Bedfordshire to Bradford

To make the list is factual as possible, please email with any corrections or additions.

  1. Bedfordshire – 1 mobile to go£229 cost of self-service will cut £43k staff per year.  Staff cuts inc.  three front line posts and 2.75 full time equivalent posts.
  2. Bexley
    1. 2023: New libraries The Nest (replaces The Thamesmead closed ten years ago) and The Sidcup Storyteller (library, cafe, working space, cinema).
    2. 2022: Community group withdraws from Bostall volunteer library. (4)
    3. 2021: New library for Sidcup as part of property development.  (1)
    4. 2020: £570k cut plus 28 out of 68 posts lost, opening hour cuts, increased staffless libraries. Funding withdrawn from 6 volunteer libraries. New libraries proposed for Thamesmead and Sidcup.  (11)
    5. 2019: Sidcup High Street to have combined library and cinema. (12)
    6. 2018: Sidcup Library may be co-located with cinema. (4)
    7. 2017: New library to be built at Southmere / Thamesmead. (6) Welling Library refurbished (air conditioning, larger IT/study/children’s space. (9) Post office will move into Crayford Library. (9) Workary renting of desks/workspace at Welling Library (9)
    8. 2016: Greener Bexley charity passes on Bexley volunteer library to Bostall Library Community Group and Slade Green Library to Eco Communities. (6) proposed joint outsourcing with Bromley dropped. (9)
    9. 2015: “Soft market testing” in order to outsource libraries, in partnership with Bromley.(3)
    10. 2014: Citizen’s Advice Bureaux co-located in Central and Sidcup libraries (4) 4 libraries to become volunteer (Blackfen, Bostall, Northumberland Heath and Upper Belvedere), longer opening hours in other six.  (9).
    11. 2012: 1 library (Bexley Village) passed to volunteers, 2 more under threat. Bexley Village run be run by charity/volunteers from July 19th 2012 (26/6/12). A new expanded Crayford Library to be built due to housing development (17/1/12): Join London Libraries Consortium (5/10/12). Bexley and Bromley library services now merged (10/1/12): Bexley Village Library will be run by charity “Greener Bexley” from Spring, with membership charge for “extra benefits”, library will be independent of council (who will supply one secondment and bookstock), saving £40k p.a..  Cafe in library, with free wifi (but charges for using computers), extra 9 opening hours (4/1/12). Staff 2007/8 138 2011/12 89.3 (15.8 prof, 73.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 110 2011/12 184 (Cipfa).
    12. 3 under threat (3 from a list of 5 will gothis is the five), £1m  (16%) cut. Merger of library services will include halving of staff including loss of 36 staff, including all(back-office?) professional staff. 1 mobile now ceased (Source: posting on LIS-PUB-LIBS).
  3. Birmingham
    1. 2024: £2.3m cut. Up to 25 libraries under threat, 11 more to become co-locations, 47 out of 221 staff to be cut. (1)
    2. 2020: Library of Birmingham needs £11m maintenance over ten years: £3m to be spent on it over 3 years.  (9)
    3. 2019: Druids Heath Library closed for three months due to broken boiler.  (1)
    4. 2018: Sutton Coldfield Library to be partially converted into play café to help fund it. (1)
    5. 2017: Kents Moat Library to close, Aston Library saved from closure, Sutton Coldfield to stay open until at least end of August. (2) Part of Sutton Coldfield Library to be rented if taker found. (6)
    6. 2016: Library of Birmingham Development Trust ends. (10) 2 libraries (Aston and Sutton Coldfield) to close: 24 job losses. £1.4m cut 2016/17 followed by £1.95m in 2017/18 (10)
    7. 2015: Staff co-operative likely to be agreed soon for 39 branch libraries. (3) Tyburn Library transferred to Castle Vale Tenants and Residents Alliance (CVTRA) (1 paid member of staff, others are volunteers) (4) Tourist Information Centre closed at the Library of Birmingham. (8) £2m conversion of Library of Birmingham, with first floor conference rooms and study areas being taken over by a language school (part of Birmingham Adult Education Services). Opening hours will be at least partly restored.  (10) £250k investment by Wolfson Foundation into five children’s libraries. (12)
