408 libraries (318 buildings and 90 mobiles) currently under threat or closed/left council control since 1/4/11 out of c.4612 in the UK, complete list below. Librarian professional body CILIP forecasts 600 libraries under threat (inc. 20% of English libraries).  The Public Libraries News figure is obtained from counting up all reports about public libraries in the media each day.

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Next Saturday February 4 at 12:00, in line with the international day of advocacy and support for libraries inspired by Britain’s National Libraries Day, the Campaign Against Charging for Libraries invites all people who love libraries to show it by embracing the central library of our system: the National Library. Of course, we also invite you to embrace any library in any town outside Madrid on the same date, same time.”

  • Ayub Khan: Where next for libraries? – Book Trust.  Libraries are important as – online usage rocketing, vital for children, social glue.  Keep libraries open by sharing resources and costs and buildings and also concentrate on online material….. “let’s big them up!”. 
  • Campaign for the book: Meeting the Minister – Alan Gibbons.  Description of meeting with Ed Vaizey, including summaries of what was said by participants including Julia Donaldson, Alan Gibbons, John Holland (Glos – FoGL), Gary Green (Voices).  “There was clear disagreement over many issues, but it was a blunt, purposeful exchange of views. The campaign to save the public library service will continue.”
  • Day we took 60 books out of the library – Books & the City.  “No – we  didn’t end up reading them all. But we read ones we might not have even brought home otherwise. And no, we didn’t end up with huge fines as 60 books went overdue! Because it got us back into the habit. After a week, we took back the ones we were less keen on (and borrowed an equivalent number). And after another week, the same. And we’re still using our local library so much more – and so differently – due to that one day’s activity.”

from About this BlogOverdue Books.

  • Help RNIB protect the Talking Book Service for blind and partially sighted people – Voices for the Library.   Looks the impact the service makes and how it is to be withdrawn from Brighton and Hove.
  • Library campaigners meeting with Ed Vaizey – Voices for the Library.   Meeting between Mr Vaizey and Julia Donaldson, Alan Gibbons, Gary Green (Voices) and John Holland (Gloucestershire campaigner).   “At the end of the meeting I don’t believe we persuaded Ed Vaizey to change his stance overnight on public libraries. But then again, I don’t think any of us believed that he would. However, it did give us the opportunity to raise the issues face-to-face with him that were our main concerns and we hope this was another of those tiny steps we keep taking that brings us a step closer to saving libraries.”
@Ed_Miliband Ed Miliband Just had best meeting of the week: with Julia Donaldson of Gruffalo fame. Talked about protecting libraries.https://twitter.com/#!/Ed_Miliband/status/165116643163381760/photo/1

  • Library fit for the future – Channel Four News.   “Gone are the days when they were just for borrowing books or reading. These days, libraries have to provide CDs and DVDs, computer terminals with internet access, and communal spaces for all types of social groups – from storytelling clubs for parents and toddlers to book clubs for the elderly. Arguably, they’re more important now than ever before.”.  Looks at the new Birmingham Central Library, to be opened in 2013.  Five minute video including brief interview with John Dolan (CILIP) is here.

“So I don’t think libraries will have any problem adapting to whatever might come their way in the future. Having said that, there’s no doubt that this is a crucial turning point for libraries not just in Birmingham but across the UK. And with their future hanging in the balance, this could be the most important National Libraries Day ever.”

  • Put your library on the map this weekend –  Collections Trust.  “Using the cross-platform ‘Find a Library’ app (http://www.findalibrary.org.uk), people go to their local library with their mobile, click ‘Use my Location’, select their library and then ‘Put Library on the Map’. This will ensure that their library is included in the national database of public libraries, which is freely available to all Internet users and includes information provided by the BBC and the national UK Online initiative.”.  Even Ed Vaizey is doing it.
  • Stephen Fry features in the Library Book for charity – Look to the Stars.   “Miranda McKearney, Director of the Reading Agency says, “What a brilliant way to celebrate National Library Day! The publication of The Library Book proves in the words of our country’s great writers that local libraries have a transformative role which resonates into adulthood. At the Reading Agency we feel seriously privileged to be benefiting from Profile’s publication and the support of the contributing authors.”  See also Stephen Fry backs Library Day in Norfolk – Norwich Evening News.


Arbroath Two replacement mobile libraries costing £269k, following consultation (partnership with Police and Fire services) showing need for service.
Brighton and Hove To remove RNIB talking books (cut of £22k).
East Sussex New Seaford Library will be built (inc. day care centre and flats for people with learning difficulties), old library closed with temporary one for next year or so.
Sefton Mobile library to close, £100k bookfund cut, local history service to close

Local News

“The discussion came as the education and children’s services committee met to discuss a report on the library service’s performance in the last financial year. The report showed the council had met 10 of 14 standards required by the Welsh Government. Other councils achieved between six and 14 standards, with the average being nine. Carmarthenshire took 12 years to replace books, against a target of 7.6 years, but the committee heard the county had a wider range of material than many other authorities.”

@publiclibnews #WI are hugging Towcester library on Sat 11am #NLD2012”  Save Stony Library @SaveSSlibrary