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Dates included are the date that the information was added to Public Libraries News.  In more recent posts, the number shows the month (e.g. 3 = March, 4 = April) the article that contains the relevant information was published.

  1. Sheffield
    1. 2023: Cracks in Central Library mean 3 metre “exclusion zone” around it. (1) Possible staffing cuts (3) Opening hours increased. (3)
    2. 2022: Cuts expected. (2) Now fines-free.  (3) Stocksbridge Library to move into new co-location (5)
    3. 2021: Woodhouse Library to be sold, library to be co-located.  (1)
    4. 2020: 10k given to each library, inc. volunteer (3); £700k to set up BIPC.  (12)
    5. 2018: Plan for commercial café at Walkley Library cancelled. (10)
    6. 2017: Tinsley Library reopens as volunteer. (2) £98k cut to staffing budget. Volunteer libraries receiver £200k p.a. (5) Woodseats Library building closes, moves into co-location with GPs. (8) Central Library not be sold off as a luxury Chinese-owned hotel [seriously – Ed.], consultation on new £20m build (12)
    7. 2016: Part of council supported but volunteer-run Walkley Library to be converted into a privately run bar. (4) Central Library may be sold to developers(11).
    8. 2015: Business and IP Centre installed in Central Library. Ecclesfield, Frecheville, Gleadless, Greenhill, Jodanthorpe, Newfield Green, Stannington, Totley, Walkley and Upperthorpe now run by volunteers. Broomhill, Park, Southey and Woodhouse libraries staffed by volunteers with council covering costs and some paid support. (1). Plans for Woodseats Library to be closed, with the land being redeveloped into joint library/medical centre/pharmacy.(4)
    9. 2014: Cuts will mean loss of 71 full time equivalent posts: To be replaced by 750 volunteers. (3). 15 threatened libraries to remain open: 10 branches run by volunteers with £262k council support over 3 years. (7)  66 FTE library posts cut. (7) 2 out of 2 mobile libraries withdrawn. (8). Stannington Library to be volunteer run from September. (8) Ecclesfield reopens as volunteer run. (10)
    10. 2013: Up to 14 out of 27 will be closed or passed to volunteers (12/1/13) Prospectus for running a library – council looking for private/faith/charity groups to run threatened branches – financial support offered from council (16/2/13). Decision not yet made on names of branches to be withdrawn from council control (8/1/13) Cut in budget from £6.4m to £4.8m “as soon as is practically possible” (12/1/13). 16 libraries under threat (Woodhouse, Broomhill, Totley, Tinsley, Newfield Green, Greenhill, Burngreave, Stannington, Southey, Upperthorpe, Ecclesfield, Gleadless, Park, Jordanthorpe, Walkley and Frecheville) will either be closed or passed to volunteers etc (9) Laing, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust and Sheffield Cubed interesting in taking over whole library service (9)
    11. 2012: 3 mobiles and 1 less library: 1 dual use library in a middle school transferred to the school and replaced with a mobile stop. Mobile library fleet reduced to 2 vehicles from 5 (source: email from Council 17/8/12). 1 or more further libraries under threat (Consultation refuses to rule out closures). Refurbishment of Highfield Library to include lift, more computers, toilet, space and refreshments (19/10/12). Library consultation on cuts, may include closures and job losses – consultation here (13/8/12): Three “unfit for purpose” libraries – Broomhill, Woodseats and Woodhouse will be replaced with new libraries, work ongoing with developers (18/3/12),
    12. 2011: 3 (out of 4) mobiles to be closed, 33 library staff lost (no compulsory redundancies), reduced opening hours, £1.4m cut   “Decision making process is not clear cut: Libraries moved directorate mid budget planning process, but still reporting to old portfolio; hung council multiplying decision scenarios; May elections.  At present c30% cuts: 2011-12 £1.5m; 2012-13 £0.5m; 2013-4 £0.5m. Options range from loss of 14 libraries and most mobiles, but increased hours at other service points to no mobiles and service-wide reduced opening hours across. Community-run service points likely to be taken forward” (MLA report, Dec 2010)
  2. Shetland 
    1. 2015: New mobile library starts.  (9)
    2. 2013: 4% / £36k cut: Opening hours cuts (six hours per week) for sole library.  Bookfund cut by a quarter. 2012: 10% cut met by staff and other cuts
  3. Shropshire
    1. 2024: Broseley Library increases hours due to town council funding. (3) Oswestry Library refurbished with interview pods and mobile shelving due to £237k LIF funding in 2023. (4) School Library Service to be closed (4)
