Public libraries are free to join.  Some do not even require ID, all will join you if you bring in proof of name and address.  Joining a library means you will be able to borrow books instantly and be able to use any library in that authority.


Find your local library

Directgov (UK) – Type in your postcode to find your nearest library and what you need to join.


Talk to a public librarian

Enquire (Worldwide) – Ask a real live librarian from the UK or the world, depending on the time, for the answer you can’t find anywhere else.


Best book browsing sites

Amazon (Worldwide) – Best site for finding out if a book is in print.  One can then use the details to purchase or order from your local library.

Copac (UK) – Best site for finding out details of obscure books.

Fantastic Fiction (Worldwide) – Best site for finding out titles of books in a series and for the complete list of books written by a particular author.


  • #1 written by Kate Pitman
    about 11 years ago

    The Omnivore is book review aggregator. A database of professional reviews going back several years and an antidote to Amazon ‘customer’ reviews.
    Then order from your local library…

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