• Appeals for money – Inform local newspapers, radio and other media.  Inform key websites too (Alan Gibbons, Voices for the Library and, of course, feel free to contact Public Libraries News).
  • Badges, bags and other merchandise.  This could be the answer to making some money for the campaign as well as getting your message across. Several websites such as Zazzle will arrange for manufacture, distribution and retail of items that have been designed by a library campaign . A prominent example of merchandise are the “save our libraries” ribbons produced by  Voices for the Library (initially an idea of the Oxfordshire campaign) that have been worn by Philip Pullman and Melvyn Bragg.  Auctions are also a great way, such as this one from Save The Libraries.
  • Book Sales.  A natural way to raise money for any group of library lovers, Brent raised over £900 at one to help suppor their legal challenge.
  • Charity auctions – See this one at New Cross.
  • Comedy nights e.g. at Brent. or Quiz nights e.g. Camden.
  • Reward donors – It’s great giving something for a cause, even greater if you get something back.  Save Kensal Rise Library have come up with a list of rewards:

“Your name on the wall (large) £1,000

  • Quidco or similar.  A useful fundraising measure – get a campaign log in and encourage your supporters to buy what they would normall buy (or even get an insurance quote) via the Quidco website.  Each purchase earns some money for your campaign.
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