    8. 2014: £1.5m cut 2015/16, to be cut by £4m by 2018 (40% cut). Library of Birmingham cut from 70 to 40 hours per week. Petiton. (12)  £1.8m cut Erdington District: £70k cut (explore volunteers, reduce space and bookfund); Ladywood District: Springhill Library to close; Bloomsbury library closed due to theft of lead from roof may not reopen; £54k cut 2014/15 £243k cut 2015/16; Hall Green District: Hall Green District: no cuts; Perry Barr District: Handsworth and Kingstanding Libraries to have reduced hours, £35k cut to staff: Library of Birmingham/Housebound/Mobile: Trust may need to fund rest of £1.35m cut.  (1) Aston, West Heath and Wylde Green under threat of closure. (1). Possibility of libraries being taken over by a Trust to avoid some of the cuts inc. four library closures. (2) Mere Green under threat. (3). Spring Hill Library saved from closure (3). £250k funding from Wolfson Foundation to improve youth provision inv. 3D printers, iPads. (7) Tender to produce consultancy report on turning Birmingham Community Libraries into a Trust. (8) £713k shortfall in funding due to less private sponsorship than expected.  Library of Birmingham costs £10 million per year plus £12 million per year on loan repayments for building. (10)
    9. 2013: Sutton Coldfield library still closed after nearly two years (2/13) Tendering out of running of Library of Birmingham, archives, mobile library service, home library service and bookfund (4) £2.1m cut (2012/13), increased use of volunteers (4). Sutton Coldfield – improved children’s library and co-located council services – reopened May 2013 after closure for two years due to repairs. (5). 28% budget reduction resulted in 10% less opening hours, 260 FTE staff reduced to 164 FTE (staffing reduced by 37%) and 8% less visits than 2011/12 – but less unscheduled closures.  Starting at 9% more issues compared to 2011 (however, this had slipped to 13% less issues by third month of cuts and 17% less by sixth month).  2013/14 cuts already achieved meaning an “oversaving” of £638k.  £172k in income raised, more co-location and volunteers.  New computer system noted and co-operation with the Library of Birmingham. Difficulties noted in supplying casual cover to libraries, made worse by vacancies running at 8.5% of staffing.  Very low staff morale noted. (6). “One third less mobile stops (£40k cut), one-fifth less Home Library Service visits (affecting 400 people – £60k cut), £50k cut to bookfund, no exhibitions if there is a net cost (£150k cut), £1.65m cut in total. (12)
    10. 2011: 1 mobile library and School Libraries Service closed.  £2.3m cut by 2013/14 (from £8.5m 2011/12), which is a 28% cut. £545k to replace pre-fab West Heath library (9/7/12).  23 libraries (out of 39) will reduce hours to four days per week.  Shard End new library to open early 2012.  Sutton Coldfield to be reopened in May 2012. 155 staff fte will remain from 182 fte at start of 2011.  Budget measures inclde increasing income, considering volunteers, more self-service, taking £200k off £1.3m bookfund“massive” round of redundancies just finished. Fears that council will launch two-tier service, with one “hub” library in each constituency with other branches having reduced hours (or closed)Children’s mobile closed, nearly all senior and middle management made redundant, “BookStart” librarian redundant  School library closed, £200m super library being built; Birmingham Music Library loses half its staff, suspends non-telephone interlibrary requests.
    11. 2010: Hawthorne House Library closed Sep 2010: community bid to run it failed as lacked enough projected income.  Sold by Council to private bidder for £750k.
  4. Blackburn with Darwen
    1. 2022: Blackburn Library opens for an extra 2 hours every Saturday afternoon and Darwen Library opens for an extra 3 hours every Friday morning (source: email).
    2. 2020: Goes fines-free, including amnesty for existing fines. (1)
    3. 2017: Opening hours cut (4 per week) at Blackburn Central. (3) Roman Road Library run by Blackburn With Darwen Healthy Living (5)
    4. 2014:  3 libraries (Livesey, Mill Hill and Roman Road) under threat: will pass to volunteers or close. (12)
    5. 2013: £2m upgrade of Blackburn Library starts (5).
    6. 2012: 3 under threat (Roman Road, Mill Hill, Livesey): £500k to be cut from £2m budget over two years.  Opening hours cuts, fines increased (now 18p per day.  Exemptions for under 16s and over 65s ended), Blackburn Central music section cut.  Roman Road Library to be run by volunteers: if successful, Mill Hill and Livesey branches will also lose paid staff (18/3/12). All libraries still open as of check 18/1/12.  Barlow Institute has 500 books, open only on Saturdays, to replace withdrawn mobile library 6/3/12.
