Media mentions

BBC – Mentioned in news report on Julia Donaldson (9/9/12).  Linked on rare occasions as site for further information eg. Warwickshire (2011).  Used prominently in story on decline in library usage (27/9/13). AL Kennedy used figures for “A Point of View” (June 2014).

Big Issue – Mentions include this piece (August 2017).

BookSeller – Used as source of how many libraries under threat, notably 22/2/14 with quotes. Reports on Westminster Hall debate (11/14).

Booktrade.infoRegular mentions inc.  5/9/12, 12/7/13.

Brummie – Under “useful links”

Capita – Many quotes in “Protecting Library Services” white paper, March 2013.

Carnegie UK Trust – “a fantastically useful resource for keeping up to date with debate and news” in newsletter, Feb 2014.

CILIP –  External link on “Save Our Libraries Day”.  Spoke on volunteer libraries at CILIP Umbrella 2014 and on leadership at CILIP Wales 2013.  Quoted in “Make, Hack, Fabricate” article on Maker Spaces November 2014.

CIPFA – Link to PLN on Leisure and Cultural Services page (May 2014), along with Arts Council England, DCMS, Big Lottery Fund etc.

Courier – Mentioned as source of numbers of libraries under threat – November 2013.

Designing Libraries – One of only ten UK library titles listed on its guide page. 27/11/12.

Always nice to be quoted in parliament

Always nice to be quoted in parliament – DCMS debate, December 2017

East London Lines – On Croydon privatisation tenders –  2/10/12,

False Economy  “Ian Anstice, who blogs at Public Library News, has provided a brilliant – if sobering – public service by mapping cuts and proposed cuts to libraries around the UK. Someone please nominate him for a Big Society Award. As he reported at the weekend, this is version two of the map; the original couldn’t cope with the number of closures listed.”

Financial Times – 28/3/11 and 16/1/13.

Guardian – Described PLN as “influential” in  article 4/9/12 and 15/1/13.  Quoted 20/9/12. Uses PLN count for number of libraries under threat e.g 31/8/12 and 20/11/12 and 11/11/14, Quoted in Hulk article 16/5/13. 11/7/13.  Malorie Blackman, children’s laureate, quoted PLN figures in Guardian “Comment is Free” piece 22/9/13. Hugh Muir’s Diary 10/10/13. Quoted in article by Lucy Mangan on 23/4/14. and by Alison Flood (August 2014). Linked to PLN page on candidates’ manifestos (11/5/15). Legal actions (28/1/16) Cuts to Derby (27/7/16). A main contributor to piece on volunteer libraries (8/8/17).

House of Commons – Mentioned in Parliamentary Questions by By Under Secretary of State for CMS,  Ed Vaizey.  5/9/12.  Mentioned in Westminster Hall Debate (11/14). Public Libraries News given it’s own section of House of Commons Research Paper on public libraries, with several links. (2/16).

House of Lords – Mentioned in Questions for Short Debate by Viscount Clancarty. 9/7/12.

Independent – Front page article 31/7/12. Boyd Tonkin (15/9/12) Article (12/7/13)

Independent on Sunday – Mentioned on article on Julia Donadlson’s letter to DCMS about libraries 9/9/12.

Labour Party – Used as source of knowledge on number of libraries under threat (eg. June 2013).

Library Campaign – Links. Latest magazine describes PLN as “highly topical site that lists all the news about library services in danger, in easily searchable form.  Lots of other material too”.

Local Government Association – Sue Charteris noted PLN as one of four sources for her presenation on the equality duty for local councils (September 2013).

Mail – Covers article in PLN on the importance of quiet in libraries in “Will the librarian PLEASE keep the noise down! Anger over silence in libraries being shattered by creches, concerts and dance classes held to attract more visitors” (8/11/14)

Mirror – Described PLN a “prestigious” in article 31/7/12. Figures used in article 18/5/15.

More Intelligent Life

National Literacy Trust – Uses PLN count for number of libraries under threat

New Statesman – “Many people have been fighting to save libraries for quite some time now — if you want to join them, or to check what your own council’s plans for libraries are, a good place to begin is here, where Ian Anstice, a public librarian, has created a site that is the most up-to-date mine of information on the web.” see also 2017 piece on impact of public libraries.

LSE – Described as “the ‘nerve centre’ for saving libraries under threat of shutting down”

Observer – Article on volunteer libraries 11/1/14.

Oxford University Press – Discovering digital libraries 29/6/14.  Blog post written by myself for OUP blog on first meeting of the OUP Libraries Advisory Council.

Peter’s BookSelling Services – Linked to Big Society “stealing library jobs” post. – Comment piece.

PoliticsHome – Piece by the Earl of Clancarty on Government’s long-term strategy for arts and culture – 9/7/12.

Private Eye – used numbers under threat from Public Libraries News, April 2013.  Directly quoted about Laing and Hounslow Libraries August 2013.

Reading Agency – Described as one of two “useful sources for the latest situation on cuts in libraries” – link.

Scotsman – 9/9/12 in article on Julia Donaldson’s tour of libraries.

Silver Surfer Today – 10/9/12.

Speak Up For Libraries – Speaker at the conference in Westminster, March 2012.  Campaign used figures from Public Libraries News for press releases, used by the Telegraph and others.

Sunday Mirror – Used for information for start of public libraries campaign 8/2/15 for this article and editorial. Put journalist in touch with SCL for agreement to use joining form in all libraries nationally.

Telegraph – 14/2/13.

Times – 26/9/14 uses figures for budgetary trends and numbers under threat. 7/10/14 article on quiet in libraries leads on from and quotes PLN article.

UNISON – “This well-respected and regularly updated website contains information about the closures proposed across the country, with links to relevant campaign groups and news articles”.  Also quoted in 2013 report “The Damage”.

Voices For The Library

Words With Jam – Interview.  “Not only is it [Public Libraries News] the most comprehensive site going for information on threats, closures and campaigns around the country but Ian somehow manages to combine passionate and forthright views with an approach that is always balanced and fair minded” (8/10/12).

Yorkshire Post – calls PLN “influential” (3/11/14).


Enviedecrire – Uses total libraries under threat

Le Monde – Directly quoted in article (28/9/12).

Cited in “Efectos de la  crisis económica en las bibliotecas españolas” in El Profesional de la Informacion, March-April 2014.

Toronto Star, July 2011.

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