The Save Kensal Rise group have launched a fundraising appeal to help them buy “their” library.  It’s for £70,000, which sounds a lot, but an estate agents (kudos to Daniel’s Real Estate Agents) have already offered £10,000.  The money is returnable if the bid fails.  Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Elsewhere, Sheffield has launched a consultation on how it is going to meet (unspecified) cuts to its libraries budget.  Job losses and closures are not ruled out.


  • How are libraries designing their search boxes? – Musings about librarianship.  126 library websites from all around the world examined.
  • India – Library law “fails” to take off – Times of India.  “The Odisha Public Libraries Act was enacted to establish a network of the public libraries from block level to the state level. But even after 10 years of its enactment, the Act was not implemented fully” … “”The scenario is equally bad in several other states. Beside Odisha, 17 states have enacted legislations on building of public libraries. But only 10 states have implemented the law in the right spirit” … “The Act also called for formation of a public library council to monitor the initiative. “The government has failed to set up the body. “
  • USA – ALA releases ebook report for libraries, delivers recommendations – EContent.  “The ALA has three main recommendations. The first is the inclusion of all titles, giving library users the same access to books as book stores. Second is for libraries to have the option to own the ebooks they purchase. Third, libraries need access to metadata and management tools provided by publishers to enhance discovery. The full report can be downloaded at the ALA website.”
  • USA – Library portrait projects: Main Branch – Mighty Girl.  “Hello, fellow book lovers. Right now, the California Library Association is trying to restore $15.2 million in State funding in hopes of preventing the loss of $16 million in Federal funding. Please take a minute to write a letter or two in support of restoring funding. All the information you need is here, so go get yourself a pen.”  Some great pictures of San Francisco Main Branch.
  • USA – Two websites show the need for separate national digital library systems: public and academic – TeleRead.


Local News

  • Brent – Save Kensal Rise fundraising appeal: crunch time Save Kensal Rise Library.  “We urgently need financial support to strengthen our bid to All Souls. We need to raise enough funds to secure the first year of operations (which includes urgent repairs to the building). We have a strong business plan and are confident we can make the library self-sustaining in the long-run. But we need your help now. We are asking residents, friends and supporters to pledge a donation towards our target of 70K. ” … “The appeal immediately attracted a 10,000k pledge from Daniels Real Estate Agents who have supported the campaign since it began. Other pledges so far have been made by local people.”

The Co-Chair of the campaign, Margaret Bailey, added: “Support from the local community and beyond has sustained this campaign. People cannot doubt the seriousness and commitment of this community to have a library at its heart. We have all fought hard and long. We hope we can rely on the generosity and goodwill of the many people who agree about the importance of libraries to the well being of civilised communities. As Mark Twain who opened our library said, “Lack of money is the root of all evil”. We have been put in the position where our fight is not enough, and we need to find finance to prove ourselves”.

  • Essex – Library self-service will not cost jobs – Essex County Standard. ” “Staffing levels are not affected by the installation of the new machines. Essex Council is determined to make libraries the hubs of communities where a variety of services can be accessed and an assortment of community organisations can be hosted.”
  • Lincolnshire – Questionnaire to ask public’s views about future of Spilsby Library – Skegness Standard.  ““In Spilsby, we’re considering relocating the library to either the Co-op Food Store or the Methodist Chapel. We want to know what residents think about this. “We’d also like to see volunteers become more involved in the running of the library, so we’ll be trying to gauge local interest in this.”

“If it is based in the Co-op then there could be an increased footfall for both and maybe people going for the library will stop to purchase something at the same time. The availability could be a good thing too for the library.”

  • Sheffield – Library cuts consultation launched – Sheffield Star.  Council “cannot rule out some closures or job losses.” Opposition says ““The real question is why is the Labour council planning to spend millions on refurbishing Town Hall offices at the same time as making this announcement on Sheffield’s much loved libraries?”