Aberdeen to Bedford

The following information has been taken from news reports, information sent by local authorities and from library users.

  1. Aberdeen
    1. 2024: Extended opening hours at five libraries (1)
    2. 2023: Cornhill, Cults, Northfield, Ferryhill, Woodside and Kamhill “decommissioned” due to £280k cut. (3)
    3. 2020: £40k cut: co-locations.  (3)
    4. 2017: Library to be part of colocation at Tillydrone Community Hub. (7)
    5. 2016: Officers propose closing 8 libraries (£500k cut): councillor “guarantees” none will be cut. (2) Proposed cuts to libraries withdrawn. (2)
    6. 2012:  1 mobile closed and  8 libraries under threat (13/9/12). Ending mobile resulted in £13k saving, consultation on closing eight libraries, £7500 expected to be saved by email/SMS communications
    7. 2011:  “Silver City Vault” for online historical photographs and records launched.
  2. Aberdeenshire
    1. 2024: Portsoy and Whitehills libraries to close. (5)
    2. 2022: Oldmeldrum Library moves into Libraries HQ (4) Aberchirder Library to move into primary school. £210k cut.  (12)
    3. 2020: Consultation. (2)
    4. 2019: Cuts expected.  (2)
    5. 2018: To become some sort of trust in expected £1m cut (1) Abandons leisure trust proposal after spending £370k researching it. (2) £30k refurbishment of Inverurie Library. (7)
    6. 2016: Libraries may be moved into non-profit trust. (9) Banff library reopens after renovation: museum, sofas with USBs, new furniture. (10)
    7. 2013: Stonehaven is being refurbished (13/2/13) Stonehaven and Fraserburgh libraries refurbished (carpets, painting, seating etc) (5).
    8. 2012: Inverurie Library extended, library app for smartphonesRated “excellent” by Scottish Library and Information Council (20/5/12)
    9. 2011: New Westhill Library.
  3. Anglesey
    1. 2019: Holyhead Library moves to new site in Market Hall. (8)
    2. 2018: Rhosneigr Library taken over by parish council, with private company hiring rooms for funding. (3) Beaumaris, Cemaes and Rhosneigr will stay open, with reduced staffing hours and local council backing.. Moelfre and Newborough to shut on June 29. Cemaes village library to remain open for further year. (6)
    3. 2017: Confirmed Holyhead Library will move into Market Hall with business hub after £2.4m refurbishment. (1) 5 libraries (Beaumaris, Cemaes, Moelfre, Newborough and Rhosneigr) out of 10 under threat: consultation. (9) At least 3 ( Cemaes, Newborough and Moelfre) to close (£100k cut). Rhosneigr library will also close if parish council does not fund it. Beaumaris Library (once under threat) to remain open “after agreement was reached” with leisure centre. (11)
    4. 2015: Holyhead Library may move into Market Hall. (10) Consultation: opening hours, closures, co-locations and other options included.  (10)
    5. 2013: 2013/14 £70k cut (from £1m budget) inc. 1 redundancy, cuts in hours and  bookfund.  7% cut in each of the subsquent years 2014/16 )23/1/13). 60% cut in funding in libraries expected over next five years.  (12).
    6. 2012: Council rethinks cuts (previously set at 7% for each of next three years)and decides on 2% cut, with no closures (31/10/12). 7% cut in each of next three years.  Some libraries may close (26/10/12). Anglesey Libraries already lowest funded of any library service in Wales.  20% budget cut (£200,000) from £1m expected (26/10/12).  1 member of staff likely to be lost
    7. 2011: 4 libraries earmarked for closure (temporarily) saved. No further reports therefore these libraries removed from tally (July 2012).
  4. Angus
    1. 2022: Monifieth Library may move into community hub. (7)
    2. 2020: Cuts expected (Angus Alive trust £458k cut).  (2)
    3. 2018: 2 new mobile libraries (£270k investment) (4) Montrose and Carnoustie libraries upgraded. (7)
    4. 2017: Carnoustie Library will become co-located: refurbishment. (3) Brechin, Kirriemuir and Monifieth to be collocated with council customer services.(5)
    5. 2016: Police access offices integrating into libraries.
    6. 2015: Libraries may move into a Trust, with leisure and culture. (1) Libraries passed to Angusalive, joint leisure/culture/libraries non-profit trust. Late fines abolished. (12)
    7. 2013: £33k grant to help restore Edzell Library (3) but Edzell Library to be restored but will not be a lending library. Opening hours reduced in seven libraries in 2012 (4)..
    8. 2012: Edzell Library may be reopened with volunteers.(4/10/12). Two replacement mobile libraries costing £269k, following consultation (partnership with Police and Fire services) showing need for service (NB please note these mobiles may have replaced four libraries closed in 2010).
