Oxfordshire to Redcar & Cleveland

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Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.

  1. Oxfordshire
    1. 2024: Chinnor Library refurbished. (4)
    2. 2023: Cherry Hinton to be refurbished to include cafe and meeting rooms. Rock Road to have staffless technology. (4) Didcot Library to be refurbished.  (12)
    3. 2020: Barton Library opens in neighbourhood centre, dependent on volunteers. (1)
    4. 2018: Abbey Hall Library may co-locate with Abingdon Town Council. (1) £90k raised (in six years) by community for renovation of Summertown library. (8)  Woodstock Library closed indefinitely due to structural problems. (10)
    5. 2016: Bicester to move into new £6.6m co-location on 11 April. Library to be “larger and have better facilities”.  (1) Oxford Central Library to be redeveloped. Temporary library in Castle Quarter for one year while work takes place. Will have new foyer and extended children’s library. (2) 6 mobile libraries cut from September. (8) Summertown and Eynsham Libraries to have £25k Open+ as pilot scheme: opening hours extended in evenings until 11.30pm. (9) Extra £2.1m for Oxford Central Library refurbishment.(10)
    6. 2015: Kennington Library raised £6k for refurbishment on top of £3.5k per year to keep library open.(1) £1m cut inc. loss of 4 mobiles and 2 children’s service vehicles, cut in bookfund, retendering of library management system. Customer services staff to work in libraries making them the “new front door” for the council. Reduction in library staff. (10)
    7. 2014: £250k cut (2) Parish council funds Bampton Library with money from Downton Abbey filming (5) Parish councils pay one-third salary of Milton Under Wychwood Library, with volunteer support. (8) Number of mobile stops reduced to 200 from 463: stops will be longer (not a budget cut). (10)
    8. 2013: 12% cut (3).
    9. 2012: 1 (Headington) under threat£1m cut over 3 years (£313k from replacing paid staff with volunteers, £273k from reducing library managers, £256k from replacing paid staff with machines) (24/9/12) Post of volunteer co-ordinator still unfilled. £84k cut (more than 25%) to be cut from mobile library budget (£330k).  Two of the five mobile libraries are single-staffed (17/6/12). 8th May: no movement as yet over volunteers in libraries, 31 £6,787 self-service machines to be installed at a total cost of £210,397 with extra £19,528 p.a. paid for their maintenance. 19th March: £43k investment in ebooks, with ongoing cost of £35k p.a. 9th January: Headington Library is feared under threat (unconfirmed) due to removal of Oxford Council workers from the rest of the building.
    10. 2011: All libraries to be at least half-staffed by paid workers, previously proposals said 16 would be one-third staffed, with the rest being provided by volunteers.  22 will be fully staffed, 16 half-staffed, 5 two-thirds staffed.  Decision to be maded on 12/12/11Those half-staffed by volunteers will no longer be considered statutory. This followed fears of large-scale closures (List of those previously under threat here). Oxford Central hours extended to 7 days per week . Record Office cuts16% cut in back-room staffing (inc. managers). Police offices now in Deddington Library.
    11. Campaign groups – Friends of Benson LibraryFriends of Watlington LibraryFriends of Wychwood LibrarySave Our Library (Sonning Common)Save Oxfordshire’s Libraries (Facebook),  Blackbird Leys (Facebook), Save Headington LibraryOld Marston (Facebook), Friends of Summertown LibrarySave Bampton Library (Facebook), Save Deddington LibraryThis is Our Woodcote LibraryFriends of Kennington LibrarySave Botley Library  Friends of Goring Library. Friends of Neithrop Library formedSave Old Marston Library.
