News selling more kindle books than print books – Amazon.We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly” says founder.
Birmingham City Council care funding cuts unlawful BBC.  A legal decision with implications for protecting public libraries (which are a statutory service) – “councils can no longer take it for granted that they can keep on cutting back on social care – a statutory service after all – just because money is tight.”

“We delivered our folders to both the DCMS and No 10 as arranged. Huge thanks to those who turned out to help.  Better, that the police and authorities allowed us to stand right outside the offices of the DCMS.  Even banners were tied to the columns! All the books, not wanted by Lewisham libraries, were given away, with leaflets.  Plenty of photo calls, too! No 10 was great too, more photo calls!…” Pat and Peter Richardson, Users and Friends of Manor House Library. 

Danger of the Kindle Lending libraryORG Zine.   “‘Amazon now has more power than any other book company on earth. And yes, you damn well better be afraid of this.” 

“I was interviewing a pupil in a foreign country last week and mentioned how public spending cuts meant libraries were closing in the UK. He look bemused. “Why would anyone want to do that?” he asked. Answers on a postcard, please” Chalk Talk: Independent.

In defence of the libraryDan Zambonini. “If you haven’t visited a library for a while, I urge you to take 20 minutes out of your weekend and give one a try.”
Newsflash: print isn’t deadFuturebook.  4% increase in US print titles (cf. 169% for ebooks).

Changes to library tally

Leeds13 to close (Allerton Bywater, Armley Heights, Belle Isle, Broad Lane, Holbeck, Ireland Wood, Kirkstall, Lofthouse, Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill, Swarcliffe, Swillington and Swinnow) Rawdon and Cow Close libraries will stay open until March 2012 to allow volunteers time to organise takeover.

News by local library authority

Buckinghamshire – Council chief loses out in leadership contestBuckinghamshire Advertiser.  “”I think they (Conservative members) just felt it was time to move on – there was dissatisfaction over libraries, roads and the school to transport issues – but probably no more than in other parties. I think some members believe the council haven’t dealt with these issues very well.”
Camden – Historians fear for the future of “irreplaceable” collection as libraries budget faces 25% cutCamden New Journal.  Camden Archives based at Holborn Library may be merged with Islington Archives or closed completely.
Conwy – Conwy Council consults over libraries futureNorth Wales Weekly News.  7 out of 12 may close – consultation in two parts with “stakeholders” until end of May the a wider consultation in July. 
Dorset – Beaminster: library popularity on the riseView Online.  “We accept that libraries serve many other purposes than merely lending out books but that is what most people expect of them. And on that basis, last year the county’s bigger libraries lost business, while some of the smaller libraries lent more books than in the year before.”
Dorset – Book loan figures from libraries slammed by campaignersBridport News.   Reduced usage caused by reduce opening hours.  “I am not overly surprised at the decrease in usage,” said Ms Williams. “Since we started the library campaign, we have heard consistently from the users of our library that they are not happy with the service operated by the county. The library is currently only open for 20 hours per week and we hear from all sections of the population that this is not sufficient.”
Essex – Cuts to library opening hours announced Epping Forest Guardian.  No library in Essex will remain open on Sundays. [Comment below – thank you – makes clear that Sunday opening continues in some branches outside of the Epping Forest area]
Leeds – Rawdon Library gets stay of executionWharfedale Observer.  Rawdon Library will close in 2012 rather than in 2011. Friends group willing to take it over as volunteer run.
Leeds – Council presses ahead with Leeds library plan – but two get last-minute lifelineGuardian.  Cow Close and Rawdon Libraries will stay open until March 2012 to allow for volunteers to take over. 13 others to close this year. Mobile libraries will serve areas.  Council Leader “many people at Allerton Bywater see the introduction of a mobile service as an improvement to the existing service, which was only open a few hours on a Saturday.  Reported by BBC as Leeds City Council to close 13 libraries