Surrey to Torfaen

To make the list is factual as possible, please email if you have any further information or a correction.

Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.

  1. Surrey
    1. 2024: Staffless hours introduced, with the first being in Horley and then in other libraries.  (1) Weybridge Library will move into co-location in new Weybridge Hub.  (2) Camberley and Egham libraries have staffless opening. (4)
    2. 2023: Biodegradeable library cards introduced (10) Redhill Library temporarily closed due to RAAC (12)
    3. 2021: West Byfleet Library in temporary location for five years due to redevelopment.  (8) £2.9m cut from 2019 to end of March 2022.  (12)
    4. 2019: Cuts expected: some to turn volunteer and some to be co-located. (11)
    5. 2018: Newspapers cease (£60k p.a. cut) apart from “I”. Donations welcomed. Part of £100k cut. (2) Performing Arts Library may close (£160k cut).  (4) Cultural budget to be cut 2019/20 by more than half from £8.7m to £4m: merge libraries. 25% drop in use since 2010. More volunteers to replace paid expected. Consultation. (12)
    6. 2017: £346k cut claimed by opposition party: £1,594,313 for 2016/17 by £246,000 in 2017/18 and by a further £100,000 the following year. Performing Arts Library may close in £150k cut. 4 week consultation. (9)
    7. 2016: £250k cut: 7% opening hours cut, mainly by opening libraries later. (8)
    8. 2015 Ownership of Lingfield Library passed to community trust.  Paid staff will remain for one year while negotiations with council continue. (6) £227k staffing budget cut. Reigate opening hours increase with introduction of self-service. Other libraries will see opening hours change (6) Cobham Library reopens in Cedar Centre: takes ground floor in community-group run building. (7)
    9. 2014: Merstham Library refurbishment (2).
    10. 2013: Virginia Water Library now run by volunteers (16/1/13) CDs to be withdrawn from all libraries by end of year as loss-making. (8). New volunteer library at Beare Green (open two mornings per week) to replace end of mobile library service). (10)  Bagshot Library reopens as volunteer-run. (12).
    11. 2012: 10 to be transferred to volunteers, 5 mobiles under threatBagshot, Bramley, Byfleet, Ewell Court, Lingfield, New Haw, Stoneleigh, Tattenhams, Virginia Water and Warlingham will be volunteer-run by April 2013.  No savings will initially be made by transfer (24/7/12).  Leatherhead Library combined with Help Shop (4/12/12), Cobham Library to be rebuilt as colocation with community centre as part of a property deal (23/11/12). HelpShop (One Stop Shop) may move into Leatherhead Library to save £40k (25/9/12).  Byfleet Library now run by volunteers, extend opening hours (25/9/12). Woking Library now open after upgrading (25/6/12). 20/6/12 Library app for mobiles.  Aim to earn £10k per year via Google Adwords.  4/3/12 Woking Library currently being upgraded.  26/2/12 New Dorking Library opened. 20/1/12: Legal injunction in force to stop council closing libraries or giving libraries to volunteers until court case is heard. 10/1/12 Council rejects SLAM’s deadline for reversing library cuts. 3/1/12 Legal action has started against the council’s plan to run ten branches with volunteers by SLAMDorking Library reopened on new site in January (9/2/12).
    12. 2011: Initially 19 and 5 mobiles were under threat but this numbe reduced. 8 (Ash, Caterham Hill, Frimley Green, Hersham, Horsley, Knaphill, Lightwater, Shepperton & West Byfleet) added on to previous threatened list. 10 libraries are confirmed as to be either volunteer-run or closed£300k cut (previously cited as £1m).  All 5 mobiles to go on 28.10.11.  .  Bagshot, Bramley, Byfleet, Ewell Court, Lingfield, New Haw, Stoneleigh, Tattenhams, Virginia Water, and Warlingham will close unless run by volunteers, confirmed by council 27.9.11.   Volunteer-assisted branches will run with at least 20% paid library staffing plus dedicated helpline for library volunteers..Free wifi installed in all libraries).  Dorking Library reopening on new site after closure of Pippbrook House Library on 31.12.10.
