By authority

The information in these pages is taken from from a variety of sources, including media reports, information sent by local authorities and from local library users.  Please contact the website if you know of anything which requires addition or amendment.

Please note also that all information, good or bad, has been included in the “tally” since roughly the start of 2012.  Before then, the tally listed only cuts information.

Pages in this section (please click):

Changes by library authority – Lists all changes reported by the media in the UK.  Changes inc. closures, budget cuts, new libraries, changes in opening hours, book-fund etc.

List of withdrawn libraries – Lists all libraries in the UK closed or taken out of council control.

List of volunteer-run libraries – Lists all libraries in the UK that are now run wholly or largely by volunteers.

List of Library Trusts and prospective Library Trusts – Lists UK libraries now run by a Trust, Mutual or Arms Length Organisations who now run libraries on behalf of the local council.

List of privatised libraries and prospective outsourced libraries – Lists UK libraries run by private companies or where being run by private companies is being considered.

List of new and refurbished libraries by authority.

List of unstaffed / Open+ libraries