Brent to Cambridgeshire

To make the list is factual as possible, please email with any additions, corrections or omissions.

  1. Brent
    1. 2019: £150k cut postponed.(1) £150k cut cancelled after consultation.  (2) Kensal Rise Library reopens as volunteer.(9)
    2. 2017: Mayor of London promises £40k for volunteer library in Cricklewood, if rest of funding found.(7) £115k raised via crowdfunding for improvements at Cricklewood. (9)
    3. 2016: Abandons proposed move to libraries non-profit trust. £160k budget cut will therefore be made in another way. (2)
    4. 2015:  Considering outsourcing to become a Trust. (1) Library visits up 40% (now 2 million). (5)
    5. 2014: Visits up 8.4% on 2012/13, loans up 3.5%.  (4) 42% increase in visits, 7.4% increase in loans. (9).
    6. 2013: £816k cut from libraries budget due to closure of six libraries. Overall, 1% increase in usage, 1.2% decrease in visits (figures supplied by Cllr Powney, lead for libraries). Usage figures for the remaining open libraries (4). Honesty collections of library books to be left in cafes, shops and pubs (5).
    7. 2012: Six libraries closedWillesden Green Library will be redeveloped into a joint library/cultural centre (18/1/12) with the front of Willesden Green Library demolished (13.1.12) and the rest of the land sold off to developers to pay for the work.. Save Cricklewood Library petition. Staff 2007/8 133 2011/12 68 (20 professional, 48 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 10 (Cipfa).
    8. 2011: Council has spent £154k on legal costs trying to close libraries.  Cost of redundancy of sacked staff was £258k. 6 out of 12 confirmed as closing82% of consultation responders said council plans to close 6 of 12 were not reasonable; £1m cut in budgettalking to private company LSSIlegal challenge; Central Library will move to new Civic Centre building in 2013; the 6 libraries not being closed will be open seven days, with longer hours during exam periods, more ebooks and more audio. 
    9. 2010: Harlesden Library refurbished (£2.5m).
  2. Bridgend
    1. 2024: Consultation, expected cuts to opening hours and book fund.  (5)
    2. 2022: Pencoed Library too be refurbished (6)
    3. 2019: £70k cut 2019/20 and further £60k cut 2019/20. (2) Fines to end on 1 April. Pyle Library reopens. (3)
    4. 2018: Welsh Government funding to modernise Pyle Library. (5) Library part of Maesteg rtown hall redevelopment. (8)
    5. 2012: Move of Bridgend Library to Recreation Centre (£4.2m “upgrade”) with access problems, consultation from July 2012. 3 threatened libraries (see below) still open as of 15/1/12 therefore removed from danger on tally.  Town’s library may move to bigger building.
    6. 2011: 3 libraries threatened (BlengarwNantymoelCaerau). Service may not be able to reach Welsh Assembly library standard.  Opening hour cuts at most branches.
  3. Brighton and Hove
    1. 2024: Saltdean will reopen in February after £7m refurbishment.  (1)
    2. 2023: Mile Oak Library may close in £35k cut (2) Mile Oak Library will close (5)
    3. 2018: Hove Library basement to be rented to nursery. Building to be modified. (6)
    4. 2017: Late fees reintroduced for children’s books. (1) Proposed £700k for replacing Saltdean Lido Library. (2) Open technology will not be suitable for Hove on Sundays as it has too many rooms. (4) Hollingbury Library closes at current site: to move into community centre. (10) Holingbury Library reopens in community centre: staffed one morning but open seven days per week (self-service machine, otherwise card access). (11)
    5. 2016: Rottingdean to have remote-control Open+ at cost of £23k to increase hours. (4) Open+ extended to all libraries, which become “Libraries Extra”. (8)
    6. 2015: 2 libraries to allow access while unstaffed outside of normal hours. (8) Hove Library may close and move into Hove Museum. Westdene Library may close and move into Westdene Primary School. Hollingbury Library may close and move into Hollingbury Children’s Centre. (10) £1 million cut by end 2017/18.  (11)
    7. 2014: Woodingdean Library opens in new co-located building with community/medical centre (old library closed). (6). New library (co-location with academy) opened at Mile Oak. (8)
    8. 2013: Mobile library closed (£84k p.a. cut) used by 800 people.  1500 petition disregarded. Plan to save mobile lost when no volunteers came forward.  To be replaced by £37k “books on wheels” home delivery service. Woodingdean Library to close, with new building merging library, community centre and medical centre. £500k on library (£1.6m overall) (3).