    9. 2011: 4 libraries closed April 2010 to be possibly replaced by a mobile. New mobile library to replace Edzell library closed in 2010 has been delayed until Jan 2012.  Arbroath Library to be transferred from Arbroath ownership to Angus ownership
  5. Argyll and Bute
    1. 2024 – Rosneath Library not open since lockdown started, may close permanently. (1)
    2. 2017 – Mobile library withdrawn in 2016, with books left inside it, some of which are now rotting. (11)
    3. 2016 – All school librarians made redundant. (2) Libraries and other services to transfer to Trust. (11)
    4. 2015 – Considering removing school librarians. (12)
  6. Barking and Dagenham.
    1. 2017: Barking Learning Centre includes a spa as well as a library, jobcentre, makerspace and citizen’s advice bureau. (2) £720k ACE funding over four years. (6)
    2. 2016: £1.7m budget (-52% since 2009/10) (3)
    3. 2014 – Valence and Thames View Libraries under threat.  (12)
    4. 2012:  By April 2014, a further five libraries (on top of three already closed by April 2013) to be run by volunteers . Only two to continue to be run by Council. Two libraries (Markyate closed Sept 2012) and Castle Gate (to be transferred to local school) to close before April 2013.  £593k cut in budget (25/10/12). Castle Green Library may also close (1/3/12). £425k cut 2012/13 followed by further £226k in 2013/14 “but no jobs will be lost”.  Thames View Library to be merged adjacent children’s centre. Mark’s Gate Library may face “re-shaping”. Staff 2007/8 65.3 2011/12 71.2 (12.7 prof, 58.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 41 (Cipfa).
    5. 2011: 1 library closed – Wantz Library closed 31/3/12.
  7. Barnet
    1. 2022: Hendon Library stays in current location (10)
    2. 2020: Hendon Public Library may move into new building, with old one being converted into a business school (11)
    3. 2018: Library space to be leased out to Wimbletech for business space hire. (4) Wimbletech withdraw from leasing space in libraries for businesses. (6) DCMS secretary asked for inquiry into staff cuts, and installation of staffless technology. (7)
    4. 2017: East Barnet Library to close: to be moved into colocation with leisure/café. (1) Staffed opening hours reduced. Funding to volunteers / groups to start at £35k per year and cut down to £25k in final third year. (4) Church End reopens in new location. Open technology introduced. (10)
    5. 2016: Chipping Barnet Library to be partially turned into commercial offices. (12) Childs Hill Library to be run by learning disability charities, resident’s charity will run Mill Hill Library, Inclusion Barnet will run East Barnet and South Friern Libraries. (12)
    6. 2015: £2.27m cut by 2020. 10 libraries to adopt Open+ technology to increase opening hours. Substantial cuts to staff, to be replaced with volunteers. Childs Hill, East Barnet, Mill Hill and South Friern to be volunteer run with council support. 46% of library staff cut, from 114 to 62 full time. Space will be let out for commercial and community use to raise money.  (10)
    7. 2014:  Cuts of up to 60% being considered (unconfirmed).(9) Proposals to save £2.85m from 2015 to 2020 include closing/volunteering 7 out of 15 branches, renting out space including car park spaces, outsourcing. (10)
    8. 2013: £250k spent on self-service machines and wifi.  (21/2/13). Church End Library may move circa 2016/16 into bottom of Finchley housing development, on rental basis, with existing library building sold (3). Church End Library under threat (3).
    9. 2012: 1 library (Friern Barnet) closed, 1 library (Hampstead Garden Suburb) passed to volunteers.  Plan for new library at Artsdepot cancelled, North Finchley to be improved instead (30/10/12). Cuts to librarians confirmed at 18.5 (6 remaining).  Surviving staff lose time and a half on weekends (c. 5% pay cut). Increase in management and admin staff (24/9/12). Petition to reopen Friern BarnetVolunteer-run Hampstead Garden Suburb Community Library will open on June 28th (18/6/12). Asking for volunteers to assist library staff with storytimes, rhymetimes, IT sessions and homework clubs (12/5/12). 3 threatened (out of 16) with one new library (Artsdepot): Hampstead Garden Suburb Library to be given to community group but Friern Barnet and North Finchley libraries to close (17/2/12) (31/3/12). Artsdepot has “interim” 10,000 item library to replace North Finchley and Friern Barnet (despite concerns over Artsdepot suggesting it is not a replacement 12/4/12 I have counted it as library, for now). Staff 2007/8 157 2011/12 122.5 (48 prof, 74.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 38 2011/12 28 (Cipfa).
