490 libraries (428 buildings and 62 mobiles) currently under threat or recently closed/left council control out of 4517 in the UK
Gloucestershire – private companies are being considered
OxfordshireSome under threat (not 20) Consultation from mid-May until end of September; existing list of 20 threatened libraries “torn up” – all 43 branches included in consultation; emphasis on reducing staffing costs, all libraries will remain on library computer system.  Privatisation still under consideration.
Peterborough – £171k cut (rather than proposed £223k); 5 out of 10 (rather than proposed 8) cutting hours.
Warwickshire – list of consultation dates
Wiltshire – Some under threat (previously 10) c.28% cut over four years; no closures but some reduced to just three hours open per week.  Changes to opening hours, though, only available in paper form in each library so unknown how many will have reductions so great as to be effectively closed.

Wider Picture
An essential service for rural adult students – Voices for the Library
An unforgiveable disgrace: the axe hanging over our libraries – The Author via Alan Gibbons
Budget 2011: Cut fuel duty or save a library? – GuardianThough designed for immediate consumption, the fuel move could have a lasting political effect. For it signals an end to the first phase of this government, in which it argued that the country was on the verge of bankruptcy, that there was simply no money left. By giving a tax cut, Osborne has signalled that he does, in fact, have a degree of discretion: he had some money to spend and he chose to spend it helping motorists. Now those campaigning to save a local library will be able to say: why couldn’t you have spent that money on us? In a small but clear way, the terrain of political battle has shifted.”
Ed Vaizey – Letter in full (via Alan Gibbons)
Ed Vaizey – Annex (via Alan Gibbons)
How libraries add value to communities – Librarian in the cloud
Librarians march for the alternative – Undaimonia
Library closures and the law – Progress
Rational irrationality: Austerity Britain: Lesson for the US? – New YorkerLibraries are closing, and local governments are preparing mass redundancies.”
Saving libraries is the way to boost child literacy – Telegraph “Librarians are the people best-placed to advise children when they are choosing the 50 books a year Mr Gove is asking them to read. Mr Gove had better act quickly before our public and school libraries, and our librarians, are lost forever.”
Ta da! Librarian! – Metadata, cataloguing and various librarian-like stuff

News by authority
Barnet – Plans to close Hampstead Garden Library not welcome but not a surprise – Barnet & Potters Bar Times
Buckinghamshire – Worries over future of Burnham Library – Maidenhead Advertiser
Camden – No fairy tale ending in library crisis – Camden New Journal
Conwy – David Lloyd George’s books pulped by Conwy Libraries Services – North Wales Weekly News
Croydon – Library closures may now face legal challenges – Inside Croydon
Dorset – Library campaigners remain unconvinced by council’s offer – Dorset Echo
Gloucestershire – MLA concerns over GCC library plans – FoGL It is really disappointing that the MLA, the organisation supposed to champion the library sector and promote best practice, seem to be letting GCC off the hook so easily”
Gloucestershire – County council stands by its grossly misleading statements – FoGL (Library in deprived area compared by council to one in an affluent area of Buckinghamshire)
Isle of Wight – Councils “not coerced” to take over services – IWCP “”The localism agenda is not about foisting responsibilities on to town and parish councils without the financial resources or capacity to take them on.” (DCLG)
Lambeth – Read & Shout Festival – DIY “Libraries, regardless of your own personal use of them, are an invaluable resource. Literacy levels plummeting? Phrases like ‘dumbing-down’ becoming the accepted norm? It’s a situation so misguided that it’s almost laughable an event like this even needs to exist.”
Medway – Readers surveyed as Medway Council buys stock – BBC (unclear if £92k for new stock is additional or the council is claiming success for being able to buy any new stock at all this year)
Oxfordshire – Library plans “torn up” – BBC
Oxfordshire – Council leader offers new hope for libraries – Banbury Cake
Oxfordshire – County tears up library closure plan – Banbury Cake “professional staff remained the biggest cost of running a library system and that he envisaged qualified library staff being available to assist with the training of volunteers, with the council offering all libraries access to the county’s stock of a million books, computer order system and library buildings.”
Oxfordshire – Hope for libraries – Oxford Times “But at least the county council is prepared to review the extent of its cuts rather than charging blindly ahead with its original conclusions.”
Oxfordshire – Personal statement from councillor Keith Mitchell – Alan Gibbons
Peterborough – New chapter for libraries in Peterborough – Peterborough Today
Slough – Tessa Jowell latest politician to visit Slough – Maidenhead Advertiser “The main manifesto points include transforming the old Town Hall into a primary school to address the shortfall of primary school places, repairing and replacing all of the remaining play areas in town requiring it, and opening new libraries.”
Suffollk – Save Bungay Library: Telling Tales – Sustainable Bungay
Warwickshire – Kenilworth library may close by 16 hours: how would you choose? – What’s In Kenilworth
Warwickshire – Library consultation – have your say – Warwickshire council
Wiltshire – Council to cut library hours across Wiltshire – Swindon Advertiser “the move to slash hours has made some residents feel ‘sick'”