495 libraries (428 buildings and 67 mobiles) currently under threat or recently closed/left council control out of 4517 in the UK (click on link on right for full list by authority).

 Bath and North East Somerset – Conservatives “pledge to protect libraries” in May 5th Manifesto.
Brent – Central Library will move to new Civic Centre building in 2013; the 6 libraries not being closed will be open seven days, with longer hours during exam periods, more ebooks and more audio.
Lewisham – New Cross Library closing on 28th May, to be taken over (with 3 others) by “social entrepreneur”


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Historic buildings could be at risk as councils sell them or abandon them to cope with budget cuts – Mail
Historic buildings sold off by public sector to meet cuts shortfall – Guardian
I didn’t steal books from library, says mother of Zadie Smith – Mail “She said she held on to books only when her library was closed, and returned them to Willesden Green Library when it began collecting books from libraries that had shut down.”
Labour can’t criticise ConDem library closures then close libraries themselves – Alan Gibbons
Library Futures Programme – Good Library Blog “Should we take it seriously? No.”
Popular, empowering and free – that’s why the Tories hate libraries – Right to Work (from 1st Feb)
Private benefactors won’t be enough to balance the books – ObserverCouncils trying to sell off public libraries to reduce their deficits may not be allowed to do so, because in many cases the property must revert to the landowner who donated it. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you replace public with private”
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News by authority

Bath and North East Somerset – Tory pledge to protect libraries and weekly waste collections – This is Bath The issue of library closures has proved to be one of most emotive in the debate over public sector cuts”
Brent – Brent Council recommends closing six libraries – BookSeller  “”Local libraries, to which children, teenagers, elderly people and those with mobility issues can walk, and whose sole purpose is to lend books and offer information are not a priority [for the council].”
Cambridgeshire – Friends unite to protect [Linton] village library’s future – Haverhill Echo “But there were concerns an effective group could make handing over management more attractive to the county council.”
Dorset – Council protest: More than 1000 take to the streets – Dorset Echo “Mike Chaney of the Ad Lib campaign group also gave a speech to call on the proposed new £5million library to be scrapped as other libraries need to be saved from closure.”
Dorset – Council protest: Full support given to Dorchester march – Dorset Echo
Island of Wight – Island libraries on reduced timetable – Isle of Wight Radio
Leeds – Leeds council cuts come under scrutiny: libraries under spotlight – Guardian
Lewisham – [Conservative Group Leader] Britton asks Government to protect Lewisham’s libraries – East Lewisham Conservatives
Lewisham – News from Save New Cross Library – Alan Gibbons
Suffolk – Hundreds join library protest march – EADT
Suffolk – 500 at Suffolk libraries demonstration – Country Standard
Sutton – Sutton residents and staff invited to have their say on the future of libraries – Local Guardian