    7. 2011: Roman Road Library to be run by volunteers with less stock/less computers/less hours, saving £36k per year.  New Chapel Street Library and Livesey Library may be run by volunteers if pilot scheme successful £500k (25% budget cut) over three years: Blackburn Central now cut on Sunday; Darwen closed on Tuesdays; Earlier closing hours for all; newspaper and magazine cuts to be reviewed after public protests; 
  5. Blackpool.
    1. 2022: Combined library and launderette opens in Mereside. (7)
    2. 2020: 9%  increase in new members since going fine-free: 5k new members expected in first year at cost of £6k.  (2)
    3. 2017: Management restructure: job losses expected.(2) Boundary Library to close for four months while work under way for more co-locations. (7)
    4. 2016: £1.9m budget (-11.9% since 2009/10) (3) £85k cut: opening hours reduced from 307 a week to 266-and-a-half. Anchorsholme Library to experiment with café to see if it boosts income. Further £100k cut threatened: volunteers or income or further cuts will be answer.  (5) Charges increase. (7)
    5. 2015: Consultation next year may include some cuts (8)
    6. Previous. No libraries closing (previously listed as 2)Mereside Library has reduced hours, new library at Moorpark£1m investment plus £2m from Big Lottery Fund.
  6. Blaenau Gwent
    1. 2024: Arbertillery Library to move and be co-located. (1)
    2. 2023: Blaina Library closed for repairs (12)
    3. 2021: Existing Abertillery library to be closed. New library will be transferred to community group in co-location. (1)
    4. 2020: Libraries to become multi-service “community hubs”.  (10)
    5. 2019: Allocated bookfund underspent, staff levels “critically low”. (3)
    6. 2018: Libraries under review, with more cuts expected. (8)
    7. 2016: Ebbw Vale Library refurbished. (6)
    8. 2015: Brynmawr Library will close, with service being moved to adult learning centre. Town council contributes £4k to £20k cost for move. (6)
    9. 2014: Libraries to move into new “Life Leisure Trust” with other council sports/leisure/cultural/heritage council services. (3).
    10. 2012: £15k cut as two mobiles to be replaced with smaller vehicles, increasing visits to homes and “community venues” (9/3/12).
    11. 2011: 2 mobile libraries under threat (but replaced so not counted on tally)2 managers lost 2011/12
  7. Bolton
    1. 2024: Refurbished Central Library will reopen in late January. (1)
    2. 2022: Little Lever Library moves into new co-location (2)
    3. 2021: £430k cut. (6) 70 hours cut.  (11)
    4. 2020: £6.3m of Bolton Central Library, Museum and Archive inc. refurb and “flexible work-spaces for local businesses and groups” proposed.  (10)
    5. 2018: Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library to be volunteer in five-year lease. (1)
    6. 2017: Joint library/health centre in Little Lever plans submitted. (12)
    7. 2016: New library possibility at Little Lever. (9)
    8. 2014: Considering setting up non-profit trust for libraries. 10 job losses. £300k-£500k budget cut. (11)
    9. 2013: £4.76m budget 2012/13 cut to £3.76m 2013/14. 172k less visitors 2011/12 to 2012/13.  (12).
    10. 2012: 5 closed (Heaton, Oxford Grove, Castle Hill, Highfeild, Astley) – Central Library to be open on Sundays and Bank Holidays (15/3/12). Heaton Library closed (26/2/12).  Oxford Grove Library to close 24/2/12 and Castle Hill Library to close 2/3/12.  Replaced by small (c.800) collection of books and a self-service machine in the relevant local community centre (28.1.12) Late book fees to increase to 18p per day (was 17p), children’s book fees frozen at 2p, pensioners frozen at 6p.  DVD borrowing will be stopped (18.1.12). Highfield Library closed (13.1.12).
    11. 2011: 5 (Out of 15) to close:  Heaton, Astley Bridge, Highfield, Oxford Grove, Castle HillLibrary closures to be partially softened with several 300-title collections (97.6% less stock than in current libraries) in community centres. Heaton will remain as community/children’s centre.  The five libraries slated for closure have now been made open for groups to take over, business plans need to be with council by 5th December.  13 FTE staff to go.  Central Library hours extended, including on Sundays.Bromley Cross hours reduced to 26.5 hpw, Blackrod to 24.5.  13 out of 100 FTE staff to go. £400,000 cut.  Consultation until September 16th.
    12. Campaign group: Save Bolton Libraries
  8. Bournemouth (until end March 2019)
    1. 2019: Combining with Poole and 2 Christchurch libraries from Dorset on 1 April. (3)
    2. 2017: To combine library service with Poole: combined saving of £566k expected by 2019/20 (3) Library managers and specialists pay cut as part of merger with Poole. 3 years pay protection. (7)
    3. 2015:  3 job clubs, all branches have wifi, updating of all computers, literature development e.g. Bournemouth Poet Laureate and online poetry “wall” (7 – via email) £250k cut: Ensbury Park Library may close, moving services into Learning Centre.  (10)
    4. 2013: £1.7m cut by 2020 inc. higher charges/fees/sales, less bookfund, less staff, possible co-locations (3)
    5. 2012:  QR codes in libraries after Arts Council grant. Kier sells PFI stake in Bournemouth Library for £5.4m (based on average return from council of 7% per year).