    13. Campaign groups:  Support Surrey Libraries website (website). “Hands off Surrey Libraries” (website) and Surrey Libraries Action Movement (SLAM), Byfleet Library Action Group. Volunteer groups: Tattenhams Community LibraryFriends of Molesey Library.  Friends of Stoneleigh Library, New Haw Library Community Partnership
  2. .
    1. 2017: £700k refurbishment for Sutton Central (10)
    2. 2016: “Volunteers will not replace paid staff; we are commissioning a model for volunteer support. The Mobile and one very small library (drop in issues over 7 years of 75%) are to close but there is no possibility of outsourcing. This option was firmly rejected by users and Members. The Housebound service is to be expanded and continues to be improved in coverage and scope. In addition, there will be an enhanced offer to residential/nursing homes.” {Email received from Sutton Libraries).
    3. 2015: £1m out of £4.4m inc. loss of one library and one mobile, volunteers replacing staff, outsourcing or sharing services.
    4. 2013 Opening hours cut in Central Library (Loss of 2 hours each Monday 6pm to 8pm, floors two to foor will close on Thursday evenings), Wallington Cheam and Worcester Park (Loss of 1 hour per week on Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm) (9). 
    5. 2011: 1 mobile library and some branches (9.3.11 “main” libraries will be kept open; £935k off £6m p.a. budget; “the future of libraries in Sutton” consultation page;  (school library service to close). Staff 2007/8 83.5 2011/12 69 (13 prof, 56 other)
      Volunteers 2007/8 18 2011/12 105 (Cipfa).
  3. Swansea  –
    1. 2024: £179k staff cut (1)
    2. 2023: Review of library services, Central Library to moved to new location. (12)
    3. 2017: 3 libraries (inc. Brynhyfryd) alleged to be under threat by opposition councillors. (2) Townhill Library to be refurbished (funded by CyMal). (10)
    4. 2015: Central Library may change location. (7)
    5. 2013: £345k refurbishment for Morriston Library (6) Dismountable trailer in Waunarlwydd has 500 books after £5,000 lottery grant won by local resident’s association. (7)
  4. Swindon
    1. 2024: Link Centre closed with no date for reopening since flooding in September 2023. (2)
    2. 2023: £660k cut (12)
    3. 2022: Council service hubs move into libraries (12)
    4. 2019: Decides against becoming a mutual. (2)
    5. 2017: Cuts to opening hours: down to 15 hours per week in 8 libraries. 47.5 hours for Central. Open+ to be introduced. Walcot may become voluinteer. Park, West Swindon and Highworth libraries to have hours funded by local councils. (3) DCMS formally considering letter of complaint, with question being if reduced service is “comprehensive and efficient”. (4) Beechcroft Road Library to become volunteer. (7).  Parish councils (with volunteers) to take over (from September) Stratton, Wroughton, Moredon, Pinehurst, Penhill, Even Swindon, Old Town. Swindon Community Library Trust to take over Covingham and Liden. Walcot Library to cease being used as a library (apart from book requests) and will become a community shop. (New) Swindon Hindu and Temple Community Library set up with volunteers and council support (7) £22k improvement of Old Town Library after grant given (12)
    6. 2016: 14 out of 15 libraries to become volunteer/group run or close. (2) £1.5m cut confirmed. 10 out of 15 branches to close or turn volunteer. One-third of staff (40 to 50 posts) to be lost. Park Library, previously threatened, to be retained. £500k to be used to help libraries become unpaid.  (11)
    7. 2015: £200k upgrade to computers (replacing 180 XP machines with 150 new ones). (2). Considering cut of “a least 75%” (£1.5m) to libraries budget, to be closed or passed to volunteers/parish councils.  (12). Community radio station to move into Liden Library. (12)
    8. 2014: Library consultation launched until April.  (1) Old Town Library to be reduced to 18 hours per week. (3) Old Town Library opening hours to be maintained. (4).  400 book honesty collection placed in leisure centre. (7) West Swindon Library may move upstairs in Link Centre. (9) Volunteer bookswap introduced at Blunsdon for three hours per week. (10)
    9. 2013: 2013: Proposal for reduced opening hours in all libraries. Provide 10 hours in smaller libraries, 30 hours in medium libraries, 45 hours in larger libraries and 55 hours in Central library. Reduction in staff costs. No savings in buildings or IT costs.” £99k cut (1/2/13). £300k cut announced.  Cut will not be subject to separate consultation. Options include: cut in managers, fewer programmes, £50k less stock, reductions in opening hours and not replacing retired librarians.  Additional, unspecified savings via cuts to front line of smaller libraries. Options include: more voluntary community involvement, fewer opening hours, perhaps closures, removing mobile service, replacing it with co-located book lending services or getting smaller library vehicles.  Consultation to decide on how cuts will be made.  However, consultation will not include reference to the £300k cut made to the back office.  (10)
    10. 2012: Stock fund will probably be cut by 15%, spending on magazines and newspapers halved (11/1/12), eBooks introduced (11.1.12)
    11. 2011: Confirmed that West Swindon Library and North Swindon Library will each be open 10 hours more per week,  Highworth plus 8 hours per week.  Increase made possible “by centralising the enquiry service and changing staff timetables”. Library managers made redundant.  Volunteers to be used to extend hours and reach.
