Literature Festivals with library involvement

This list, originally compiled in August 2018, includes author and reading festivals which have any form of public library involvement, from those entirely organised by the library service to those who simply use a library building. Information gathered from personal knowledge and a Twitter shout out.

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Single authority


  • #1 written by Lynne
    about 5 years ago

    You have missed out Wrexham’s ‘Carnival of Words’!

  • #2 written by Anon
    about 5 years ago

    Leeds has loads. The Big Bookend, Morley Literature Festival, Headingley LitFest…….the library service are involved in all of them.

  • #3 written by Adele
    about 5 years ago

    Blackburn Children’s Reading Festival

  • #4 written by Chris Edwards
    about 5 years ago

    You might like to add Penarth Literature Festival

  • #5 written by dean fraser
    about 5 years ago

    As a passionate supporter of libraries I would love to be involved in any festivals, performing as part of my 2019 Beyond Poetry Tour.

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