Public Library Petitions noted

A petition is often a key factor in the campaigning to keep a library, or libraries, open.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of ones I have noted.  This page started 9th November 2013.  Lincolnshire is the largest petition noted so far in this parliament, with Wirral being the largest in the parliament before:

A list of current petitions can be found here.


  • #1 written by Clare West
    about 8 years ago

    Another petition for your collection – Ross Library Development Group gathered over 7500 signatures online and on paper asking Herefordshire to keep the library open in Ross at least at it’s present level. The petition will be presented to the leader of the council on Friday 20th and should allow us to speak in a full council debate on the topic.

  • #2 written by frederick sharpe
    about 7 years ago

    A Current petition to keep Plymouth Libraries open can be found by going to website to view petition keep Plymouth Libraries

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