    9. 2012: 1 mobile library may end in 2013 after review (23/9/12) possibly to be replaces by home delivery service (one officer and volunteers): £49k p.a. cut (15/9/12). 15/1/12) Wifi to be installed at Jubilee Library17 job losses (but new library equal access officer and income generation officer),  cuts to opening hours at Hangleton and Portslade libraries. (10/2/12).To remove RNIB talking books representing cut of £22k (2/2/12).  Community groups asked to take over running of mobile library to save it from closure (13/1/12) £440k cut to libraries budget, no building will close. (9th January 2012) New Woodingdean Library  planned. However, £150k cut 2012 budget includes mobile library to be closed.
    10. 2011: Refreshments and spaces with toys to be introduced in all libraries, free wifi at Jubilee Library.
  4. Bristol
    1. 2024: Money found to cover temporary library shortages. (1)
    2. 2023: “Widespread opposition” means Central Library will not move. (1) Repeated library closures due to staff shortages (12)
    3. 2022: Central Library could move somewhere cheaper, in potential £1.38m cut.  (11)
    4. 2021: £30k bookfund cut (7)
    5. 2019: Central Library returns to opening seven days per week. (3)
    6. 2018: All libraries to remain open until 2020. (6)
    7. 2017: Confirmed £1.4m cut. First reports suggest 19 out of 28 libraries to close/pass to volunteers (unconfirmed).(1) No decision made on number of closures as yet, £1.4m cut confirmed (direct email from council). (1) 30% cut: £1.4m – £300k cut 2017/18, £740k cut 2018/19, £360k cut 2019/20. Staffing and building cuts expected. Bishopston new library opens, replacing Cheltenham Road Library.(5) Up to 17 branches to close. (6) Threatened libraries named “Avonmouth, Shirehampton, Sea Mills, Redland, Clifton, Westbury, St Paul’s, Horfield, Lockleaze, Hillfields, St George, Bishopsworth, Marksbury Road, Filwood, Whitchurch, Stockwood and Wick Road“(10) Central Library may move to cheaper building / universities may be asked to help fund. (10) Cuts to libraries postponed by four months due to consultation/exploration towards change to mutual or co-location. Government fund used. (11)
    8. 2016: Up to £2.1m cut from total budget of £4.6m: may be more volunteers, co-location, move to Trusts (10)
    9. 2015: St Paul’s community centre transferred to ethical investment company (1) 7 (out of 27) libraries may close: Clifton, Eastville, Marksbury Road, Redland, Sea Mills, Westbury, Wick Road. £1.1m cut, 12 week consultation. (2) No closures until at least April 1st 2016: volunteers may take over threatened libraries. (3) 1 library (Eastville) closing, 6 others saved from closure but with reduced staff (£500k cut)and opening hours. £635k cuts still to be identified.
    10. 2014: Up to 26 full time equivalent job losses expected (1). Building of new Bishopston Library delayed due to concerns over quality of  building work (3). £1.1 million cut before April 2015, some libraries may close. (10)
    11. 2013: New library Junction 3 opened, £3m inc. computer suite and learning centreFree School may take over bottom levels of Central Library (6). Confirmed that two storeys of Central Library will be rented out to Cathedral Primary School for £60k per year. (12).