  2. Pembrokeshire
    1. 2024: Opening hour cuts in 7 libraries. Some town councils funding hours, staffless technology to reduce staffing in Pembroke Dock. (3)
    2. 2022: Llanteg opens volunteer library. (3)
    3. 2020: New co-located Pembroke Library consulted on. (11)
    4. 2018: Pembroke Library may close. (3) Neyland Library to move into co-located new building (3) Narbeth volunteer library may extend hours. (4) Town Council pays £20k to keep Pembroke Library open. (8) New Haverfordwest Library/culture centre to open. (12)
    5. 2017: Tourist Information Centre may co-locate into Newport Library (9) Smaller libraries to be closed or passed to volunteers. (10) Haverfordwest new library Saturday hours extended due to town council funds. (11)
    6. 2016: Newport Library may close or become volunteer.  (2) Libraries may become part of leisure/cultural/tourist trust. (8) £3.4m new library/gallery/café in Haverfordwest.(9)
    7. 2015: Narberth Library under threat: more volunteers or danger of closure. (12)
    8. 2014: Opening hours to be cut. (11)
    9. 2013: Tenby Library may close and move into leisure centre (1/2/13) Tenby Library to move into new school site for dual-use public/school use (6). Haverfordwest Library refurbishment cancelled due to cost: library may move further into town centre instead (8).Up to three mobile libraries under threat£101k cut. (11).
    10. 2012: No losses of staff, £100k increase in budget 2012/13.
  3. Perth and Kinross.
    1. 2017: 65% increase in child membership due to Every Child A Library Member campaign, increase in usage. (5)
    2. 2016: Libraries/Museums/Arts/Galleries to be run by non-profit trust Culture Perth and Kinross from April 1st. (1)
    3. 2013: £281k, come libraries may close, up to 13 jobs could be lost. West Mill Street Library to close (11).
    4. 2012: E-lending to be provided in 2 year pilot paid for by Trust
  4. Peterborough
    1. 2023: Stanground, Thorney and Eye libraries under threat.(11)
    2. 2022: Significant cut to libraries proposed. (1)
    3. 2020:  Leisure trust Vivacity hand back contract for libraries to council after losses caused by lockdown. (6)
    4. 2016: £800k budget (-69.2% since 2009/10) (3)
    5. 2015: Vivacity libraries/arts/leisure trust to have £1.5m cut from council. (1)  £305k cut p.a. (previously reported as £1.5m cut), increased opening hours due to self-service machines, staffed hours reduced from 261 to 149. (2) 15 voluntary redundancies mean compulsory redundancies not required. (4)
    6. 2014: Review of library services launched. (8) Dogsthorpe Library under threat. (9)
    7. 2013: £200k cut inc. £50k bookfund cut, £18k management cut, opening hours cut in three largest libraries (3). Werrington and Bretton Library will reduce by 8 hours per week, Orton by 13 hours and Central by 12.5 hours (3) Co-located leisure centre and library to replace Serpentine Green Library.  To be run by Vivacity. (5).
    8. 2012: Orton Library moving to new building adjacent to Academy on July 20th (27/6/12):  Volunteers used to extend opening hours as pilot project for three months (4/3/12). A further £100k cut proposed, fears of library closures (23/1/12).
    9. 2011: £171k cut (rather than proposed £223k); 5 out of 10 (rather than proposed 8) cutting hours.(from £1.9m) Hampton, Orton, Woodston (closed Tuesday), Bretton, Werrington, Dogsthorpe (closed Mondays), Eye, Thorney and Stanground will have cuts in hours.  Audiobooks on MP3 to be available at two branches.
  5. Plymouth
    1. 2020: St Budeaux new library opens. (2)
    2. 2017: 10 out of 17 libraries to close (Efford, Eggbuckland, Ernesettle, Estover, Laira, North Prospect, Peverell, Stoke, Tothill and West Park). New “pop-up” libraries and “click and collect” in children’s centres. (1) 4 libraries earmarked for closure will stay open (Peverell, Efford, Estover and North Prospect). 6 others (Eggbuckland, Ernesettle, Laira, Stoke, Tothill and West Park ) still expected to close in September (6) New library planned to replace St Budeaux. (8)
    3. 2016: £3m budget (-47.7% since 2009/10) (3) 2 libraries under threat. £48k cut. (9)
    4. 2015: Central Library planned to move to Armada Way (8)
    5. 2014: 2010/11 budget was £3.9 million: since then budget cut by quarter and bookfund halved. Volunteer co-ordinator appointed. Aim to co-locate more (3).
    6. 2013: “looking at long-term solutions and the possibility of involving partner organisations” (6/2/13). Non-digital local newspapers no longer provided (11). Libraries in total open for 11 hours longer, with more straightforward times. (11).