    2. 2023: New mobile library (6) Whitchurch Library closed due to being unsafe. (11)
    3. 2022: Cuts expected. (3) Barclays leases space at Bridgnorth and Ludlow libraries. (9) Review of library locations (12)
    4. 2018: Libraries divided into three tiers (1) standard / fully-funded (Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Whitchurch). (2) need to be completely unfunded by five years time (Church Stretton, Pontesbury, and Shrewsbury’s Library at the Lantern, as well as libraries that are already run by community groups – with support from Shropshire Council – such as Albrighton, Bishop’s Castle, Cleobury Mortimer and Ellesmere) (3) need to be completely funded in 3 years time (Bayston Hill, Broseley, Craven Arms, Gobowen, Highley, Much Wenlock, Shifnal and Wem) (sources – 1, 2) (1) Police station co-locates with Shrewsbury Library.  (5) Pontesbury Library may move into co-location.(10)
    5. 2017:  Ellesmere Library now moved to Day Centre. (7) 8 libraries to no longer have council funding, followed by 7 more in 5 years time. (7) Consultation – reduction in mobile library stops and other changes. (9)
    6. 2016: Shifnal Library taken over by town council: town council offices will move into library.  (1) Shrewsbury Library to be taken over by town council: council will move into library. (2) Reduction in hours of 57 hours per week spread over 11 libraries. Shawbury Library to close. (7) Shawbury Library closes. (9)
    7. 2015: Church Stretton Library to move from current site to one on Shrewsbury Road. (1) 22 out of 28 libraries to be passed to community groups. (3) Campaigners take legal action against proposed move of Church Stretton Library. (5) 2 libraries leave council control: Craven Arms passed to Shropshire Furniture Scheme and Highley passed to Halo Leisure. 5 more libraries to be passed: Bishop’s Castle Library to Enterprise South West Shropshire, Broseley Library to Broseley Town Council, Shifnal Library to Shifnal Town Council,  Cleobury Mortimer Library to the Cleobury Country organisation and  Church Stretton Library to South Shropshire Academy. Council wishes also to transfer away Albrighton, Bayston Hill, Gobowen, Ellesmere, Much Wenlock, Pontesbury, Shawbury and Wem. (6) Ellesmere Library to move from dedicated building into a Day Centre.  (10) Albrighton Library to be taken over by parish council, with council offices moving into library. (10)
    8. 2014: £1.3m cut in budget: options include closures, co-locations, more mobiles. (1).
    9. 2013: One quarter cut in bookfund from £395 to £304k (6)
    10. 2012: 2 mobiles taken off road.  Moving towards more one-stop shops in branches (31/3/12).  Oswestry Library to have “One Stop Shop” inside it, taking over entrance (12/3/12), 15/1/12: Four homework clubs to close in March (£20k p.a. cut)
    11. 2011: 1 under threat as reference library to merge with central library (now apparently merged, 15.1.12). Libraries may move to being run by a Trust, volunteer or privately managed); weekly mobile library stops are now fortnightly.
  4. Slough.
    1. 2024: Curve to close. (4)
    2. 2023: Opening hours change with at least one library open each Saturday, 4 libraries “predominantly” self-service. (4)
    3. 2022: Opening hours will be reduced rather than libraries closed. (3)
    4. 2021: Consultation – Langley and Cippenham may close, may have reduced services at Curve and Britwell. (10)  £400k (33%) cut.  (11)
    5. 2016: £625k Arts funding given by Arts Council England. (2) £22m “The Curve” library and cultural centre opened. (9)
    6. 2015: Late charges scrapped for 0 to 13 year olds. (1)
    7. 2013: Britwell Library / Community Centre (March 2013). Community centre including library, opened by the Queen (5).
    8. 2012: Britwell Library to move into new upgraded building,  Central Library to move into new “flagship” building, Chalvey and Colnbrook to have new libraries based in children’s centres, new library planned for Wrexham Lea. 22% increase in opening hours 2008 to 2010.  Service run by Essex on behalf of Slough (had put library services out to tender).
  5. Solihull.
    1. 2021 – Fine-free from 1 April. (1)
    2. 2020 – Meriden Library refurbished for co-location with parish council. (1)
    3. 2018 – Ends mobile library service £32k cut. (9)
    4. 2016 – Central Library refurbishment includes increased co-location with voluntary services and two cafes.  (1)
    5. 2015 – Dickens Heath Library may move to another location.  Review of service.  (3)
    6. 2014: Shirley Library (combined with walk-in council service) opens. (9)
    7. 2013: Shirley Library to move to retail unit in Parkgate Centre (7). 
