Camden to Cornwall

To make the list is factual as possible, please email with any additions, omissions or corrections.

  1. Camden
    1. 2021: 9 full-time jobs under threat.(7)
    2. 2020: Kentish Town refurbished (study space, partitioning children’s library etc). (2)
    3. 2019: £1.5m IT upgrade.  (2)
    4. 2017: Open+ at five libraries only way to use library before noon.(1)
    5. 2016: £4.2m budget (-41.7% since 2009/10) (3) New (replacement) library, combined with Cockpit Arts, as part of housing development.(3) 5 libraries (Kilburn, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Queens Crescent and West Hampstead) to be converted to open access / remote controlled. (8)
    6. 2015: Room hire charges greatly increased. (3) £800k cut. 12-week consultation.  Options include closures, opening hours cuts, outsourcing or increasing volunteers. (7) West Hampstead Library may move into new development to save it from closure. (7)
    7. 2014: Considering merging library services with Islington (5)
    8. 2013; Regent’s Park Library to close on 30th March (2/2/13). 25% cut in library budget of £8m. (6).
    9. 2012: 1 library (Highgate) and 1 mobile under threat, 3 libraries (Keats, Belsize, Chalk Farm) passed to volunteersLibrary Network to include Friends groups for each branch (1/7/12). Keats Community Library (volunteer run) opened 17/4/12. The Winchester Project will take over Belsize. Chalk Farm Library were looking for sufficient funding (1/2/12) but were approved by council (16/2/12) and the library was handed over to volunteers (25/4/12). Situation with Highgate Library and mobile unclear – checking with council (1/2/12). Most libraries will have one hour less opening per week, although Queen’s Crescent Library will close more.  (22/3/12). Staff 2007/8 135 2011/12 144.9 (16 prof, 128.9 other)
      Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 12 (Cipfa).
    10. 2011: 12/12/11 Council funding will be (first year) £192k given to groups taking over 3 libraries plus £150k for legal/financial advice for volunteers. Highgate Library also under threat.  Mobile Library to close, Regents Park Library may close.  10% opening hours cut for all, bookfund cut, 35 jobs lost; may share some services with Islington: £2 million cut.  King’s Cross may be rebuilt in new Town hall complex, Crowndale Centre library may move to new Camden High Street site, Regent’s Park may become study centre with new library built insteadSt Pancras and Camden Town libraries subject to possible property sale. (£1.6million cutLocal Studies and Archives to be cut, shared with Islington, and users encouraged to use private researcher (at £26 per hour).
    11. Groups: Camden Public Library User Group (C-Plug), Friends of Chalk Farm Library (Facebook). 4 branches and 1 mobile under threat. Primrose Hill Community Library.
  2. Cardiff
    1. 2024: Cuts of up to £308k proposed including opening hour cuts, fewer paid staff. (1) Potential £479k cut: £35k cut, removing print newspapers/magazines. £84k cut to staff (to be replaced by volunteers). £52k cut, removing mobile library service. Cuts to library hours ranging from £308k to 0, including potential closure of several (1)
    2. 2023: Options for cuts range from none to £262k. (1)
    3. 2019: Rhydypennau and Whitchurch libraries to be turned into “wellbeing hubs” (12)
    4. 2018: Replacement library for Roath proposed at Cardiff Royal Infirmary. (5) £200k cut, job losses. All but one library to be co-located. (5)
    5. 2015: All 7 threatened libraries will stay open after public campaign.  Alternatives being looked into. (2) Rhymney Library will move into youth centre. (3) Central Library temporarily closed for refurbishment including co-located city centre “advice hub”, new teenage and “performance” areas (5) Central Library to receive 3D printer as part of £150k grant from Welsh Government. (5) Roath Library to be closed and sold off, with £40k to go into “library provision for the area”.(5) Roath Library may not be sold off if volunteers pay £255k in repairs.(7) Rumney Library closed, moves into Partnership Hub, staffed by volunteers.  (11)
    6. 2014: Ely Library may be demolished and library services be co-located into “The Hub” (5). 7 libraries will have funding withdrawn (Cathays, Roath, Rhydypennau, Rumney, Radyr, Rhiwbina and Whitchurch). (11) £283k cut in first year. £2m cut over three years. “Superhub” to be installed at Cardiff Central Library. (11)
    7. 2013: £120k cut per year with 12 libraries (Canton, Cathays, Ely, Fairwater, Grangetown, Llandaff North, Llanedeyrn, Rhiwbina, Rhydypennau, Roath, Rumney and Whitchurch) having hours cut from six days per week to five.  More cuts not ruled out. Canton Library is to undergo a £829,000 refurbishment in the next financial year. (22/2/13).