  9. Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (from 1 April 2019)
    1. 2024: Boscombe Library closed for months due to flooding. (1)  £440k cut, opening hours reduced. (1)
    2. 2021: Christchurch Library to be co-location with various council services. (8)
    3. 2019: 2 libraries from Christchurch (Dorset) plus 22 from Bournemouth and Poole join in new unitary authority April 1
  10. Bracknell Forest
  11. Bradford
    1. 2024: £900k cut proposed (due to “underdelivered savings” over lockdown). (1) Previously announced £900k cut will include replacing staff with volunteers (3)
    2. 2023: Opening hours cut: fewer branches open 5pm to 7pm. (11) Shipley Library opens Enterprise Hub  (12)
    3. 2022: Baildon Library likely to move into former social club.(1)
    4. 2020: Consultation. No library closures. (2) £200k for moveable shelves.   (2) £220k for replacement and extension of self-service.  (11)
    5. 2019: A further £1,050,000 cut 2020/1 announced following on from £950k cut 2019/20.  (1) £2m (65%) cut to libraries and museums service over 2 years. (9) £700k for health and wellbeing / help ease £1m cut to library budget. (12)
    6. 2018: Ilkley visitor information centre co-located into library. (5) Addingham volunteer library granted £50k to improve building. (10) £950k cut expected 2019/20. (10) Libraries closed for over two weeks in past year due to “staff shortages”. (11)
    7. 2017: Silsden to become fully volunteer (3) Burley in Wharfedale Library reopens as volunteer (4) Thornton Library becomes volunteer. (7) Upper Heaton sold. Menston, Undercliffe and Upper Heaton experiencing difficulty in attracting volunteers, may all close.  (7) Menston Library closed despite prospective volunteers (7) Burley-in-Wharfedale parish council may take over library. (9) £950k cut, closures not ruled out. (11)
    8. 2016: Idle Library now volunteer run.  (1) Volunteer libraries open in Methodist churches in Lees, Oxenhope and Haworth to replace mobile library stops. (2) Cuts reduced: 3 to retain full paid staff  (Wibsey, Wyke and Laisterdyke) 2 to be hybrid paid/volunteer (Baildon and Clayton) (2) Shipley Library reopens after £640k refurbishment. Meeting rooms improved. Social services to share space.  (5)
    9. 2015: Shipley Library will have £640k refurbishment inc. self-service machines, new exhibition area, heating, toilets. (6) Girlington Library to close: may move into community centre. (10) 19 out of 30 Bradford Libraries will become volunteer or close. (note on figures: report says 25 out of 32 but this includes 2 local studies libraries which I don’t count separately and 4 libraries I already have listed as volunteer) (12)
    10. 2014: Petition against library cuts (1) 3 mobile libraries under threat. (2). Mobile libraries to end on 31st March.  Housebound delivery service to be reduced. (3).
    11. 2013: Central Library confirmed as unfit for usage due to asbestos: £1m new City Library due to old library having asbestos.  Money to be raised by saving on rents/maintenance (5). Silsden Library reopens in town hall with 2,000 books and self-service (soon to include after hours) replacing Wesley Place Library sold by council to pay for town hall refurbishment. (11) New City Library (Central Library) opens (60k books, 40 computers, wifi). (12)
    12. 2012: Central Library closed Jan-March 2013 for £900k repair work (24/9/12).  Silsden Library may move into Silsden Town Hall, with the sale of the library building paying for improvements to it (26/7/12). Central Library restricted to ground and first floors: £1 million needed to make building safe, a further £4.5m needed to fully complete maintenance work (17/6/12). Central Library is open only on lower floors whilst options to either re-furbish or re-locate are being investigated. Decision due March/April. No cuts to library budgets for financial year 2012/13 (Source: Bradford Libraries email 19/3/12) although originally proposals were made to reduce library opening hours and cut the book fund by £350,000 (source: 20/2/12). School Library Service may close in August (19/3/12).
    13. 5 withdrawn from council control (4 to volunteers, 1 closed)  (Confirmed 5 to close – £70k “saving”). £490k cut, £245k being via voluntary redundancies; £50k via one floor of Bradford Central Library closing).  Addingham Library volunteer-run since 31/10/11.  Denholme and Wrose volunteer-run from Novermber 2011. Wilsden Library volunteer run from 20/3/12. Heaton Library replaced by Mobile Library service. Burley in Wharfedale Library may be co-located with the Co-op. as part of re-development of the site.
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