Yeah, it’s been a while since my last post. Back in late April I was walking the dogs before going to work, rushed as always, when I had a heart attack. This greatly annoyed my dogs as it meant their walk was cut short. Thankfully, I got back to the house before my wife left for work, meaning she was able to call 999, an ambulance came immediately, I was operated on in an hour and walking again the next day. Thank heavens for the NHS.

Recovery took way longer than I thought, with me coming back to work on phased return in late August’ me having to cancel a lot of my hobbies (pantomime being the main one) and the dogs getting even more annoyed at the lack of walking. Thankfully, I have recovered enough now to do Public Libraries News again. Obviously, I’ve missed half a year so it’s going to take a while to catch up on that. This post is just the last week. What I will do is just update for changes and ideas. If anyone would like to help, and thank you to one kind volunteer already, I can send you the daily Google Alerts – as few as you like – to check for me. But it will be done. Because this website, and public libraries generally, have a firm place in my heart, however dodgy that organ may prove to be in other ways.


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“The key driver of the REVEAL project is the premise that the “why” of what libraries do every day and the ethical values that underpin that work is fundamental to an effective advocacy strategy for the profession.”

REVEAL: Reinforcing Ethics and Values for Effective Advocacy for Libraries – CILIPS. ” a review of the key concepts related to advocacy, ethics, and values, the project outputs also include the ten-video series below and other materials such as infographics to support the themes explored. All materials are made available free for use …”

  • Why are libraries hiding gender-critical books? – Spiked. Free Speech Union writer says “Does being a gender-critical writer put you on par with Hitler? According to Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire, the answer is yes.”. Article says CILIP “is now pushing a form of soft censorship as part of its guidance to libraries across the country.” … “The last thing the public needs are more patronising attempts to police what we read.”

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