    8. 2012: (no closures, cuts to be considerd on 4/3/12)
    9. 2011: One member of staff lost
  3. Carmarthenshire
    1. 2018: Welsh Government funding to add archives depositiory to Camarthen Library (5)
    2. 2017: 3 new mobiles on road (inc. free wifi) (3)
    3. 2015: Cross Hands Library will temporarily move into cinema and then co-locate, probably with police station. (6)
    4. 2014: Carmarthen Library converted to self-service (£55k refurbishment), e-zines introduced. (2). Considering moving leisure/libraries into separate Trust. (10)
    5. 2013: 16.6% cut (3).
    6. 2012: 2 closed and 1 transferred to volunteers – Trimsaran and Tumble libraries closed, Pontyates run by volunteers4 counted as under threat (Pontyates, Tumble, Dafen and Kidwelly)Pontyberem hours slightly increased after rise in use. (23/9/12).  Pontyates Libary needs volunteers or it will close.  Tumble Library now run by volunteers.  Dafen Library run by volunteers with town council support.  Llanelli Library and five others refurbished (14/5/12). Kidwelly Library under threat. Assumed that 22 other libraries mentioned as under threat in 2011 article are no longer under threat are safe for now, therefore taken off tally (28/3/12). “Council had met 10 of 14 standards required by the Welsh Government. Other councils achieved between six and 14 standards, with the average being nine.” (2/2/12). Llanelli Library to reopen soon after £3.8m upgrade (3/2/12).
    7. 2011: 5 in 2011, 18 in 2012 therefore 23. (improvements in Llanelli and Carmarthen)
  4. Central Bedfordshire
    1. 2018: Leighton Buzzard Library reduced space due to council customer services co-location. (12)
    2. 2017:  £56k cut – opening hours reduced in four but increased in some others.(8)
    3. 2016: £85k cut: total loss of 35 hours opening per week. (6)
    4. 2015: £37k proposed cut to close mobile library: consultation. (7)
    5. 2012: £2.84m net budget 2012/13. £550k cuts by 2014 via technology and reduced “back room costs”,  £850k investment in self-service/onlinefull details of plan. (28/3/12). Consultation has ended with 2,200 replies.  Council has guaranteed that no library buildings will close (1/2/12). Houghton Regis upgraded with self-service, drinks machine and reading area (26/8/12).
    6. 2011: Mobile library stopped. £435k cut over next two years (29.12.11) : consultation until 18.1.12 includes suggestions include management posts lost, homework clubs ended, mobile library close.  
  5. Ceredigion.
          1. 2024: £187k cut: 2 out of 4 mobile libraries to be withdrawn, school library service to end, libraries to be co-located. (2)
          2. 2017: Cardigan Library to move to co-located building. (6) Llandysul Library to become volunteer. (12)
          3. 2016: Cardigan Library may relocate. (10)
          4. 2015: Llandysul library and 2 mobiles will be closed and one other library under threat. (11)
          5. 2014: Tregaron Library to reduce from 15.5 hours open per week to 7.5 hours (was under threat of closure): volunteers to be invited. One mobile (out of five) to be withdrawn. Two jobs lost. £146k cut. New Quay Library to be taken over by volunteers (25 volunteers) for minimum of one year. (4) £90k grant given by Welsh Government for new mobile library (4)  New Quay Library to be run by volunteers, with town council support (£2500 p.a.), Tregaron to be funded by council at reduced level (5).
          6. 2013: Carers can apply online for home delivery service. (6). Two libraries under threat (New Quay and Tregaron) (11).
          7. 2011: £1m “relocation” of Aberystwyth, £100k to be spent on Cardigan.