    8. 2012:  New Shirley Library proposed to replace old site (25/10/12).  Opening hours cut in all but largest libraries reduced by up to five hours per week.  £50K cut. Redundancies possible (20/9/12) More info (10/9/12).
    9. 2011: Mobile library services merge with Warwickshire.
  6. Somerset
    1. 2024: Proposals include £25k staff cut (no more relief budget), closing Performing Arts Library, ending mobile library service, 10% reduction in opening hours, closure of libraries (minimum £50k to maximum £380k) (1)
    2. 2022: Wellington Library to stay open with £900k refurbishment rather than close (2)
    3. 2021: £800k refurbishment for Minehead.  (3)
    4. 2019: Street volunteer library may move to save money. (3) Bruton, Nether Stowey, North Petherton, Somerton, Watchet and Wiveliscombe to become volunteer. (3) n Mallet Library to remain open, rather than being co-located, due to town council and community donations. (12)
    5. 2018: 15 out of 34 libraries to turn volunteer or close, a further 7 to seek volunteers. £300k to £520k cut depending on option taken. (1)
    6. 2017:  Consultation over large cuts. Possibly volunteer libraries (7) Keeping services in-house until at least 2020. £500 cut over next three years. (9)
    7. 2016: Shepton Mallet Library may co-locate into business centre “Shape Hub”(5) North Petherton Library supported by town council. (10)
    8. 2015: £472k cut. To install free wifi. Extra £10k for outreach / RVS Books on Wheels. Music CD lending to be phased out. Fewer mobile library stops. (3) Spending freeze on non-essential library spending imposed.  (11) Many libraries being re-located or merged with other services.  (12)
    9. 2014: Self-service to be installed to save £300k per year. (1)  Burnham on Sea Library to have council offices and Registrars moved into it: temporarily closed in May for co-location building work. (2). Wellington Library refurbished with self-service installed (tenth Somerset library with this) but PIN number required as well as a library card in order to use. (3). £500k cut may include loss of management posts, CDs, mobile (10) Performing Arts Library may close. (12)
    10. 2013: Taunton library enquiry service may be cut over two years (£100k cut). Four specialist staff to lose their jobs. (3/2/13). Priorswood Library to move into children’s centre, with self-service machines and volunteers to increase opening hours (25/2/13) Yeovil to be refurbished inc. self-service, carpets, desk, shelving, new entrance and energy efficient lighting (4) Minehead to become self-service as already are Taunton, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Wells, Frome and Yeovil. (9) Closed children’s centre services may move into libraries (9) Porlock Library at least partially staffed by volunteers as part of £850k cut 2013/15. (12). Street Library to be converted to self-service and refurbishment (12)
    11. 2012: Bookfund to increase from £200k to £250k over two years. £860k cut over three years via co-location of libraries with other public services and volunteer-run libraries (5/12/12). 1 library (Banwell) to close.  10 staff expected to be lost due to introduction of self-service (4/12). Cuts could happen anyway despite legal action (11/1/12) Ten busiest libraries will have self-service (13/1/12).
    12. 2011: 11 branches and 4 mobiles are now safe from closure, following court case.  £1.35m cut in libraries over four years is still, however, in force, with suggestion that saving can be made by £600k being spent on self-service to cut staffing.