    12. 2012: Mobile Library closedMobile library will close in April (30/1/12). Five libraries (Robinson House, Fishponds, Knowle, Filwood and Bedminster) to be merged with council information points.  Self-service installed. New Bishopston Library will be built on site of old Baths due to deal with developers (26/8/12).
    13. 2011: 1 Mobile library could be withdrawn.  Public consultation. £200k cut from staffing, self-service to be installed  “alternative provision” explored. £90k cut off bookfund of £700k.
  5. Bromley
    1. 2024: Library £10m repair programme 2024/5 for Southborough, Beckenham, Burnt Ash, Chislehurst, Orpington, Mottingham, Petts Wood, Penge, Hayes.  (6) Bromley Central Library may move to larger new site.(7) Central Library to have £15m move due to asbestos.  (7)
    2. 2023: West Wickham and St Paul’s Cray libraries being refurbished (4)
    3. 2020: Strike ends.(2) Chislehurst Library to be redeveloped. (9)
    4. 2019: Beckenham Library proposed to move into leisure centre. (11) 320k refurbishment for Bromley central library. (11)
    5. 2018: West Wickham Library may co-locate with leisure centre in new building. (4) Strike over pay (4).
    6. 2017: Carillion withdraw as bidder to run service. GLL is believed still in the running. (3) Confirmed GLL will take over contract for ten years. (7)
    7. 2016: Preferred bidder for 8 libraries turning volunteer has withdrawn. (9) proposed joint outsourcing with Bromley dropped.(10) Will continue investigating outsourcing by itself. (10)
    8. 2015: Chislehurst Library site on sale from council: developer would need to build replacement. (2) “Soft market testing” in order to outsource libraries, in partnership with Bexley. (3) Burnt Ash, Hayes, Mottingham, Shortlands, Southborough and St Paul’s Cray to be “community-managed” (5)
    9. 2014: Mobile library service (1 of 1) to be closed from September. (8). New Penge Library opened, replacing two older libraries in Penge and Anerley. (10) 6 libraries to be volunteer-run.  Service to be market-tested for outsourcing. Consultation to ensure legal. (11)
    10. 2013: 2m visits 2011/2 up 3% on year before (18/1/13).
    11. 2012:  See also Bexley.  Join London Libraries Consortium (5/10/12), Burnt Ash and Southborough still open and now appear to be removed from threat therefore none counted under tally (29/8/12). 10/1/12: Services now merged with Bexley, with the loss of 35 posts. Staff 2007/8 171.8 2011/12 117.3 (15.4 prof, 101.9 other) Volunteers 2007/8 58 2011/12 167 (Cipfa).
    12. 2011:  Burnt Ash Library and Southborough Library under threat.  Charging for second hour plus on internet. St Pauls Cray and Mottingham libraries may be cut from 43 hours per week to 14, while Chislehurst and West Wickham may go from 44 hours to 20Suggested merger of two councils’ library services may save Bromley £880k – £340k from staff losses, £90k from merging Penge and Anerley libraries. 8 (out of 15) may close; KAB talking books cut; Withdrawing from RNIB scheme, replacing with Calibre service. Large scale reductions in opening hoursCouncil has £33m cash reservessome branches will move to being run by “trustees” and volunteers. 
