Jeremy Hunt to receive library petition – BookSeller.  Secretary of state Jeremy Hunt will be presented with a petition of more than 12,000 signatures tomorrow (27th October), demanding he intervenes to reverse the closure of six libraries in Brent, north London.” …the minister is still silent on all things library related.
March on the DCMS! Open public meeting – Library Campaign.  “One of the chief actions to come out of last Saturday’s conference was that we should organise, in February, a national demonstration for public libraries in London, route to include Downing Street and/or the DCMS. One suggestion is that at DCMS, or in Trafalgar Square, we might have a read-in. This is not in opposition to 4 February, 2012, which is National Libraries Day. It could take place later in the month, so that the local activities on 4 February are an opportunity to build for the march.”.  Planning meeting open to all.
Providing a serviceBookSeller.   Looks at volunteering in libraries – they provide an excellent service, sometimes the only service, but at what cost?  “I think where people feel short-changed is the idea that libraries can be run exactly as before, but instead of paying people (after all library staff are known for their profligate ways) we will get unpaid volunteers to do it for nothing. Why should the government take advantage like this? And can the service provided really be as good? As a commenter on The Bookseller site recently asked: “Would you be happy to be treated by volunteer doctors and have your children taught by volunteer teachers?”. On the other hand, most people would rather have some sort of library service than nothing at all.”

“We are extremely concerned that the Government is currently consulting on whether existing statutory protection for public libraries should be retained.

We believe that libraries provide a valuable service for local communities, access to books for those who cannot afford them, the provision of business information and opportunities for self-directed learning, education and literacy. Not to mention somewhere quiet for homework, or access to the internet. Many libraries give children their first introduction to the world of books and learning.

The Labour Party is running a campaign with a petition to save our libraries which can be found here:”

Local News

Wandsworth – Join us on 1st November when we reopen – Save York Gardens.  York Gardens Library and Community Centre will be hosting a reopening event on Tuesday 1st November from 6pm to 8pm. The Mayor of Wandsworth will be joining us to formally reopen the library, which was due to close over the summer. Fortunately, the community campaign to save the library means that the doors of the library will once again be open to readers and the community rooms will be available to hire at new reduced rates.”