Wednesday 11 May, Birmingham. “Change requires transition, such as migrating to a new library management system; working under a new management structure; adapting to a reduced staff or resources budget; moving or withdrawing large parts of our collections; or changing our collections and acquisitions policies/workflows.”

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