    13. Campaign group:  Bromley Cuts Concern
  6. Buckinghamshire
    1. 2024: £555k cut – 25 to 30% cut in staff but staff-less opening will increase hours by 50% or more.  (6)
    2. 2020: Marlow Library refurbished.  (12)
    3. 2019: Aylesbury Library refurbished.  (1) 160k cut.(9) Co-located Amersham Library to be demolished, moving into temporary location. (9)
    4. 2018: £37k staff cut, £125 bookfund cut, £375k other cuts, £140k opening hours cut.(1) Proposed cuts to opening hours cancelled. Other cuts still in place (2) 3 mobiles lost from 1st June, representing £180 cut annually. (4)
    5. 2017: District council pays library service to run its tourist information centres in High Wycombe, Marlow and Princes Risborough . (3) Study Centre co-locates with Aylesbury Library. (4) £611k cut by 2019/20.(6) Aylesbury Library to move into town hall: lending and reference sites merged. £366k including meeting room (7) Mobile library service likely to be ended: consultation. (11)
    6. 2016: to consider moving to non-profit trust; to implement by April 2017 if agreed. At least £1m (20%) cut expected by end 2009. (2) Considering moving out to Trust. (3) £4.8m budget (-48.2% since 2009/10) (3)
    7. 2015: £270k cut. Opening hours to be reduced. (3) Opening hour cuts from 29 June of around one fifth in its largest nine libraries. Micklefield Library hours also reduced. Castlefield became volunteer run in 2015. £100k improvement to Buckingham Library. (7)
    8. 2014: £1m cut since 2009/10: Further £595k cut expected by 2018 inc. Self-service , organisational change and additional volunteering  £450,000 cut; volunteers £65k: increased income £40k; bookstock efficiencies £30k, Home Library cuts £10k. Bourne End, Burnham, Castlefield and Micklefield to be run by volunteers by end of 2014. (4). Libraries may be run as a Trust or as a Mutual. (11)
    9. 2013: Aylesbury Library may move possibility questioned (4). Volunteer library to be run from Waddesdon Secondary School. (10)
    10. 2012: 8 under threat of closure (Castlefield, Farnham Common, Haddenham, Wendover, Winslow, Micklefield, Bourne End) with 9 transferred to volunteers (Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Flackwell Heath, Iver Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon, Stokenchurch, Wing, Chalfont St Peter) Wendover now volunteer-run (5/12/12). Wing now volunteer-run (10/11/12). Great Missenden, Stokenchurch and Iver Heath to be run by volunteers  (17/9/12).  Chalfont St Peters (volunteer-run) extends hours by 3 hours per week (5/9/12). Gerrards Cross to be volunteer run by 1st September (6/8/12). Great Missenden Library to be colocated with post office/cafe/florist and 2 paid members of staff (still counted as under threat in tally due to low level of staffing and great reduction in floorspace). (14/5/12). Flackwell Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon and Wing libraries to be volunteer run (30/1/12). Chalfont St Peter became volunteer on 2nd January.  Ebooks launched.
    11. 2011: £700k cut: 16 out of 23 under threat of closure if volunteers do not run them; Castlefield, Chalfont St Peter, Farnham Common, Flackwell Heath, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Haddenham, Iver Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon, Stokenchurch, Wendover, Wing, Winslow. 60 part-time jobs at risk, compulsory redundances “a very last resort”.  Council presentation for consultation November 2010.  3 under threat in 2012 – Micklefield and Bourne End which are to be “reviewed” when £1.5m lottery money runs out in April 2012 and also BurnhamIvinghoe Library to be renamed Beacon Villages Community Library and to be run by volunteers (paid manager to be retained) from the Friends of Ivinghoe Library Little Chalfont (volunteer-run) library increases hours from 25 to 29.
  7. Bury.
    1. 2024: Radcliffe Library to be closed before move into new “civic hub” in 2027: no temporary home found for it as yet.  (6)
    2. 2021: Central Library may be part of big town centre redevelopment.  (7)
    3. 2018: Tottington becomes volunteer.(3)
    4. 2017: 10 or 11 out of 14 under threat (only Bury, Ramsbottom and Prestwich safe).(1) £15k given anonymously to pay for Tottingham Library to transfer to being volunteer rather than close. (4) Confirmed 10 out of 14 libraries will close: Radcliffe Library (previously threatened) saved due to public response but no extra money found.(7) Council appeals for volunteers to run Coronation Road, Dumers Lane, Topping Fold, Tottington, Unsworth and Whitefield. (9)
    5. 2016: Consultation on library cuts: some closures may occur. (6)
    6. 2013: £570k cut: Unsworth to close with stock moved into moved to Sunny Bank Community Centre:  Radcliffe to close and be moved into relocated to Radcliffe Civic Suite:  Prestwich to be “remodelled to provide an open-plan facility in a smaller area, making space available for learning disability day services” and Whitefield libraries will “will also be used by adult care and the existing sensory impairment unit will be moved to a different part of the building reduced staffing” £3.46m budget 2009/10 down to £3.125m 2011/12 back up to £3.32m 2013/14. 53k less visitors since 2011/12 (12). 
