West Dunbartonshire to Wokingham

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Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.

  1. West Dunbartonshire.
    1. 2024: Dalmuir Library moved from its own building into community centre. (5)
    2. 2023: Dalmuir, Balloch, Duntocher, Parkhall and Faifley to be closed or relocated in cuts / redevelopment plans.  (3)
    3. 2019:One Stop Shops to co-locate into several libraries. (11)
    4. 2018: £200k opening hour cuts. (2) Money taken from reduced opening hours to spend on “modernising”. (2) One Stop Shop opened at Alexandria Library. (6) Opening hours reduced from now in order to save money to spend on refurbishments. (7) £45k over 3 years to be spent on e-books, £421k on improving libraries + self-service machines (12)
    5. 2017: £100k refurbishment of Balloch Library, including MacMillan. (3) Ladyton Library (already closed) to become dance school. (4) £500k update to Clydebank Library. (11) Opening hours review. £421k proposed for improvements to children’s libraries, flexible shelving etc. (11) Opening hours could be cut by one third. (11) Consultation on cuts, after CILIPS queries scale proposed. (12)
    6. 2015: Balloch Library under threat. (1) Closure plans shelved after consultation. £500k to refurbish Clydesbank Library, £20k for public WC in Balloch Library. (2)
    7. 2014: Libraries will be passed to WD Leisure (£457k cut). (12)
  2. West Lothian.
    1. 2023: 4 libraries (West Calder, Craig Inn, Almondbank and Pumpherston) may close. (1)
    2. 2020: £80k cuts (opening hours) on top of £50k reduced staffing. (2)
    3. 2019: £50k cut to opening hours/staff.  (12)
    4. 2018: Review, Livingston libraries may merge. (5) No libraries to close, after campaign. (5)
    5. 2017: Broxburn Library moves to co-location in community centre: £400k refurbishment. (3)
    6. 2015: Mobile library service to end. (3). £260k cut p.a. (£175k cut in bookfund) from 2015/16 with further £46k cut p.a. 2016/17. Opening hours reduced from total of 656 to 526 per week. 4 full-time-equivalent staff to be lost.(7)
    7. 2013; Visitors increase from 695,753 in 2008-9 to 800,852 in 2012/13 (7).
  3. West Northamptonshire
    1. 2022: Parish council runs Kingsthorpe Library after old Norhamptonshire Council closed it. (10)
  4. West Sussex
    1. 2021: Worthing Library colocated with other services (5)
    2. 2019: £500k cut suggested but no closures. Mobile library service may end, opening hours may be cut, more co-locations suggested. (9) Worthing Library opening hours to be reduced. Mobile library service to be withdrawn.  (10) Burgess Hill Library to move into Martlets Hall. (11) £175k cut confirmed for 2020/21. Mobile service confirmed withdrawn. Opening hours cut. (12)
    3. 2018: Worthing Library to be combined with other services.(9) Co-locations planned. (9)
    4. 2017: Burgess Hill Library to relocate due to town centre development. (7)
    5. 2013: Midhurst Library to move into Grange community and leisure centre (24/1/13) Free wifi in all libraries installed (8).
    6. 2012: Volunteers to work alongside paid staff advertised for (23/9/12). Survey from September to November (31/8/12).  Five more branches converted to self-service (15/7/12). 16% cut in budget 2012/13: public asked to donate books, bookfund cut from £1.2m (2010/11) to £1m (2011/12) (5/2/12).   Littlehampton Library has self-service installed (21/1/12) Shoreham library closed for three weeks for installation of self-service (4/4/12).
    7. 2011: 1 (out of 3) mobile libraries closed meaning £65k cut out of £1m cut expected of libraries by 2014. 5 fte staff lost, with some librarians pay reduced to library assistant. 20,000 less books per year will be bought, with an increase in charges£650,000 cut over three years: via self-service, less staff, volunteers in smaller branches, £200k cut in bookfund, more donated books, stopping staffed visits to elderly peoples’ homes. Angmering Library possibly to be run with volunteers and extra payments by parish council New library opens.  Reference sections removed from some libraries. 15% cut in libraries budget.  Opening hours and/or staff may be cut
  5. Western Isles. : 2020: Cuts expected.  (2) 2018: Mobile library replacement delayed. (5) 2015: Consultation on opening hours, locations and other changes. (7) 2011: cuts in opening hours by one day per week and during Summer.
  6. Westminster
  7. Westmorland and FurnessCreated March 2023, after Cumberland and Westmorland & Furness Libraries were created from the split Cumbria Council Libraries.