    7. 2012: 5 under threat (Stoke, Southway, Ernesettle, Eggbuckland and West Park)Consultation until July 27th, move towards having One Stop Shops in libraries (25/6/12).  New Plympton Library reopened after old building destroyed in fire in 2008 (6.2.12)
    8. 2011: Some under threat- £370k cut 2011 £480k 2012 £620k 2013 – 9 FTE (10%) cut to staffing, reduction to opening hour, increased computer charging, less security.  No closures 2011 but 5 claimed as under threat for future years – Stoke, Southway, Ernesettle, Eggbuckland and West Park. Schools Library Service under threat.  UNISON derecognised, library staff may lose up to 20% of pay.
  6. Poole. 
    1. 2019: Combining with Bournemouth and 2 Christchurch libraries from Dorset on 1 April (3)
    2. 2017: To combine library service with Bournemouth: combined saving of £566k expected by 2019/20 (3)
    3. 2015: Bearwood Community Library in community centre opens March 2015. (3) £50k per year cut expected due to loss of mobile library. (7) Mobile library ends, replaced by volunteer libraries.  (9) Volunteer library (additional to service) opens at Upton Country Park. Mobile library will be permanently sited at Talbot Primary School. (10)
    4. 2014: Mobile library may be withdrawn (£49k p.a.) as part of £100k cut 2014/15. (7). 2012: Wifi being installed into libraries. (17/9/12).
  7. Portsmouth
    1. 2024: North End Library refurbished.  (2)
    2. 2021: Cosham Library refurbished (7)
    3. 2020: Fines-free pilot extended after returns go up 12%. (2)
    4. 2018: Library fines to end. (2) Reservation fees scrapped as well as fines in 3-year pilot. (3)
    5. 2014: Southsea Library to close on Sundays (£10k cut). 5 full time staff equivalent (library assistants – 183 working hours per week) – £95k cut to be lost. Late-night openings at Cosham, North End and Southsea libraries would also be removed one night a week (£6.5k cut).  Records Office to be moved to first floor of Southsea Library. Fines for the late returns of books will rise by 1p, from 16p to 17p per day, up to maximum of £8.50. The late return of CDs will go up to 30p per day from 25p and DVDs will go up to 60p per day from 50p. (3).
    6. 2013: School library bus may end as not enough funding to replace (3). 8% increase in children’s library usage last year (21/2/13). £100k for new mobile library.  (11). New Southsea Library.
    7. 2012: Every schoolchild to receive library card (first in UK) (18/7/12). Paulsgrove Library to move to better shopping centre position, new library to open at Drayton (but dependent on volunteers) (17/2/12). No late fees for children under 16 (18/7/12) Paulsgrove Library may be moved to new smaller building (18/7/12).
    8. 2011: £650k cut – proposal is for Central Library closed every Friday, whole service cutting 22 full-time equivalent posts.New library at Southsea to replace Elm Grove 
  8. Powys –
    1. 2022: 3 libraries to become volunteer (Llanfair Caereinion, Talgarth and Llanwrtyd Wells). (3)
    2. 2020: £200k cut. Llanfair Caereinion, Llanwrtyd Wells, Talgarth and Hay-on-Wye to be volunteer run.  (9)
    3. 2019: £200k cut proposed. (1) £200k cuts cancelled.  (3) 14m new Brecon museum/library nearing completion, seeking commercial sponsors. (10)
    4. 2018: Hay on Wye Library moves into school, halves opening hours. (4) Llanfyllin Library to be part-funded by CIC formed by several local councils.  (6) Welshpool Library may co-located with museum. (9) Welshpool Library move into museum under consultation. (10)
    5. 2017: Hay Festival part funds Hay on Wye Library until December. (5) Brecon Library colocated (6) 50% budget cut (first suggested in 2016) confirmed: staff cuts, more volunteers and technology. (8) Knighton Library moves into co-located building, allowing more events [This entry amended after email received- Ed.] ) (9) Llanfair Careinion premises paid for by town council, volunteer staffing. (9)
    6. 2016: Up to 11 smaller libraries under threat: 50% cut expected. Consultation until July. (4)
    7. 2015: Some libraries may be transferred to town/parish councils. (1) 20% cut in opening hours. Mobile libraries will move from fortnightly to four-weekly stops. (2)
    8. .2014: 11 out of 17 under threat. £350k cut 2015/16. May look to volunteers and replacement by mobile libraries.  (4). Llandrindod Wells library to be re-located into council offices (£200k cost, aided by £180k cut by Welsh Government).  (4).
