• DCMS is to close – Good Library Blog.   ” the DCMS is to close- announcements will be made after the Olympic Games (unless they make such a hash of their contribution that the closure needs to come earlier. Bye Bye Dempster and Jonathan and and all the Sarah’s and Ian’s and Catherine’s. You have comprehensively ruined the library service, so it is time to go. Oh – and bye bye Ed.”
  • Georgia library helps fill void from labor office – Republic (USA).  “State budget cuts have closed the Georgia Department of Labor office in Elberton, but the Elbert County library has stepped in to help people hunt for jobs. Library Director Anne Grace says library visitors can conduct job searches on the Internet, file claims for unemployment benefits, update or create resumes, and obtain other services.
  • Hamilton library not alone in bedbug battle – TheSpec (Canada).   “A bedbug inspection in March at Hamilton’s Central library found many spots potentially inhabited by the pests. Library branches inspected since then have revealed similar spots where specialized sniffer dogs picked up the scent of bedbugs in localized areas. The library says all of the affected areas were promptly treated after hours. The inspections are ongoing.”
  • How schools can combat the summer holiday literacy dip – Guardian.   Miranda McKearney from the Reading Agency boosts the Summer Reading Challenge.  “We wanted to bring together public libraries’ vital summer holiday literacy support into a huge shared scheme, which would be more cost effective and so reach more children. We wanted to create an irresistible, contemporary experience to introduce children to a powerful experience of today’s libraries and to get librarians, children and parents talking about books all summer long. The anxious public discourse about children’s literacy often focuses just on the role of schools. But I believe we need a more holistic approach which factors in public libraries’ unique community support.”

“Over the last 14 years, we have researched the Challenge’s impact and proved that it widens children’s reading range and massively improves their confidence – 90% of participants feel they are “better readers”. It helps combat the summer holiday dip in literacy skills, and participants return to school more motivated to learn and read. For many families it is transformational – there’s an annual flood of positive feedback. And it introduces children to the amazing resource that is the public library – a resource that we need every single child to experience. The best way to hold on to our brilliant public library network is to get in there and use our local libraries.”

“There is a boom in terms of buildings, (which are) quite necessary because a lot were built in the 1950s and 1960s and they can’t provide the services out of these aged buildings. If there is only room for books people can’t stay there and it’s not a complete service,” he said. Mr Morley said libraries had to be bigger so there was more space for programs, study, wi-fi, computing, and other non-traditional services as libraries do away with the “no-talking” rules of the past.”


Local News

  • Brent – New hope for Preston Library campaigners following meeting with Brent council leader – Times series.  “In what was a very friendly meeting, we spent an hour or so discussing the future of Preston Library and agreed to meet again in the very near future to continue the discussion.” The meeting followed a discussion held last week, between Brent SOS Libraries and Dan Jarvis, shadow culture minister, where they called on the council to re-think its library policy.”
  • Croydon/Wandsworth – There were four in the bed and the little one said – Stop the privatisation of public libraries.    “Essex CC have been knocked out at the latest evaluation stage for the Croydon/Wandsworth Libraries contract, leaving GLL, Laing and a Wandsworth Libraries management bid.”
    • Libraries plan moves a step closer – Wandsworth Council.   “This evaluation process has led to three organisations being shortlisted.  These include a local authority, a private company and a social enterprise. They are Wandsworth Council’s library service, John Laing Integrated Services Ltd and Greenwich Leisure Ltd.  These organisations will now undergo further detailed dialogue before submitting their final submissions. The preferred bidder is due to be selected later this year.”
    • Croydon and Wandsworth reveal library contractors shortlist – Croydon Guardian.
  • East Riding – East Riding’s lean, modern libraries to be hubs offering new series – This is Hull and East Riding.   “The council can point to the success of The Pocela Centre in Pocklington, which operates as a point of contact for the council as well as a library. The authority believes, particularly in rural areas, similar operations will be vital if services are to be maintained. Mr Burton said: “The Pocela Centre saves us £50,000-a-year. “It’s an example of a multi-purpose centre but it’s open longer and there are more books.”It’s about being clever with what we’ve got. “A library is not just a library any more, it’s about utilising a building. The paper book is one aspect of that, ten years ago it was the only aspect.”
  • Lambeth – Waterloo library could be sold by Christmas, says Lambeth council –  London SE1.  Waterloo and Streatham Libraries likely to be sold off, moved to other sites after consultation with community.
    • All Lambeth libraries likely set to remain open – Guardian series.  “All of the borough’s libraries will remain open, with some given extra investment, the council will confirm next week. The announcement comes after a public consultation into the future of libraries earlier this year, which led to fears opening times would be drastically cut and some facilities closed.” … “Funding will be given to help improve library buildings, introduce Wi-Fi and self service facilities, the council said. Some libraries will be open seven days-a-week, with community groups encouraged to take an active role in their running.”
  • Manchester – Time capsule at Central Library – Cllr Victor Chamberlain (Lib Dem).   “On Thursday I was delighted to be able to attend the a ceremony in Central Library (half way through refurbishment!) to announce the winners of the Time Capsule Competition for Manchester School Children. Children were asked to suggest an object that would give children in 2092 an idea of what it was like to be a child in 2012.”
  • North Yorkshire – National award for Skipton Library – Craven Herald and Pioneer.  “Skipton Rewind Club, which encourages teenagers to develop their songwriting skills, was named best initiative of the year by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). A trophy and cheque for £4,000 was presented to members of Skipton Rewind and representatives of North Yorkshire County Council at a special ceremony last week at the House of Commons.”
  • Northern Ireland – Cheers at library return and Town Hall opening – Banbridge Leader.  “Last week saw Dromore Library return to its re-opened Town Hall home following a lengthy period of extensive repair and renovation.” … “I noticed they have new stock of books, some very retro furniture, a very plush seating area and funky little chairs for the children’s department.“They have extra computers and I am delighted to say the elevator is there for our senior citizens, the disabled and young mums with prams.”
 Surrey – Take a tour of the new Woking Library
  • Surrey – “Surprise” at council leader’s libraries lecture – Get Surrey.  “The man who led the county council to a £100,000 High Court defeat over its plans to close libraries if volunteers did not take them over gave a lecture to members of the government, MPs, councillors, police chiefs and business leaders – about his vision for the future of libraries.”
  • Wokingham – Earley Lib Dems: Conservatives delay decision on library privatisation Earley Liberal Democrats. “Wokingham’s Conservative party has decided  to privatise our library service despite campaigners, including the Earley Lib Dems, presenting Wokingham Council with the largest petition it has ever received opposing privatising our libraries [ in fact, the Conservatives tried to claim that outsourcing our library service is not actually privatisation! ]. Now it appears that although the Conservatives have decided to privatise our library service, they can’t quite make up their minds how they’re going to do it. They were supposed to announce who they were awarding the Library Contract to in March but delayed the decision until June, now we learn – thanks to a question put to Wokingham’s Executive Committee by Lib Dem Cllr Prue Bray – that the decision has been delayed once again until November.”