    12. 2009: ERS Strategy for Swindon Libraries.
  5. Tameside.
    1. 2021: Droylsden Library moves to new building. (8)
    2. 2015: Denton library still open, run by volunteers. Hattersley, Mossley, Hyde and Denton Libraries closed, with services being co-located with other buildings. Ashton, Droyslden and Stalybridge may move into other buildings. Mottram and Audenshaw now closed, with library access points replacing them in Ryecroft Hall and Broadbottom Post Office (5: source via email).
    3. 2013:  Denton Library taken over by volunteers: purchase building off council for £30k and “six figure” loan (7) Cut of £917k since 2008/9: cut in bookfund from £324k then to £212k now. Visitors fall from 1.19m 2008/9 to 902k 2012/13.  (12).
    4. 2012: 5 out of 13 will close (Hurst, Mottram, Newton, West End and Ryecroft) in October, £900k cut.  Investment in surviving libraries.  2 more will be moved to other premises: Hattersley will be relocated to community building, Mossley to George Lawton Hall. Surviving libraries in recommended option would also have reduced opening of 6 hours per week.  2011: £210k cut to management posts.  £570k cut over last three years down to current (2012) £3.14m budget
    5. 2011: £900k cut from £3.5m budget, of which £200k already found from job losses.  At least one branch, such as Dukinfield, may be closed.  May use volunteers. Consultation starting November 17th until mid February.
  6. Telford & Wrekin
    1. 2024: Council cuts fundings to Newport Library, town council funds library to keep it open. (1)
    2. 2016: Dawley, Donnington, Hadley, Madeley, Newport and Stirchley will close.  (1) Newport Library to remain open (threatened before) with self-service. (2) Stirchley Library to move to parish council offices and be run by them. (2) Dawley, Donnington, Hadley, Madeley, Newport and Stirchley will stay open: Newport and Madeley will continue to be run by the council, the four others will be run by town/parish councils. Opening hour cuts and other changes will occur: consultation. (6) Donnington, Dawley and Stirchley will be run by town/parish councils rather than closed a originally planned. Mobile library service will end from 31st March 2017. (9)
    3. 2014: Southwater One Library opened (25000 books).
    4. 2013 Wellington Library usage up 50% due to co-location.  New library in Southwater One expected in 2014 (6) Dawley Library moves into co-location with new Academy (9)
    5. 2012: Great Dawley, Stirchley & Brookside and Hadley & Leegomery parish councils are funding or sharing costs in their local libraries to maintain the service.  Stirchley Library to house parish council as well (26/5/12): 20% cut in budget: opening hours to be reduced; One Stop Shops in Telford, Wellington, Newport and Madeley (21/412). Wellington Library to move into co-located building with registrars/leisure centre/cafe/function room/one-stop shop.  19 computers/wi-fi.  Visualisation here (16/3/12). Consultation in process throughout February: Dawley, Donnington, Hadley, Oakengates and Stirchley will have reduced services (31/1/12): Dawley Library keeps hours due to contribution from Great Dawley Parish Council; Stirchley Library may have parish council offices co-located with it, with self-service available when staff not present due to 11 hour cut per week;  Donnington hours cut from 21 to 16/Hadley hours cut from 27 to 16/Oakengates cut from 42 to 16 (Oakengates to be self-service for rest of hours as part of theatre). Telford Library to transferred to Community Hub by 2014 with a stopover first at Southwater (28.1.12). £330k cut.
