“The High Court has stopped Gloucestershire County Council’s library cuts in their tracks today. It cannot proceed with closures, and must continue to fund libraries, until the legality of these cuts has been properly decided by the Court.” Phil Shiner, Public Interest Lawyers, High Court issues injunction against closures – FoGL.

This is the first time I am aware of that a council has been legally forced to stop cutting its library service. My understanding is that, even in the Wirral case (where the council jumped before it was pushed), this has not happened.  The time period is very short – until a hearing on 7th July – but, being the Council had already effectively stopped one library (a mobile serving elderly people’s homes) before the deadline, it is probably a necessary move, even if it has been described merely as “delay tactics” by the Council leader.  Whether it is a “short-term setback”, as the Councillor went on to say, or the harbinger of a new era of properly protected public libraries is to early to say.  Meanwhile, it almost goes without saying, the DCMS continues to do nothing, letting campaigners pay for what the minister should, campaigners argue, have ordered months ago (and for what the Minister himself argued was his job two years ago).
BookSeller Group launches consumer titleBookSeller.  “We Love This Book, The Bookseller‘s sister consumer magazine and website, launches next week with a circulation of 100,000.”
French competition for reading groups – BookSeller.  “National Reading Group Day is designed to celebrate all that’s great about reading groups, and nobody is more passionate about the joys of reading groups than independent booksellers. We are looking forward to a great variety of activity in bookshops and libraries, and with Dawn’s help, to make NRGD a real fixture in the books calendar for book lovers.”
Inky ghosts at the United Nations hi-tech book feast – Independent.  “a strong consensus at the conference argued that we are looking towards a long stretch of co-habitation. Unesco’s Francesco Bandarin affirmed, unsurprisingly, that “The e-book and the printed book are bound to live together for a very long time.”
Is your library censoring the internet? – Guardian.  Northumberland libraries do not allow the reading of some blogs but, seemingly randomly, allow others. The council also bans Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
It does make sense to support the public library system – Denver Post. ” Libraries have been adapting to the world around them for the past century, and the surge of the digital age is no different. Libraries provide essential services to the public, such as computer access and training, job-search assistance, literacy programs, and access to thousands of print and digital materials. Libraries are the cornerstone of the community and are a key link in developing a knowledgeable, productive workforce and fostering economic development.”
Libraries are an essential part of the communityVoices for the Library.
Libraries: a little bit like supermarkets really – Thoughts of a [wannabe] librarian.
Libraries vs Banks: the Old World is in our way – Really Open University. “There is something old-fashioned about the library. It is a remnant from a time when the economy could support a few pockets of sharing. Neither capital nor its robber barons can afford such old-fashioned nonsense now. There is no going back. But there is something about a library that is also an image from the future, when the community, the city, the world is a collective enterprise…”
PetitionLove Scottish Libraries.
South London joins Future Libraries programmeSouth London Post. “So, while we’re all still puzzling out what the Big Society really is, it’s going to remain a bit unclear. Also unclear is to what extent this will improve the survival chances of the Lewisham libraries that have been earmarked for closure as part of the budget cuts.” 
Local News
Barnet – Friern Library latestAlan Gibbons.  Events to raise awareness go on even after consultation has ended in order to keep up the pressure. “The response from many residents across our diverse community has been overwhelming: feelings are running high. Of course, it’s about having access to a world of knowledge through books and computers – but it’s about so much more. Local families cannot believe that such an important provision for their children could be taken away. Elderly residents who pop in every day to read the paper feel unable to trek to the Artsdepot – they could lose a precious local lifeline. Childminders would no longer take their groups of toddlers to rhyme time or story time sessions, unable to manage the bus journey. So many local people value their much-loved library, with its lovely village green, as the last focal point in Friern Barnet: the heart of our community.”
Bolton – Library closures not inevitable, residents told – Bolton News.  Heaton Library closure “not a foregone conclusion” (68% on poll think it will close though).  “Some residents were angry because the council’s consultation, which ended last month, focused on the Central Library and five others.
There was not enough attention given to the remaining libraries, including Heaton, the residents said.

“Nothing arouses people’s emotions like libraries because they are a source of enormous knowledge and closing them is a death knell to peoples’ prospects of educating themselves.  “I have known many people whose lives have been completely transformed by libraries. Browsing libraries with their experienced staff is how many people develop their curiosity and imagination.” Brent – Author Deborah Moggach joins campaign to save Brent’s libraries – Save Kensal Rise Library. 

Dorset – Lyme Regis and Charmouth: new page may save threatened libraries – Bridport News.  “We are encouraged to see that it has been recognised that Lyme has a great need for a library service on the grounds of our geographic location, deprivation and demographic grounds.”  
Hertfordshire – Library cuts to come into operation – Watford Observer.  “Just think all those new computers being installed at Bushey Library and now the library is not open weekday evenings!”.
South Tyneside – Library has new service for the blindShield Gazette.  “The PenFriend is a digital pen which scans a special label, triggering the unit into broadcasting a verbal synopsis of a talking book.”
Surrey – A library for your community – Surrey Council.  Booklet from Surrey addressing the cuts.  One of the questions at the end is “Please tick the library you would be interested in running”.
Surrey – Campaign launched to “save Surrey’s libraries”Eagle Radio.”People were supporting their individual libraries and not working together so we started a joint Surrey-wide campaign”
Surrey – Save Surrey Libraries Meeting – Information Twist.”It was clear that those campaigners in attendance were passionate about fighting for their libraries and another meeting will be arranged soon to discuss the way forward.”
Wirral – Library books to be electronically tagged, computer chipped and tracked by radioWirral Globe. £1m cost to install self-service being considered.  “Automation will free up library staff from a routine and time-consuming task. Staff can then “engage fully with customers requiring a more in-depth response which is a major step forward for the service.”