Guest posts

The CCC/Tsutaya library miracle in Japan: combined bookshop libraries – January 2018. By Steve Coffman.

A glimpse of Tokyo library life, by Sue Charteris – January 2014.

Nick Poole on what can we learn from the past to inform the future of public libraries – October 2016.

A little less conversation: Nick Poole from CILIP writes about the problems with public libraries and action needed – April 2017.

Libraries Taskforce Kathy Settle sets the records straight – August 2017.

A Library is not just for Christmas – Library Campaign, Anonymous December 2017.

The Amazing Grace of Public Libraries (or aromatherapy for local living)Grace Kempster OBE, July 2015.

Angry about cuts to Newport Libraries – Catherine Finch, April 2017.

Thema: Graham Bell describes Thema, the new subject classification for the global book industry – March 2016.

Dancing Darth Vaders And Talking To Astronauts: Liam Cookson talks MozFest 2017 – January 2018.

Indigenous Knowledge Centres: Queensland Public Libraries finding a niche – May 2017.

A home for the homeless: Rachael Rivera and the Auckland Library Streeties August 2017.

Relative Poverty: A display designed especially for libraries – July 2017

3D Printers & Maker Spaces – Michael Groenendyk, October 2012.

Maker Spaces in Libraries – The state of the art December 2013 – John J Burke.