467 libraries (399 buildings and 68 mobiles) currently under threat or closed/left council control since 1/4/11 out of c.4517 in the UK (for the complete list by area see the page “Tally by local authority”)


Finding adventure in every page of a library book – NYPL (USA). 
Future of library services in the Big SocietyNSA, 6th National conference. The speaker on “supporting community libraries” is from Lewisham. This is the authority giving three libraries to a small computer recycling company that the council’s own documents suspect is not up to the job, giving another to an old people’s charity and closing a fifth.  The authority was summoned by the DCMS to explain their actions.
Hard line on legal aid for library battles – BookSeller.   Legal Services Commision is asking for over 50% contributions despite agreeing eligible for legal aid.  Comments point out that, in effect, councils are using tax money to defend cases by taxpayers paying an extra tax in order to question the misuse of tax. Meanwhile the Worst Libraries Minister in History continues to do nothing.

“Are we actually saying that in 21st century Britain someone’s mistress and keeping personal secrets are more important than opening, to proper public scrutiny, the damage that the loss of these libraries will cause to us all?” Patricia Richardson.

OFSTED: libraries the key for “keen readers” – BookSeller.  “A new Ofsted report into the teaching of English, “Excellence in English”, has highlighted schools’ investment in books, home reading, book borrowing from the school library and events such as book fairs and storytelling events as instrumental in helping children develop as “keen readers”.  
Putting the pieces together: my LISNPN competition entry – The Hobbit Hole.  Great pro-libraries jigsaws being made.
Saturday 4th June – Ask your councillors why they’re closing your libraries! – Save Kensal Rise Library. “Regular monthly surgery with Councillor James Powney who made the decision to close Kensal Rise library and has been vigorously attacking our campaign in his blog, Council Executive member Bobby Thomas who voted for the closure, and Councillor Claudia Hector who voted for the cuts but has pledged to pay for a lift in the library out of her own pocket.”

Changes to the “tally” page

OxfordshirePlus 16 to list of threatened libraries – Complicated proposals (under consultation) mean 16 libraries (Adderbury, Bampton, Benson, Burford, Charlbury, Deddington, Goring, Hook Norton, Kennington, North Leigh, Old Marston, Sonning Common, Stonesfield, Watlington, Woodcote and Wychwood) to move from being council-run to being run by volunteers over a three year period.  5 libraries (Chinnor, Faringdon, Grove, Wheatley and Woodstock) to be staffed partly by volunteers. The remaining 22 libraries to remain as fully public libraries
Southampton – Minus 1 to list –  Millbrook Library reopened on another site with increased opening hours, staffed by council staff and volunteers.
SwindonOpening hours in some libraries extended by changes in staffing.  Volunteers to be used to extend hours and reach
Worcestershire – Plus 1 to list – Wythall Library under threat.  Now 5 under threat in county – St John’s, Warndon, Pershore and Broadway already endangered.

News by local library authority

Doncaster – Consultation over library cuts “biased”Star. 
Gloucestershire – Prestbury Library will be used as a “guinea pig” to road test the new volunteer-run services following a raft of public sector cuts – This is Glos.  “Villagers will be used to tidy shelves, repair books, process new titles, co-ordinate their fellow volunteers and organise book sales to get rid of old stock.” Volunteers may double opening hours of 12 hours per week.
Oxfordshire – County council says axed libraries may stay open – BBC.  Five more libraries to be staffed mainly by volunteers – Burford, Goring, Hook Norton, Watlington and Wychwood.  This joins list of Adderbury, Bampton, Benson, Charlbury, Deddington, Kennington, North Leigh, Old Marston, Sonning Common, Stonesfield and Woodcote that will move from being council-run to being volunteer-staffed over a three-year period. Chinnor, Faringdon, Grove, Wheatley and Woodstock will remain run by council staff with volunteer support. 

“You can’t open minds with a closed library” Friends of Somerset Libraries.

Suffolk – New leader launches county council in new direction – EADT.   “New Strategic Direction” that would have closed 29 libraries now stopped. 
Surrey – County council announces WiFi deal for libraries – Surrey Herald. 
Surrey – Call to collect £100,000 in unpaid library fines – Surrey Today.  £721k owed in Surrey. 9000 stolen books too.
Swindon – Strategy outlines Swindon borough council’s library pledge Alan Gibbons.  Opening hours extended by staff changes, volunteers to be used to extend hours and reach.

Warwickshire’s future? – courtesy of What’s In Kenilworth.
Warwickshire – Libraries confirm workshop is free for everyone – What’s in Kenilworth.  Council decides against charging people to learn about how to do take over libraries.
Wokingham – Privatisation plans for Wokingham libraries approved Bracknell News.  Councillors vote unanimously.