    1. 2024: Council working out best option for Ulverston, currently in temporary space (3) Roose Library still closed with no firm new plans after arson in May 2023. (3)
    2. 2023: Ulverston closed due to electrical problems, Roose Library still closed due to fire in May (11)
  8. Wigan
    1. 2024: £110k LIF grant for Leigh Library refurbishment (3)
    2. 2017: Atherton Library may close and move to co-location with other services in former town hall.(1) £1.4m cut. Co-locations and volunteers expected. – this looks to be the same cut as reported in September 2016 (3) Leigh Library has council face-to-face services co-located into it.  (7)
    3. 2016: £1.4m cut: volunteers, staff mergers and losses to be considered.(9)
    4. 2014: Libraries transferred back from Trust into the Council.(11)
    5. 2013: £1.4m cut.  Beech Hill Library now run by charity. Opening hours reduced by average of 4.9 hours a week, representing a cut of £150k. Budget give to Wigan LCT for libraries as reduced from £16.4m (2009/10) to £10m (2013/14) representing at 39% one of the most serious reductions in any library service in the UK (9/3/13). BookCycle charity running now closed Beech Hill Library (4/3/13). 15.8% cut (3). Libraries to be taken away from Trust and returned to council control. (7) Libraries transferred back from Trust into the Council. (11)
    6. 2012: 1 library counted as closed – Atherton Library closed, with books moved into 115 m sq. resource centre 2/5/12. £500k antique books sold. (15/10/12).
    7. 2011: Wigan and Leigh will be Library Centrals, offering the greatest range of stock and activities and the longest opening hours, more than 50 hours per week.  Local library services, located at Ashton, Golborne, Hindley, Lamberhead Green, Standish and Tyldesley, will provide a strong community library offer, with opening hours of approximately 35 to 40 hours per week. Convenience libraries, offering essential stock and services will be provided by the Library Express format. This format will be provided at Aspull, Atherton, Ince Hope, Marsh Green, Platt Bridge and Shevington. The final tier, Library Direct, will mark those services that can be accessed online and at home.  2 mobile libraries to close, 1 branch to be run by volunteers, 6 others to have service reduced (may be counted as under threat as further information is received), £1.1m cut (off £4m budget) . Co-location of libraries considered, opening hour cut – Ashton Library to have “Local Life Centre” within it, Golborne Library to have Day Care services and Life Centre moved in, Hindley Library to move to Day Care centre.  Aspull library to be run by volunteers. Atherton Library to move into school.  Ince Library to move into Health/Community Centre.  Shevington may be run with parish council. “Consultation started on future of library service. 25% cut over 3 years.  Potentially  6 libraries to close in December 2011.” (MLA report, Dec 2010). Council report “The Next Chapter”
    8. Groups: Friends of Tyldesley Library..
  9. Wiltshire
    1. 2024: Eleven libraries will become “family hubs” to help 0-19 (0-25 if SEND) (3)
    2. 2022: Salisbury Library may move into City Hall. (3) Durrington Library, in a 49 year old portacabin, likely to close. (4)
    3. 2021: Market Lavington opens in new room, with volunteers.  (12)
    4. 2017 Post office may co-locate into Westbury Library. (2) Devizes Community Hub and Library closed two weeks for refurbishment/increased co-location. (7) Devizes library £330k refurbished, with co-location, meeting rooms and Open+. (7) Mobile library service to be revised (10)
    5. 2016: Calne Library will have staffed opening hours cut: Open+ will mean overall hours increased. Newspaper purchases cut. (2)
    6. 2015: 2 out of 4 mobile libraries to be withdrawn. 2.5 mile limit for stops, frequency halved (FOI request) (5)
    7. 2014: New vehicle purchased for Wilton Mobile Library route (8) Corsham library moved into joint building sports and community centre. (9)
    8. 2013: Salisbury Library may move within town centre due to proposed development (3). £100k given by Arts Council England for collaboration with museums, theatre and “community memory” projects. (9). Corsham Library to move into new Springfield Campus (community centre) (10).
    9. 2012: All mobile library stops with less than for customers on regular basis will be lost after review (18/8/12).  New Trowbridge Library will open in September 2012 (12/8/12). Review of mobile library service but no cuts to total numbers, staff or hours (20/2/12). Work on new Trowbridge Library “well under way” (28/2/12).
    10. 2011: Full update from council 25/11/11: Bookfund “relatively healthy” and not just buying top ten bestsellers (cf. this), 9 (not as previously stated) 10 branches run by volunteers, 28% cut over two years (not four years as previously thought), volunteer-run libraries have stock/IT/training/support/5 hours staff-time pw from council. 6% reduction on opening hours (on average of non-volunteer libraries), none reduced to three hours per week (previously this reported on PLN due to this article), staff uniforms for libraries in 2009 (but cost than £40k).  £32k further cut in bookfund 2012/3,10 smallest libraries will be staffed with volunteers, c.28% cut over four years; no closures but some reduced to just three hours open per week. Confirmed all branches and mobiles will stay open, due to use of volunteers. Changes to opening hours, though, only available in paper form in each library so unknown how many will have reductions so great as to be effectively closed. ( more cuts next year) (26 FTE posts have gone in Dec 2010  inc. 9 out of 13 community librarians)(cuts include a £940k library opened Dec 2010)(self-service in all); 21 out of 31 libraries will have reduced opening hours, self-service to save £300k p.a. with c.13FTE job losses for 2011/2. Aldbourne Library will remain staffed due to increase in parish council tax. Purton Library now run by volunteers
  10. Windsor and Maidenhead 
    1. 2021: Reduced opening hours to be debated.  (1) Boyn Grove, Old Windsor, Datchet, and Sunninghill libraries under threat, consultation.  £290k cut(1) No static library closures: mobile library service stopped, 39.5 hours cut.  (6)
    2. 2020: Consultation on cutting opening hours by 26% /123 hours from current 475.5  (9)
    3. 2019:  New mobile library is container lorry. (3)
    4. 2017: New mobile to be purchased. (3)
    5. 2016: £3m budget (-1.8% since 2009/10) (3)
    6. 2014: Opening hours extended to Sundays and other hours due to use of volunteers (1) Windsor, Maidenhead library and Cox Green libraries pilot extended hours due to volunteers including 3 hours each on Sunday. (4) new Boyn Grove Library opened in April, Maidenhead to be refurbished by end of this week (inc. iPads) (6)
    7. 2013: New Dedworth library to open on 28th Jan (£625k) as joint school/public library (8/1/13). Four Libraries (Sunningdale, Maidenhead, Windsor and Cox Green) to have opening on Sundays due to use of volunteers. (4) New library with a sensory room could be built at Boyn Grove Resource Centre (5).
