Libraries with music practice rooms

This page has resulted from a query sent to PLN from June 2013.  Thank you to those who sent me answers via Twitter.  If you know of any others, do please email me or leave a comment and I will add them to the list.  For example, I am aware that the list completely ignores non English speaking countries.


Homeless person playing piano at Melbourne City Library




  • Birmingham – Library of Birmingham – Recording studio, control room and music practice rooms.
  • Cardiff Central Library – Grand piano that is bookable.
  • Glasgow – Mitchell Library -The library provides practice carrels (rooms) for our users. Three carrels have upright pianos and onehas an electronic keyboard. You can also bring along your own musical instrument and enjoy thefreedom to practise at leisure.
  • Hackney – Hornsey Library – Piano.  Other libraries in authority may have some too.
  • Oxford – Upright piano with headphones for users of sheet music room.
  • Westminster – Music Library has a Yahama digital piano for public use.


  • #1 written by Ruth Walters
    about 10 years ago

    Westminster Music Library
    We have a Yamaha digital piano with headphones, plus Sibelius composition notation software. Both are free for our members to use.

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