    7. 2012: Phase Two: Further £500k cut will involve closure/relocation of several branch libraries (4/12/12). Phase One: £240k cut, 9.2 FTE jobs under threat mainly at Central (25/11/12), 2011: 1 under threat but no sign since so assumed saved (1 other reduced hours) £540k cut plus £60k school libraries cut.  Some libraries may close.  (libraries may be transferred to trust/private company/charity) (housebound service closed).
  8. Caerphilly
    1. 2023: Rhymney Library to reopen in January after £400k refurbishment (12)
    2. 2016: £48k refurbishment for Ystrad Mynach Library. (9)
    3. 2014: Caerphilly Town Library opens, £5.2m investment includes customer service centre and museum (1). Caerphilly has police service desk.  All libraries renovated over last ten years. Abercarn has volunteer-run community café and is part of social housing project. “Newbridge Library closed in May 2013 and moved to the Memo, it has increased its visitors from 17, 144 in 2012/13 to 33,546 in 2013/14. The number of visitors to the libraries in Caerphilly on average have increased from 2012-13 to 2013-14 including for Abercarn Library from 18,297 to 20,701 and Machen Library from 19,077 to 19, 575.” (8). Opening hours may be cut. (10)
    4. 2012:  1 closed (Aberbargoed) Aberbargoed Library confirmed as closing (19/1/12). New (replacement) library for Caerphilly, to be merged with customer service centre (1/12/12), 10/1/12: New library opened at £2.25m at former Palace Cinema (Risca), £215k spent on upgrading Blackwood Library, new Abercarn Library soon to replace demolished one, Newbridge Memo(rial hall) will have a library inside.
    5. 2011 (“rationalised”). School Library Service closed, mobile library closedAberbargoed library may close, transferred to new library in Bargoed. School Library Service closed, mobile library closed (email 17/2/12).
  9. Calderdale
    1. 2024: Volunteers reopen Old LIbrary in Skircoat after asset transfer.  (4)
    2. 2021: Shelf volunteer library building may be sold off by council. (1) Beechwood Road library refurbished (12)
    3. 2020: Hipperholme Library under threat.  (10) 8 libraries (Greetland, Hipperholme, Mytholmroyd, Ripponden, Shelf, Skircoat, Stainland and Southowram) to close or become volunteer. (11)
    4. 2019: 1.75m refurbishment Elland Library, £250k repairs at Todmorden. Mixenden library to be co-located. Staff restructure, bookfund cut. Bailiff Bridge and Walsden libraries under threat. Mytholmroyd and Beechwood Libraries may become volunteer or other model. (9)
    5. 2018: £160k cut by 2020. (3) Consultation on cuts. (3)
    6. 2017: Libraries visits down 43% since 2005.(4) £5m new central library opens in September. (8) Elland Library to incorporate council services. (8) Elland Library may include other services. (10)
    7. 2012: 1 Mobile Library closed. Mobile library service to end and branch opening hours will be cut from 1st April (26/3/12), Halifax Central – Existing library to be bulldozed for new town centre development.  £10m replacement library to be built by Piece Hall by end of 2015, with some controversy.  New, replacement. (3/11/12). Cut in opening hours at Rastrick Library reduced. (17/2/12) Consultation on moving Halifax Library delayed at least until June(28/1/12) Reservations stopped for any books not currently owned by the council. (15/1/12) Bailiff Bridge Library will be moved into community centre c.Jan 2013.  (10/1/12) £150k cut to opening hours in branches (at Brighouse, Elland, Hebden Bridge, King Cross, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Skircoat, Shelf, Rastrick, Northowram, Mixenden, Hipperholme and Beechwood Road) to be cut from 45 to 37 hours per week.  £300k to be spenton computer management systems. (7/1/12) 1 mobile to end.
