• A Good Man Who Can’t Get A Job – Huffington Post. ” there are libraries who can give online access – but it is a limited access – very often only one or two computers for a large population. “
  • Public Libraries Festival Crowdfunder is Down But Not Out – Library Dust. “the Crowdfunder has officially flopped and the public library festival is temporary postponed. That’s postponed, not shelved. Because public libraries are still worth celebrating not just saving. It’s time to change the tone of the conversation about the future of libraries. If all you hear is ‘save libraries’ it’s no suprise when you think libraries are dying” … “Let’s stop begging and start empowering”
  • Public take to library e-books – UK Authority. “Newcastle City Council is one of four authorities picked to carry out research into which sort of books readers want electronically – and if schemes are commercially viable.” … “Now the cuts-stricken council, which has been forced to close many of its libraries, says e-book loans have soared by 78% from last year.” … “However the neighbouring council to Newcastle – Durham County Council – refuses to make e-books available, arguing it does not make practical or commercial success.”
  • Reading Agency librarian competition winner meets author Neil Gaiman – Reading Agency. “Surrey librarian Annalisa Timbrell got to meet award winning novelist Neil Gaiman on Friday (7 July), after winning a special competition organised by national charity The Reading Agency and Headline, his publishers … Neil Gaiman reiterated his firm belief in the importance of investment in libraries, and said: “I thought Annalisa’s introduction to the guide was great. In a lot of ways I am a librarian’s worst nightmare, because my books don’t fit into one single section of the library, and I have readers of all ages. So anything written by a librarian explaining my work to other librarians and which makes me less of a nightmare in terms of them helping readers know where they can find me, is wonderful.”
  • School libraries must be ‘fit for purpose’ says cross-party report from MPs – Guardian. “Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group says ‘it is vital that all schools have a good library to ensure children develop essential literacy and digital literacy skills’ ” … “A cross-party group of MPs and peers has called for there to be a good library in every school in the UK in a new report which says that libraries make “a huge contribution to young people’s educational attainment”.” … “Although there are no new figures about the number of school libraries in the UK, the report says recent surveys show that 40% of primary schools with designated library space have seen their budgets reduced, and that almost a third of libraries have insufficient space. It also pointed to “one of the most concerning trends”: the fall in the number of librarians in English schools, with data from the Department for Education showing a reduction of 280 librarians in two years.”. See also Beating heart of the school – CILIP / All Party Parlamentary Group and Parliamentary group calls for school libraries data – BookSeller.  “Currently schools have no statutory duty to provide a library service, and the new report does not include that move in its recommendations. However, it recommends that the DoE starts collecting figures on school libraries and libraries, examines the contribution made my school libraries to children’s education, that Ofsted should proactively inspect libraries, and that the DoE should have a lead staff-member for school libraries.” see also Poll: Are libraries still important for education in this day and age? – Express and Star. “What do you think? Are libraries still important for education? Vote in our poll and have your say in the comment box below.” [Currently 131 votes yes, 16 votes no – Ed.]

“We live in a world awash with digital information, where literacy skills are essential for most jobs and our daily lives, yet one in six adults in the UK struggle with literacy. We must make sure that children in our schools are encouraged to read, have access to exciting books and reading materials, and are taught research and digital literacy skills. If every school has a well-resourced, properly staffed, fit for purpose library that is a key part of their strategies it will make a huge contribution to young people’s educational attainment.” Lord Tope

“if a school library is the beating heart of a school, why do councils not view libraries as the beating heart of a community?” @WilfordNottm

  • School libraries ‘should be counted’, say MPs and peers – BBC. “The APPG said that as a minimum, it was calling for all secondary schools in the UK to have a good library. It is urging the Department for Education (DfE) to start collecting figures on the number of schools in England that have a library and librarian. The department should also look at the contribution libraries make to a child’s education and development, the report says, while Ofsted should look at the facilities as part of school inspections.”


  • Four librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act – Police State USA. ” “Imagine the government came to you with an order demanding that you compromise your professional and personal principles. Imagine then being permanently gagged from speaking to your friends, your family or your colleagues about this wrenching experience… Under the Patriot Act, the FBI demanded internet and library records without showing any evidence or suspicion of wrongdoing to a court of law. We were barred from speaking to anyone about the matter and we were even taking a risk by consulting with lawyers.”” [As incredible as Germany beating Argentina 7-1 in a World Cup semi-final – Ed.]
  • Library movement takes root in Bangladesh – Al Jazeera (Bangladesh). “A non-profit platform in Bangladesh is aiding in the setup and sustenance of libraries in remote districts and villages of the country. The efforts of the Village Library Movement, initiated in 2006, have already benefited at least 3,000 readers through nearly 30 libraries.”
  • Vancouver Public Library launches Battle of the Funny Books – CBC News (Canada). “The Vancouver Public Library is launching a Survivor-style Battle of the Funny Books to keeps kids interested in reading over the summer holidays. The competition is part of the library’s 2014 summer reading club.”

‘Can Captain Underpants defeat the Stinky Cheese Man?’– VPL Battle of the Books

UK Local news by authority

“The particular issue that seems to be in our favour at the moment is the application by Greenwich Leisure which was not given any consideration by the council, this clearly did get the judge’s attention. Earlier on the judge seemed to think only having Tier 1 and Tier 2 libraries classed as ‘statutory’ was also an issue.”