  6. Cheshire East
    1. 2024: Consultation on general council cuts includes suggestion to cut libraries budget by £370k by seeking funder from parish/town councils and hiring out building spaces. (1)
    2. 2023: May reduce opening hours, co-locate. (2) Opening hours cut (2) £1,056,000 cut over four years: opening hours cut, stock cut. Consultation. (6) Opening hours changed, local town councils help fund service. (11) Cuts in opening hours: 10 hours per week fewer at Alsager, Macclesfield, Sandbach and Poynton. (12)
    3. 2020: Middlewich Library refurbished.  (10)
    4. 2018: No libraries to close. Alderley Edge, Disley and Prestbury “to be monitored”. (2)
    5. 2017: 3 libraries (Alderley Edge, Disley and Prestbury) initially under threat in 150k cut. Two further (Holmes Chapel and Bollington) may also come under threat in £243k cut. Library service may transfer to ESAR leisure trust in £230k cut. (11)
    6. 2016: Crewe Library moves into co-location with leisure centre.(7)
    7. 2014:  £700k cut has taken place (“restructuring”).  Further £300k cut through “reorganisation of contracts and central supply services (4).
    8. 2013: Hurdsfield to be volunteer-staffed in 2014 and given to Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Weston Library to be closed(5). Council bans payday loan sites from all its premises, inc libraries (3rd in UK, 1st in England to do so) (6).
    9. 2012: 2 mobiles to be closed in 2012Budget cut from £3.8m 2009 to £3.5m 2012, five posts lost.  £240k saved to Council by moving council customer service points into libraries (14/8/12):  Council has highest borrowing figures in England.  2 (out of 3) mobiles to be closed (£95k p.a.), 50 stops “scrapped”, no stops within two miles of a library. (3/5/12).
    10. 2011: One stop shops being moved into libraries, with library staff being trained up to answer council enquiries.
  7. Cheshire West and Chester
    1. 2024: Proposed 6% opening hour reduction, consultation. (2)
    2. 2022: Northwich Library closed until restoration work completes in 2023. (9) Northwich Library to temporarily move into museum. (10)
    3. 2020: Fines no longer charged for Under 13s.
    4. 2017: Chester Library to close on March 31st: Library to move into co-located (with theatre/cinema) £37m Storyhouse from May. (3)
    5. 2016: Mobile library consultation. (6)
    6. 2015: Consultation on future delivery model of libraries/arts/museums/archaeology. (9)
    7. 2014: £500k cut by 2015/16 to include co-location and volunteers.  £50k cut in bookfund 2014./15. (1) £500k cut (2016-17) to be met by “alternative service provision”, (£280k cut) 2014/15. (3)  Elton and Willaston Libraries to close, Bishop’s High Library to become a school library only. One mobile to close. A net 16.43 FTE to be lost. (3).
    8. 2013: Hoole Library run on honesty basis, with aim being it will be volunteer run (18/1/13). One stop shop council services moving into Neston Library, increased opening hours (3) Saughall Library closed (4) Delivery vans between libraries reduced by one (5). Frodsham Library moves into co-location with Leisure Centre and partners with Work Club and One Stop Shop. (12).
    9. 2012: 1 library to move to being volunteer-run –  1 (Hoole) may move to volunteer-run (14/9/12).  Library staff have c.5% cut in pay on top of 3 year’s pay freeze.
  8. City of London
    1. 2013: Artizan Street Library officially opens (24/1/13).
    2. 2012: Artizan Street Library & Community Centre to be opened 10th December, replacing the demolished Camomile Street Library (4/12/12). Camomile Street Library to reopen in Autumn 2012 as combination library/community centre (26/1/12).
    3. 2011: 15.9% cut to Libraries/Archives/Art Dept budget, cuts to London Metropolitan Archives opening hours.  Source = LAGAG update email).  Guildhall Library will remain open on Saturdays, City Business Library will close on Saturdays. London Metropolitan Archives to open four days per week but will open until 7.30 Tuesday to Thursday to compensate (open one Saturday per month). Guildhall Library Bookshop closed due to declining sales. Camomile Street Library closed – to be replaced by new library in White Kennet Street late Summer 2012.  Mobile library replaces branch in meantime.
  9. Clackmannanshire
    1. 2015: 34% cut in bookfund over last four years (second biggest decrease in Scotland).
  10. Conwy
    1. 2024: Proposed 25% cut to opening hours, £157k cut. (2)
    2. 2021: Colwyn Bay Library may move to the local authority building at Coed Pella (7)
    3. 2019: Consultation: mobile library may cease. (2)
    4. 2018: Welsh Government funding to allow Conwy Cultural Centre will provide access to library collection. (5)
    5. 2017: Conwy Library to move to new £3m building, pending council confirmation, co-located with arts and museums (3) Closed Llandudno Junction Library becomes café, with 1000 books to loan for £5 deposit.(4)
    6. 2015: Cerrigydrudian Library premises to be managed by volunteers, staff etc still to be provided by council. (1) Will continue with NE Wales School Libraries Service until closure: will be supplied until March 2016. (4).