    10. 2011: 2 threatened (out of 16) – 1 to go due to merger of North Finchley and Friern Barnet libraries at “Artsdepot” site;  Hampstead Garden Suburb Library to close or be taken over by the Save Our Suburb Library group.  ; Bookfund up by £10k; £3m raised by selling off buildings (Finchley Hill, Church End, Child’s Hill and Grahame Park – to be moved into presumably cheaper buildings); 16FTE lost; £350k saving joint backroom services (£1.6m cut to be decided 29th Marchfinal council decison here.
  8. Barnsley
    1. 2024: Wombwell Library children’s area refurbished.  (7)
    2. 2023: Royston Library being refurbished. (12)
    3. 2021: New Barnsley Library “Lightbox” opens. (9)
    4. 2018: £160k cut, probably opening hours and job losses. (6)
    5. 2015: New central library announced as landmark of £50m town centre redevelopment.(1)
    6. 2014: Central Library to move temporarily to Wellington Street while plans are made for new town centre co-located building. (1) £100k cut: mobile library service being reviewed. (11)  £100k cut: mobile library service being reviewed. (11)
    7. 2013: Monk Bretton Library announced as to close (to be replaced by mobile library stop or by room in social centre) but then decided that it will not close until replacement at Redfearns ready (4). 8 out of 17 libraries under threatDarfield, Dodworth, Grimethorpe, Monk Bretton Thurnscoe, Worsbrough and the Priory campus in Lundwood to either be taken over by non-council groups or closed.  Kendray library to close (4).
    8. 2012: 3 under threat. Wombwell Library reopens: now combined with one-stop shop and welfare rights unit.  Some upgrading inc shelving on wheels (18/7/12). 3 threatened libraries still open on last check (13.1.12). Archives and local studies will move from Central Library to the Town Hall (4/11/12).
    9. 2011: 3 under threat (confirmed) (combine 11 surviving libraries with “customer centres”)
  9. Bath and Northeast Somerset
    1. 2022: Council accused of u-turn on promise to protect Bath library – Somerset Live (2)
    2. 2020: Mobile library changes.  (1) Paulton Library transferred to parish council, to be run by volunteers. (6)
    3. 2019: Now fine-free (10) Volunteer library (800 books, 20 volunteers, open 12 hours per week, opens at Peasedown. (10) Bath Central Library refurbishment proposed. 11)
    4. 2018: Saltford volunteer library to include post office. (5) Midsomer Norton refurbished, now co-located with One Stop Shop. (5) Five new volunteer libraries (Bishop Sutton, Chew Valley School, Timsbury, Peasedown St John and Whitchurch) likely to open in addition to any of the five council-run libraries that have been identified for closure or transfer to volunteers. (6) Saltford Library now volunteer. (8) Bishop Sutton volunteer library to open in Methodist church. (9) Weston Library now volunteer. (10) Co-locationsfor Bath Podium Library postponed. (11)
    5. 2017: 5 out of 8 libraries to close or turn volunteer: £275k to encourage volunteer libraries, with parish/town council aid. Only Bath, Keynsham and Midsomer Norton to remain with paid staff / council-run (10) Bath Central to remain open but with One Stop Shop located within. (11) Mobile safe (after being proposed closed in cuts). (11).
    6. 2016: 8.5 hours per week reduced opening overall. (10) 800k p.a. cut. Bath Central Library to be closed and co-located with council offices in Manvers Street. Midsomer Norton Library to be closed and co-located with One Stop Shop. (12)
    7. 2013: 1 mobile library (out of 2) withdrawn. (6). Radstock Library to move into a room in Radco. (8)
    8. 2012: Volunteers to help keep libraries open, notably in new Paulton Library Community Hub expected to open in Spring 2013.  Small pick-up drop-off points for books in new locations.  Review of mobile libraries (6/11/12). Mobile library service saved after public protest (16/2/12) and Consultation (13/1/12). Plan was to use money to  increase opening hours by using volunteers and extending the home library service (8/2/12).
    9. 2011: Mobile library service (at least 2 so counted as such in the headline count) may end (£180k cut).  Paulton library may be relocated (at cost of £170k).
    10. Campaigners: Save Bath Library (Facebook, Twitter) and Friends of Bath Podium Library.
  10. Bedford
    1. 2022: LibraryPlus extended to Kempston and Putnoe Libraries. (3)
    2. 2021: Increase in staffless technology. (3)
    3. 2020: DCMS minded not to intervene in cuts.
    4. 2017: Mobile library service likely to be cut.(4) Open+ introduced at Bedford Central, Bromham and Wooton. Kempston and Putnoe “decided against”. (8)
    5. 2016: 25% cut in budget over last four years. Consultation. (2) Consultation closes: likely that all libraries will stay open in some form.(9) Open+ to be used in Central (where security guards are present) but not in branches. (10)
    6. 2012: Computer access will be charged after first free half hour.
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    Dalrymple library east ayrshire closes on Christmas Eve, only 9 branches left 2 mobiles and the main library in Kilmarnock left

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