351 libraries plus 26 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
Being the list below represents around a third of  authorities in the UK, the final figure could be from 800 to 1000.

Changes to the total
Minus 1 – Isle of Wight – 9 out of 11 are to close, 10 was the previous worst case figure (worst cases are counted towards the total, “some” or “several” closures are not).
Minus 1 – Birmingham – Tower Hill saved from closure as three other libraries lose days to compensate

Isle of Wight joins the list of councils whose closure programme would have been a national scandal this time last year.  Its cuts (9 out of 11 to close) dwarf those proposed by Wirral in 2009. News suggests bad news imminent from Worcestershire, Thanet, Gateshead and Swansea. Brighton joins the list (Hillingdon, Wirral, Devon and Staffordshire) who have gone on record saying they will not close any libraries.

Birmingham – Tower Hill stays open as other libraries lose hours to compensate – This is Walsall
Brent – “The council has a fight on its hands” –  Willesden and Brent Times
Dorset – closing up to 20 despite increase in funding – View Online
Gateshead – some under threat, end of AIRS talking newspapers/school library/music library, more lone working, – Gateshead Council
Gloucestershire – community group may take over Tuffley – FoGL
Gloucestershire – community group may take over Lechlade – FoGL
Gloucestershire – Countywide petition now online – FoGL
Gloucestershire – children’s author joins campaign – Stroud News
Gloucestershire – council will fund community groups taking over libraries – FoGL
Isle of Wight – Nine out of Eleven libraries to close – BBC.  Also Isle of Wight County Press
Northamptonshire – 8 threatened – BBC
Northern Ireland – new department oversees 9% cut – BBC
Swansea – libraries under threat – This is South Wales
Thanet – libraries under threat – This is Kent
Wiltshire – new Pewsey library open – BBC
Worcestershire – libraries are “lowest priorities” and so there will be closures – BBC
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