    7. 2014: Conwy Library may move, along with Deganwy and Llandudno Junction, into joint library (counted as two libraries under threat). (3).
    8. 2012: Seven libraries under threat (Penrhyn Bay, Cerrigydrudion, Deganwy, Kinmel Bay, Llandudno Junction, Llanfairfechan and Penmaenmawr): Penrhyn Bay may be run by volunteers; Cerrigydrudion and Penmaenmawr may be saved.  July 2012 deadline for decision on closures.
    9. 2011: Mobile routes extended.  Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Llanrwst, and a new or refurbished library which would serve the communities of Llandudno Junction, Deganwy and Conwy. Increased opening hours at these branches.  Volunteers are hoped for to take over at Kinmel Bay, Cerrigydrudion, Penmaenmawr, Llanfaifechan and Penrhyn Bay for 15 hours per week opening.
    10. Group: Penrhyn Bay Library Users Group (PLUG).
  11. Cornwall
    1. 2020: Liskeard Library transferred to non-profit.  (10)
    2. 2019: Mobile and “micro” libraries review. 2 new mobiles ordered.  (1) Saltash library transferred to town council. (3) Redruth Library to be demolished, library to move into co-location. (9) Truro Library transferred to local council. (9) St Just Library passed to town council. Town council offices will be co-located into the library. (11)
    3. 2018: Bude-Stratton town council to take over library. (2) Redruth Library pass to town council. (2) Camelford Library passes to town council in April (3) Falmouth taken over by town council,  increases opening hours (3) Launceston Library may be taken over by town council. (4) Liskeard Library may be passed to non-profit (4) St Ives Library to be transferred to town council. (1)
    4. 2017: Bodmin Library moves to co-located council offices: longer hours . (1) 40% drop in visitor and book issue numbers between 2009/10 and 2014/15, 25% drop in book budget. (2) Camborne Library will be managed by town council control: town council offices to be moved in. (3) Helston Library halved in size, co-located with jobcentre. (5)  St Austell Town Council will take over the library from Summer 2017. (5) Penryn Library to become volunteer (under parish council), Camelford Library to become volunteer (under parish council).(8) St Keverne Library closed, replaced by mobile. (9)
    5. 2016: Upton Cross Library to close. (8) No library closed despite £2m p.a. cut: due to co-locations and financial support from smaller councils. (11)
    6. 2015: Considering passing service to trust, merging with Devon, passing to volunteers . (4) Consultation ends. Council moves towards tender libraries/One Stop Shops to independent organisations. (7)Library opens in Mullion pub, jointly funded by council and Pub Is The Hub.  (9) Consultation of future of Camborne Library: closure, volunteers or town council tax are proposals. (9) Launceston referendum votes 70% in favour of extra funding library via town council. (9) Bodmin Library to move from dedicated building into a new council office on outskirts. (10) £1.8m cut to service, with preferred option being to transfer libraries to other town or parish councils/volunteers.  (10) Confirmed many libraries will either be passed to parish/town councils or closed.  (11)
    7. 2014:  All mobile libraries (six) to be withdrawn – 12 week consultation. £300k cut but £150k of that to be spent on “alternative ways of delivering services to those communities affected” (1). Libraries opening hours will be reduced by around one day per week per branch. (1) Camborne library building may be sold, with new library being further away from town centre (5) £400k cut now in effect inc.opening hours cuts (normally one day per week lost) (5). 5 out of 6 mobile libraries to close (previously was all). (8) £1.8 million cut proposed over 2 years 2015/17. (9) This represents a 44% cut (10)
    8. 2012: Libraries not to be outsourced (12/12/12), Outsourcing of library services is being considered (15/7/12). New (not replacing existing library) volunteer-run library in cafe in Roche (3/5/12) Several branches combining with One Stop Shops (14/3/12).  Performing Arts Library fate to be decided  (8.2.12).
    9. 2011: 1 library closed (Performing Arts). Performing Arts Library at St Austell may be closedUp to 30 managers (apparently all) to go.  Staffing reduced to, in some cases, one paid member of library staff per library. Non-library staff from other “face to face” services to be used instead.  2011 cuts confirmed (90 hours lost, merge with Registrars/One Stop Shops). 19 library managers may be lost.  £1 million cut.
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