    13. Groups: Friends of Langport Library; The Ainsdale, Birkdale and Churchtown Library Group.
  7. South Ayrshire
    1. 2024 – Troon Library to move into council building, original library to be converted into a nursery.  (4)
    2. 2016 – 3 libraries (Coylton, Dailly and Dundonald) to close. 10 others (Alloway, Ballantrae, Carnegie, Forehill, Girvan, Maybole, Mossblown, Symington, Tarbolton and Troon) to reduce opening hours. Total cut: £150k per year. (3)
    3. 2015 – “All libraries may close” 14 buildings and 1 mobile under threat. (5)
  8. South Gloucestershire –
    1. 2024: Original cut of £473k reduced to £273k: £25k cut to books, 40 hours opening cut. Management cuts, enquiry service closed. (4)
    2. 2023: Consultation on cut of up to £473k and 19% cut in staffed opening hours. (10)
    3. 2020: Filton Library closed for repairs (9)
    4. 2019: Kingswood Library closes, moves into community centre(3)
    5. 2018: Hawkesbury Upton volunteer library starts after end of mobile library stop (2)
    6. 2017: Thornbury Library may co-locate into community centre. (9) Chipping Sodbury now volunteer with town council support. (10) Confirmed Thornby Library will co-locate into community centre. (12)
    7. 2016: £1 million cut. Chipping Sodbury Library to close or pass to volunteers, Opening hours cut borough wide (£500k), home library service to end. Another option is to close 14 of the 19 (£600k).  (1) Open+ and volunteers to replace paid staff to keep libraries open.  (9)
    8. 2013:  Free joint library/leisure centre card given to teenagers (4) Staff striking over council decision to cut pay by almost 10% (by removing Saturday enhancement) (9). One Stop Shop to move into Thornbury Library.  (10).
  9. South Lanarkshire 
    1. 2024: Hillhouse, Blantyre, Bothwell. Greenhills, Halfway, Cambuslang and Forth libraries threatened with closure. (2)
    2. 2018: Strathaven Library moves to new co-located facility.(6)
    3. 2015: Calderwood Library to close. (5) East Kilbride Library closes. (7)
    4. 2014 7% increase in visits since 2011/12. 30% increase in Larkhall, Stonehouse and Biggar since refurbishment/relocations.
  10. South Tyneside
    1. 2017:  4 libraries (Whitburn, East Boldon , Boldon Lane and Primrose) to close or be passed to volunteers. Public consultation if approved in cabinet. (5) Public consultation extended. (8) Jarrow Hub to include library, along with leisure centre and theatre (8)
    2. 2016: £16m “The Word” National Centre for the Written Word opened (10).
    3. 2014: New library/digital media centre announced. (9)
    4. 2013: 2 new libraries to be built at South Shields and Hebburn.  People’s Cafe launched. Visitor numbers up 7.5% on 2012 (12).
    5. 2012: Volunteers are being considered (17/9/12). One-third (17 out of 54) library staff made voluntarily redundant. Volunteers considered as replacement (26/8/12). Hours cut due to budget cuts, with least used times cut.  Review after six months in operation and consultation (6/8/12) Affected libraries are “South Shields Central Library, Boldon Lane, Cleadon Park, East Boldon, Hebburn, Jarrow, Primrose and Whitburn” (7/8/12).  £242k cut 2012/13 inc. opening hours cut (12/3/12), Friends asked to raise funds, Council “plans to reduce opening hours” (8/3/12)
    6. 2011: £10 fee introduced for using computers, free for under 18s and over 60s (libraries could move into a Trust)
    7. 2010: “Cuts of £200k in 2010/11″.  MLA Report, Dec 2010Backwell Library closed, Congresbury Library passed to volunteers.
  11. Southampton –
    1. 2024: Cobbett Road Library to reopen, run by a local radio station. (1)
    2. 2016: Burgess Road and Thornhill Libraries to be run by volunteers, Weston will become volunteer and moved into the YMCA, Cobbett Road will be run by two non-profits and volunteers, Millbrook library will move into NHS children’s centre.  (3) Burgess Road Library now run by volunteers, led by local church. (4) Woolston Library reopens in new building as part of property deal. (8)
    3. 2015: Confirmed Burgess Road, Cobbett Road, Millbrook, Thornhill and Weston libraries will either be passed to volunteers or closed. Mobile also under threat. (8);  British Gas offers £25k to help volunteers take over libraries. (9)
    4. 2014: £268k cut.  5 libraries (Cobbett Road in Bitterne, Millbrook, Weston, Thornhill and Burgess Road) to become volunteer or close.  (11)
    5. 2013: Cut will be £203,000 rather than £303,000 with less cuts in hours than orginally planned. (23/1/13).  1 mobile library to close, eight libraries to have hours cut. Toy library service under threat in £52k cut (10/2.13). Some libraries under threat under new round of cuts. (11). Some libraries under threat under new round of cuts. (11)  
    6. 2012: Opening hours to be cut by around 120 hours per week, with some branches opening hours halved, 18 jobs may be lost, £50k bookfund cut, £303k cut in total (4/12/12). No new news so assumed branch saved and no longer counted.
    7. 2011: 1 under threat (charges increase). Millbrook Library reopened on another site with increased opening hours, staffed by council staff and volunteers. Council aims to privatise/outsource all services including libraries by 2015
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