    9. 2013: 11.8% cut for department libraries is in, from £12.3m to £10.8m (6). Below average assessment, inc. bookstockUp to four mobile libraries under threat (7). £554k budget cut by end of 2015/16 from current budget of £1.9m. This on top of 2012/13 cut of £109k (4 FTE posts) (7))
  9. Reading
    1. 2024: Central Library will close and move to co-location in Town Hall, costing £8.6m.  (1) £495k LIF grant for more digital equipment. (3)
    2. 2021: £1 million set aside for either refurbishment of central library or replacement.  (7)
    3. 2019: £400k refurbishment of Battle Library.  (9)
    4. 2018: £217k cut: 6 out of 7 libraries with cut hours. Co-locations to increase income. Opening hours cut.(9) Southcote Community Centre to include book lending.(11)
    5. 2016: Southcote and Whitley Libraries to close – to co-locate into community centres. 100 hours per week cut in opening hours. More self-service.(2)  £290k cut: Central down 6.5 hours per week; Caversham down 15.5 hours pw; Battle down 12.5 pw; Southcote Library to close and move into community centre and be down 13.5 hours; Whitley will close and move into community centre and be down 13.5 hours; Tilehurst down 15 hours pw; Palmer Park to close and move into Reading College. (7)
    6. 2015: £600k cut expected from June 2016. Closures expected. More co-location and volunteers. Consultation October-November then second one January-March when specific proposals will be made. (7)

10. Redbridge.

  1. 2024: £380k LIF grant for Fulwell Cross Library refurbishment, redesign and digital inc. makerspace, Tovertafel, children’s library. (3)
  2. 2022: Opening hours review.  (10)
  3. 2020: Woodford Green Library to be refurbished.  (10)
  4. 2019: Gants Hill to become part of community hub.(9)
  5. 2018: Five co-located libraries suggested at Gants Hill library, Seven king car park, Wanstead library, Ashtons Playing Fields, and Hainault library. (11)
  6. 2017:Wanstead Library reopens after three months closure due to water leak. Refurbished.
  7. 2015: £190k cut.
  8. 2014: Woodford Green Library may co-locate with a gym (1) South Woodford Library to be co-located with gym and studio. Library to reduce from three floors to an expanded one floor. £600k Work expected to start in September (7)
  9. 2012: Central Library reopens after £1m refurbishment, increased council duties but same level of staffing. Overall library budget reduced from £5m to £3.5m (4/7/12). 15 librarians sacked just before Christmas 2011, volunteers may replace staff, hours may be cut (27/1/12).  None under threat but Low usage rates raise fear of closures (13/1/12). Staff 2007/8 114.5 2011/12 108 (22 prof, 86 other) Volunteers 2007/8 14 2011/12 55
  10. 2011: 5 out of 12 under threat but none closed. One may relocate (£2.3m cut). £500k to be spent on self-service in order to be able to cut staff at Ilford Central Library to help meet budget cut of £620k by 2014.  Goodmayes saved£82 charge introduced for RNIB talking books, previously free for visually impaired.  Libraries part of Vision Trust since May 2011. 9.12.11 £16,000 from Council (not Trust) for safety  improvements at Wanstead and Woodford Green.

10. Redcar and Cleveland.

  1. 2024: £400k cut, volunteer-supported Laburnum Road Community Library may become community centre. (3)
  2. 2023: Redcar Library may move temporarily before going into new location in 2025. (1)
  3. 2017: After public consultation, mobile saved. Proposed total cut in opening hours reduced. £259k cut (7)
  4. 2016: £2.1m budget (-55.5% since 2009/10) (3)  £400k cut. Over 100 hours opening reduced per week in total, with five (Brotton, Dormanstown, Laburnum Road in Redcar, Roseberry in Redcar and Loftus ) down to 14 hours per week, and Roseberry and Loftus moving to new locations. Mobile Library to close. (11)
  5. 2013: Skelton Library to close :  Service to move into Civic Hall as part of co-located service. (7).
  6. 2012: Internet access to be free, in preparation for welfare reform changes (Dec).  Late charges for children 25p per day.
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