    8. 2011: £550k cut. Halifax Central Library to be sold off to developers with new replacement library to be sited by Piece Hall after public consultationCharges introduced for computer use after first hour, cut previously reported as £350k cut inc.12 jobs, £200k cut in stock.
    9. Campaign group: Friends of Todmorden Library.  Don’t Bulldoze Our Library (Halifax Central Library).
  10. Cambridgeshire
      1. 2022:  Histon Library reopens after £112k seven-month refurbishment. (1)
      2. 2019: New computer charge dropped due to low income made. (3)
      3. 2018: Charges introduced for computer use. Considering charging for author events and storytimes, premier membership. (2)
      4. 2017: Cambridge Central Library £65k refurbishment of children’s library.(2) Milton Road Library may be rebuilt, with library smaller and combined with flats.(2) Brampton volunteer library opens (this seems to be entirely new) (6) £695k ACE funding over four years. (6) Sawtry Library (currently in school) to move into youth centre along with children’s centre. (7) Consultation. Opening hours reduced in 2016. (9)
      5. 2016: £325k cut to bookfund this year, with £230k of that reduction returned in 2017.  (11)
      6. 2015:  £600k enterprise centre to be put into Cambridge Central, in partnership with private company Kora: council and Kora will invest £300k Each. (3) Third Floor or Central Library to be rented out as “enterprise centre”. Decision voted through (6) Kora business centre cancelled due to council concerns over due diligence. (6) Milton Road Library may move into new development. (7) £535k cut over two years: loss of mobile library service (4 mobiles visiting 235 communities/villages throughout the county with 400+ stopping places.), more volunteers, reductions in opening hours. (10)
      7. 2014: New Sawston Library announced to replace burnt down old one (£1.25m replacement).  New East Barnwell Library (£1.8m) to replace existing building.  Both will be co-locations with community rooms and other council services.   (2). Consultation on library usage, preparatory to reduction to library services budget.(8) £1.6m cut over three years “by reducing the cost of larger libraries” (10)
      8. 2013: Opening hours and staff numbers cut.  Storytimes under threat (8/1/13). Reductions in usage, Central Library £819k budget 2010/11 reduced to £759k 2012/13.  Wifi to be installed in all libraries. 20 % overall cut in budget since 2010, from £3.4 million to £2.7 million. (31/1/13). £376k cut over two years, “small number of library closures” possible.  Library service wins award for work with volunteers. (11).
      9. 2012: 13 under threat ( Smallest libraries to be reduced to one paid member of staff, with the rest being volunteers/self-service.  I have included these as still at threat for the time being, although I am aware that this is a grey area (29/2/12)). 2009/10, when 102,146 items were purchased, but the following year just 60,868 were bought, and this slumped in 2011/12 to 48,057 (20/9/12). 67 hours per week taken off library opening times (1/3/12): Arbury Court Library will lose 5.5 hours per week, Cambridge Central will lose 6 hours, Great Shelford 12.  Full list of opening hour cuts here. Staffing increased at larger libraries to replace “reserve” system of having staff throughout county on call (9/3/12).
      10. 2011: Libraries may close with services transferred into post offices or other units such as those owned by private companies.  Vending machines for library books.  Backroom services to be shared with other counties.  £2-3m cut hoped for from current £6m budget over five years13 smaller libraries to be run by volunteers “directed” by a central librarian at a cost of £20,000 each to local community.48% cut over 5 years inc.  29 out of 45 managers to lose jobs.  (closures down from previously reported 19) (mobile services already “slashed”) (£1.1m cut) (school library service closed) 7% cut in opening hours on average throughout county.  Consultation ended 18th June 2011. Ramsey Library opens, in new building at Great Whyte.
      11. 2010: Mobile library fleet of 9 reduced to 4 (source: email).
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