    8. 2012: Sunday openings to start on experimental basis from April 2013, dependent on volunteers filling in extra hours.  Saturday pay enhancements for staff ended (29/10/12).
  11. Wirral
    1. 2024: Pensby Library to be run by charity Pioneer People Wirral.  (2) Wallasey Village Library reopens volunteer-run.  (4) Hoylake Library was closed in 2022 with intention of it being taken over by community groups: now to be turned into gym. (5)
    2. 2023: All nine threatened libraries will stay open. (3)
    3. 2022: Up to 11 of 24 libraries to close completely, with a further 5 staffless. (1) Greasby and Rock Ferry Libraries no longer under threat of closure: libraries cut of £800k reduced by £162k.  (2) nine libraries will close or be passed to volunteers/community groups (3). Of nine under threat, community groups/volunteers will take over seven libraries (Hoylake, Irby, Pensby, Prenton, Wallasey, Woodchurch and Higher Bebington), two (Bromborough and New Ferry) will likely close. (6)
    4. 2019:  £636k investment expected for refurbishment and IT.  (2)
    5. 2017: Leisure/culture/library service may be transferred to Trust. (3) Up to 10 libraries under threat. (6) £125k tender for shared reading for mental health (12)
    6. 2015: 15 community branches are now operating on reduced  hours – 18 hours  a week – no evening opening. 4 libraries merged with One Stop Shops are  open six days a week but  no evening opening. 4 Central Libraries open regular hours with evening opening. Of these two are merged with OSS but  there are no OSS services evenings and Saturdays. 4 Children’s Librarians posts have been deleted  (Wallasey Children’s Library marks its centenary year by losing its children’s librarian).  All branch manager posts at community libraries deleted, with staff not taking voluntary redundancy downgraded. Numbers of professional librarians reduced to 5 posts excluding management team.   6  qualified librarian posts lost this year. No branches closed as yet but Council  now actively  looking at volunteers, with some volunteers already opening smaller branches on ‘closed’ days. (source: private email – 8)
    7. 2014: 15 libraries will be reduced to 18 hours per week. 7 out of 12 remaining librarians to be made redundant. Management of library staff transferred to One Stop Shop managers. (12)  Up to 15 branches (out of 24) may close or be run by volunteers. £1.25m cut (2012 to 2015) may be increased. Professionally qualified staff reduced to 5. (10)
    8. 2013: Library staff merging with One Stop Shop staff, will assist in identifying who needs council hardship grant from April (24/1/13)
    9. 2012: All libraries may extend opening hours to six days per week (7/2/12).   Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bebington and West Kirby to be main libraries, with others offering lesser services.  Many branches to be co-located with council One Stop Shops.  None under threat (5/2/12). 
    10. 2011: (50 jobs cut). Job losses has meant libraries are now “empty shells”.
  12. Wokingham
    1. 2023: Twyford Library will move into former Old Polehampton Boys School building (11)
    2. 2022: Wokingham Library will move into leisure centre. (8) Carnival Hub Library opens  (9)
    3. 2020: £720k new Twyford Library.  (2)
    4. 2018: Maiden Erlegh Library to close – co-located with Academy which needs the space. (3)
    5. 2017: Self-service to be installed, opening hours to increase. Usage increasing.  (3) Central Library to move to new smaller building, announced days after £47k refit of old one, not mentioned in 2016 consultation. (4) Central Library to be relocated into leisure centre/apartments. (11)
    6. 2016: 3 libraries (Wokingham, Woodley and Lower Earley) to have unstaffed hours using Open+ to extend opening hours.(3)
    7. 2015: Consultation: focus on “on accessing library services, library stock, visiting and using library buildings, technology, income generation and supporting the wider council vision.” (1) 
    8. 2013: £230k cut over next three years, to be met by back-office savings. E-book loan service introduced: can borrow 6 e-books at a time stock of 800 titles (7).  2011: Libraries to be privatised,may include community groups taking over libraries as well. Campaign group: Save Our Libraries. 

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