    6. 2011:£330k cut by 2014, parish councils being asked for donations. Cuts in opening hours.  Dawley library to keep its opening hours due to £3200 p.a. contribution for two years from parish council.
  7. Thanet
  8. Thurrock
    1. 2021: Grays Library at Thameside to be closed, moving to smaller space. (8) Joins the The Library Consortium.  (9)
    2. 2020: Aveley Library co-located into “community hub” (2)
    3. 2017 – Aveley community centre co-location may include “self-serve library facility”(12)
    4. 2016: Volunteer library at Purfleet Community Centre. (4)
    5. 2015: £500k cut, may include loss of mobile library service. (1) No static libraries to close in £500k cut (but mobile library will close).  New library to open at Purlfleet.  (2)  Volunteers may replace paid staff at Blackshots, Chadwell St Mary, Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope. Thameside Library may move into Civic Offices. (3) Mobile library will close 2nd July.(6) Opening hours reduced.  (9)
    6. 2013: Some libraries (like Belhus) to be turned into “community hubs” and co-located with other services (2/1/13).
    7. 2012: 6 libraries (Aveley, Corringham, Stanford, Chadwell, Blackshots and East Tilbury) identified as potential asset management sell-offs but council denies that they will be closed so not counted as under threat, yet (March 2012) Consultation on library services (Jan 2012).
    8. 2011: £350k cut, staffing reduction (20% cut in hours if work more than 15 hours), all to close on Mondays.
  9. Torbay
    1. 2017: Tendering for third party to run library service. £200k cut expected 2018/19 (3) To be taken over by Libraries Unlimited (Devon) (12)
    2. 2014: 25% in funding over two years (£127,000 cut in the first year and £237,500 in 2015/16): cuts to opening hours, mobile library, management and support expected (1).  Mobile library to be closed (2). Churston Library may be closed or passed to volunteers (£105k cut). (7)
    3. 2012: 10% cut in opening hours (4/7.12). Opening hours cut list on this link: council exploring possibility of volunteers. (21/5/12). 30 hours opening hours to be cut, staff asked to voluntarily reduce hours. Merger of reference and lending departments at Torquay Library (25/4/12). 5/1/12: £170k cut (10% off £1.7m budget): possible loss of six posts, opening hour reductions, loss of one library, extra charges, encouraging book donations.  (Somewhat limited option) library consultation here.
    4. Groups: Friends of Brixham Library, Friends of Paignton Library.
  10. Torfaen.
    1. 2021: Temporary opening hours and staff cuts during review  (11)
    2. 2018: £200k proposed cut – 5 posts may be lost, plus increased self-service to be installed. (3)  £200k p.a. cut confirmed: will create £240k in redundancy cuts, with loss of five posts.  (10)
    3. 2017: Proposed £240k cut repealed. (2)
    4. 2016: Consultation on £250k cut. Opening hours cuts, possible closure.  (12)
    5. 2014: Library visits increased from 352,533 in 2012-13 to 371,337 in 2013-14. Runs ” therapeutic shared reading sessions for various community groups including Age Concern, Torfaen MIND and Book Cwtch in Cwmbran.”.  (8)
    6. 2012:  A new Schools Literacy and Resource Centre has opened to serve Monmouthshire and Torfaen (16/3/12)
  • #1 written by Stephanie Crossley
    about 8 years ago

    May I just correct theLB Sutton entry: volunteers will not replace paid staff; we are commissioning a model for volunteer support. The Mobile and one very small library (drop in issues over 7 years of 75%) are to close but there is no possibility of outsourcing. This option was firmly rejected by users and Members. The Housebound service is to be expanded and continues to be improved in coverage and scope. In addition, there will be an enhanced offer to residential/nursing homes.
    I appreciate you have a difficult job doing what should be properly done by ACE Ian but we have to modernise and move forward, and running services at £7-12 per issue has never been viable, irrespective of austerity.

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