376 libraries plus 27 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
– plus one – Doncaster are closing 14, rather than the previously announced 13.
– some to close in Hull – no change to figure as unsure as to scope.
– plus two – Southampton have recently closed 2.

This is from the Times letters page today, from the person in charge of the MLA (the quango with some responsibility for libraries).  Due to the paywall, I cannot link directly but I think it presents another side of the argument. 

It is untrue that the Libraries Act is being ignored and an exaggeration to claim that “councils are ‘doing a Wirral’ with impunity” (letter, January 3).  The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council is aware of proposals for substantial changes to a wide range of local services, including public libraries.  The 1964 Act calls for a “comprehensive and efficient” service, so councils are right to rationalise costs and infrastructure while striving to improve delivery. 
Closures grab headlines, but can be justified, and new and refurbished libraries are opening, too.  In addition to reading books people want libraries to provide digital media and 24/7 access, factors that are certain to drive further change on the high street.  Councils invite us to advise them on sustainable strategies;  we have expert teams in the field and our website offers case studies, guidance and comparator data.
Libraries are community spaces, free for all to use and vital in many places, so local consultation is essential.  Final decisions can only be taken by councillors accountable locally, but under the Act these may be subject to independent scrutiny.
Chief Executive Officer, Museums
Libraries & Archives Council”

Unfortunately, the Times missed off his phone number 020 7273 1476 and email address roy.clare@mla.gov.uk (available at http://www.mla.gov.uk/about/who/staff)

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