522 libraries (462 buildings and 60 mobiles) currently under threat or recently closed (List below) out of 4517 in the UK (CILIP figures)

Essex – minus one mobile – no closures this year, previously fears over one mobile to close.
Milton Keynes – 2 libraries earmarked for closure given funding for one year.
Plymouth – some – £370k cut 2011 £480k 2012 £620k 2013 – 9 FTE (10%) cut to staffing, reduction to opening hour, increased computer charging, less security. No closures 2011 but 5 claimed as under threat for future years – Stoke, Southway, Ernesettle, Eggbuckland and West Park
Surrey – closures postponed to allow further consultation
Thurrock -more details – all libraries to be closed on Mondays, 20% cut in hours to library staff working more than 15 hours pw.
Westminster – plus one – St James’s Library to close in September
Wirral – all libraries confirmed as safe, £1 million allocated for equipment, books and buildings

A legal challenge is being mounted against the plans for closures in Gloucestershire and Somerset.  Solicitor Phil Shiner said: “Libraries are at the heart of communities up and down the country. Councils cannot pin their hopes on vague notions of the Big Society when they are required by Parliament to maintain a comprehensive and efficient library service for everyone in the county.”  The results of this will have great implications for the future of public libraries.  Certainly, the legal challenge in the Wirral (2009) led to massive changes, as evidenced by the newspaper article linked today showing all libraries are safe there and there is even a £1 million investment.
Please note the new map that is now being linked to on the right.  This is a big improvement to the old one, allowing far more options for what to search for.  It has been a delight to me to see how many people are willing to put in serious amounts of time to help the cause – this new map is the result.
Local News – all news is representative and not comprehensive
Dorset – why library strategy is wrong – Ventnor Blog “it breaks the principle of equity that should underpin county council decisions”
Lewisham – carnival against the cuts – South London Today “To save New Cross Library would cost £108,000.We spend more than £6.5million on consultants.” 

Plymouth – Labour councillors say two libraries will close – This is Plymouth

Somerset – Have your say on cuts – Chard and Ilminster News
Suffolk – Saxmundham protest – BBC (seems to suggest closures this year rather than next)
Surrey – library cutbacks put on hold – Get Surrey “Other recommendations were not made as a visibly stunned chairman appeared unsure over how to proceed and even began arguing with council officers over procedure.”
Wirral – commitment to keep libraries open, £1m investment – Wirral Globe
National News
David Cameron’s new adviser urges volunteer-run libraries – Guardian “Kirby believes parents should be given a fixed sum each year to spend on their child’s education, which would lead to the closure of failed schools, and says public libraries should be run by unpaid volunteers, as in America, or owned by the community.” [NB libraries are not run by unpaid volunteers in the USA]
KPMG – the driving force behind library closures? – Thoughts of a wannabe librarian

Prevent the closure of public libraries – 38 Degrees